Women Having Sex with Gay Men is a Very Bad Idea

Juno writes:

So Robert, according to you, girls have to be out of their mind when they have sex with a gay guy. To some extent I agree with you. And that goes for the gay guys in fact too, in my opinion. But the reason you give, namely that it’s a health hazard for those girls because of the ‘infection rates’ among gays, is quite outrageous. You obviously have no idea how homophobic that remark is.

Why do so many gay men have sex with women? Why in God’s name would they even want to? They’re gay, for Chrissake! And if you ask one of these guys, he will say, “Oh no, I am not bisexual! I am 10

Women having sex with gay men has to be up there on the list of high risk behaviors for women.

HIV+ rates for gay and bisexual men in the US:

Gay and bisexual men in the US: 2

Gay and bisexual men in Baltimore: 3

Gay and bisexual men in New York: 2

Gay and bisexual Black men: 2

Gay and bisexual men in their 40’s: 2

Gay and bisexual men in the 5 largest metropolitan gay areas in the US: 2

Gay and bisexual men in Dallas: 2

Gay and bisexual men in Houston: 2

Gay and bisexual men in Miami: 2

Gay and bisexual men aged 30+: 2

Gay and bisexual men in San Fransisco: 2

Gay and bisexual men in New Orleans: 2

Many of the women getting infected with HIV nowadays are getting it from bisexual men, especially Black men on the downlow. Straight men have a very low HIV rate. Gay and bisexual men have an HIV+ rate 44 times higher than straight men. A woman who has sex with a gay or bisexual man has a fully 44 times greater risk of getting HIV than she does from a straight man. It’s almost Russian roulette.

At least in the past, gay men had very high rates of Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis A epidemics periodically flared through various gay communities. Hepatitis B is not common among straight men, and Hepatitis A is almost unheard of.

Gay men also have very high rates of syphilis. In fact, 2/3 of syphilis cases are among gay men. Syphilis has very low rates among straight men. Most who have it are illegal aliens screwing illegal alien whores from Mexico who go to a house of 20 illegals and do them all.

Gay men also have much more gonorrhea than straight men. Outside of the group sex and porn scenes and picking up skanky, often Black, street hos, it is quite hard for a straight man to get gonorrhea.

Ameabiasis, giardiasis, shigellosis and salmonellosis are parasites, and straight men have very low rates of infections with these parasites. Gay men have sky high rates of infection of all four of these parasites.

Any woman who has sex with a gay man is insane.

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2 thoughts on “Women Having Sex with Gay Men is a Very Bad Idea”

  1. Gay men having sex with women sorta defeats their primary purpose in my life. I always prefer if my GF’s best friend is a gay man that way when she has a girls night with her bestie she’s with a man which reduces the number of guys hitting on her and eliminates the troubling scenario of when her girl bestie tells her to just talk with some guy’s friend because the guy is really cute. If she goes out dancing with her gay bestie it’s probably to a gay club and I figure the worst case scenario is she hooks up with a women which I find kinda hot and gives me an out the next time I fuck up and means she’s open to the occasional threeway (good threeway not a devil’s threeway).

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