Must Seducers be Hypermasculine?

Jason Y writes:

If you want to be a player, then being hyper-masculine is the way to go. Otherwise, it really isn’t necessary. Some masculinity is needed though.

I think Tata is right. After all, she is a woman. She said you only need to be just “masculine enough,” and that is all that matters. Beyond that, Alpha is all about being Chad and not much more. And I was shocked at some of the men she thought were “masculine enough” because it seemed the bar was rather low.

I honestly do not think hypermasculinity has much to do with it although there are various types of Hypermasculinity Game you can run – Thug Game, Rapper Game, Dealer Game, Delinquent Game, Bad Boy Game. I think there are also some types of non-criminal minded hypermasculine Game styles out there. But I think hypermasculinity is very much overrated.

The craziest players I ever knew were practically androgynes. They had a very strong masculine essence, but they also had this sort of feminine thing going at the same time. And some of the most notorious players I have ever known got called gay almost constantly. They weren’t effeminate or faggoty at all. They were more like “soft men.” Actually I think “soft men” are way more notorious than super-masculine hard men. A lot of women go nuts over “soft men” as long as they are Chad, have great Game and are really sexy.

Some players hate women, and most are cynical of them because these guys have figured out what females are really like, and the truth about females is pretty ugly, just like the truth about males is nasty too. Once you strip aside all the PC lies and Society bullshit and illusions, both genders are pretty damn ugly.

The truth is ugly. Lies are pretty. People want pretty lies. Problem is people figure out that the pretty lies they believed are just that, lies, and a lot of times they start hating – Jews, Blacks, women, men, whatever. People learn the ugly truth about some group, and it’s so at odds with the PC Dream World Lie about the group that they react with contempt. “You mean these precious female snowflakes I have been worshiping my whole life are really that awful? Ugh! That stinks! I hate women!”

In fact, I think hypermasculinity is a hindrance to being a good seducer. The hypermasculine man usually does not understand females very well, and he often doesn’t really like them too much either. He doesn’t understand them because he has too little Feminine Essence. Unfortunately, you can’t understand women very well unless you have some Feminine Essence yourself. That way you can connect with them on a very basic level.

Also hypermasculinity is the complete opposite of femininity, and hypermasculinity is all about, frankly, the hatred of the feminine. Ok, macho guys hate the feminine. They sure aren’t fags, no siree sir! Well, how are they supposed to feel about women then? See? If you hate the feminine in men, you tend to hate it in women too. Women are feminine. You hate femininity, you hate women on some level – there’s no way around it.

When I watch TV, I often watch all-female TV (not soaps, those are gay), even stupid stuff like women’s talk shows, cooking shows and fashion shows where women act about as stupid and inane as the stereotype says. Thing is though, I like to see women like that. I like to see women sitting around being insipid, catty, gossiping, giggling and talking about clothes or makeup or whatever. That’s because I like to watch women no matter what they are doing. I even love to watch them when they are being completely empty-headed and moronic because to me they are delightful even then.

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11 thoughts on “Must Seducers be Hypermasculine?”

  1. “The craziest players I ever knew were practically androgynes. They had a very strong masculine essence, but they also had this sort of feminine thing going at the same time. ”

    This describes Russel Brand. He wore women’s skinny jeans sometimes, had his hair long and had this camp act going on but he was also essentially pretty masculine and he absolutely killed it. Probably Britain’s most famous womanizer post 2000.

    1. Kewl. Fagginess will get you everywhere.

      I need to start wearing my girlfriends’ jeans. I tried, but they are all cut wrong and don’t fit. But I do wear my girlfriends’ shirts, socks, coats, sweaters and pajamas. I love wearing my girlfriends’ clothes. It’s faggy, but chicks love it, I swear:

      “LOL! You want to wear my clothes! Sure, let me help you! Hahahahahahahaha!”

      1. He’s from Grays in Essex, not far from London. I guess his natural accent is an Essex one but he puts a bit of a cockney thing on sometimes for the benefit of Americans or just as a comical affectation. He has appeared on talk shows like Letterman and been understood and he has been in Hollywood movies.

  2. Indeed. Jason is correct.

    Put on muscle, lose bodyfat in the short-term. In the long-term pursue your passion, which will increase your status. (Doing what you love ensures that you will excel; excellence increases status).

  3. I like feminine women, but sometimes the crying, whining, and irrationality can be annoying. At least with men, you don’t have to hear that, as it’s shunned.

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