Statement on MRA’s

Frizzled writes:

The whole tranny thing of forcing women to accept you’re one of them, blackmailing them into fucking you as a “lesbian” and declaring Jihad on any dissent seems to be close to Men’s Rights Activism, another cause dear to Robert’s heart.

Are you male or female, frizzled?

I don’t like almost all MRA assholes. However, men are in need of equal rights these days because they are systematically oppressed by feminists. I would say that women are also in need of equal rights too. Equal rights feminism is still a great idea which I support very much. Just not real keen on man-hating bitches who hate heterosexual sex, eh? The more you think about it, they are the enemies of all of us men. However, if a woman told me that MRA’s are the enemies of all of us women so she hated them, I would not argue with her. I think if I were a woman, I would hate MRA’s myself and consider them my enemies.

I support pro-women MRA.
I support pro-male feminism.

Both genders need equal rights and hating the opposite sex is just wrong.

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