Cops Get Tired of Shooting Black Men, Shoot Hispanic Man Instead

Here and here.

Gotta mix things up a bit. Can’t be shooting just Blacks all the time, you know?

Cops are saying he had a knife in his hand. They responded to a call of a man with a knife. He cut his wife in the head with the knife. Dispatchers said the man trying to do a “suicide by cop.” Looks like he got his wish.

Cops apparently did not know they were being filmed. Filmers claim the footage shows that the was shot while surrendering with his arms up in the air.

The two cops who shot him have been placed on leave while an investigation takes place. Standard procedure after a police shooting is that the officer(s) involved are suspected with pay while the investigation proceeds. With pay. Free vacation. Hell, that’s probably why they shoot people right there.

Things are pretty much up in the air right now regarding what really happened.

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0 thoughts on “Cops Get Tired of Shooting Black Men, Shoot Hispanic Man Instead”

  1. You know that the Jew Bastard media spliced that tape together just as they always do. They want to create the climate for the genocide of the white Christian male and the sexual enslavement of the white female. With the “election” of Hillary (Followed by Conye), they will get their wish.

  2. I would want to have a closer view. As it stands, it looks like murder. The guy was standing still with his hands way up.

  3. A little variety never hurt. They’re probably going to shoot Asians next. Just to spice it up a little. Maybe midgets here and there, and don’t forget the crippled and elderly.

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