How to Get Females: My Story

I am not going to debate whether I was good-looking or not as a young man. Obviously I have my own opinion, but my opinion of my looks is worthless. The only thing that matters looks-wise is how others see you.

It’s not something to be endlessly debated with yourself and others: “Am I good-looking or not?” It is not something for you to decide. It is something for others to decide. If you are, lots of females, gay and bisexual men and even straight men will let you know right to your face, trust me.

I was told at the time that I looked like Tom Hanks and Rick Springfield.

As far as slaying or being a PUA, I started to get a pretty big ego with regard to females when I was about 18. And then I started having a lot of success somehow. I am not even sure how it happened.

We would be sitting at a table in the library studying at junior college, and women at the table would look at me, sort of freeze, put down their work, get up from their seat, walk right over to me, give me a big smile and sit right down in my lap! Guys at the table would freeze in shock, look at me, shake their heads and say, “How do you do it? “How do you do it? I will never understand this.”

Thing is I don’t even know how I did it myself! I am not sure why women were always sitting on my lap, but possibly I was “approachable” and “open.” If you want advice, I would just say, “Be approachable.” I would also say “open yourself up” to females. You can either “close your  body off” or “open your body up” to other humans, and I am not even sure how that is done! It is almost metaphysical. You just have to try to do it and see what happens.

More good advice would be: “make females feel comfortable around you.”

I have had women say, “You make me feel so comfortable to be around you! You make me relax so much. And you are open too. I just want to grab you every time I see you.”

Well, with increased success came more success. It was like every new female I slayed just made this Stud or Slayer or whatever persona even greater.

I haven’t the faintest idea if I am Alpha or not, and I could care less if I am or was at any time. Whether or not you are Alpha is best seen as “not an important question.”

I never use the word Alpha to refer to myself, and I think most men in general should not call themselves Alphas. I think it is tacky. Alpha is like good-looking. You’re only good-looking if others think you are. If people think you are Alpha, then you’re Alpha.

I think most real true Alphas would rarely if ever say, “I’m an Alpha!” Someone might ask them, “Are you Alpha?” and the real pure Alpha would shrug his shoulders and ask back, “I dunno. Do you think I’m Alpha?” The questioner says, “Hell yeah, Chad! You are the Alphamost of the Alphiest of the Alpha Alpha Alphas!”

And then the pure Alpha would laugh and shrug his shoulders and say, “Ok, well I guess I am an Alpha then. If you say so.”

All these guys running around on PUA forums yelling, “I am Alpha!” are the biggest dickwads. I have no idea if they are Alphas or not, but if they are, they are not very good ones.

I reiterate that the real pure Alpha would rarely if ever say something stupid like, “I am Alpha.” He might just figure it was obvious and need not be said. Some things are best demonstrated by showing, not telling.

Anyway, it was like an expanding head. And with each new female, as that head expands a bit more, you start attracting a few more females.

There are Slayer levels like levels in videogames, ok? I know that sounds nuts, but I am serious. For instance say your head is at Slayer +5. Ok, you are attracting some women. So then you slay some more, now you are at Slayer +10. And now you attract even more females than you did at Slayer +5. And with each new step from +5 to +10, you attract a few more females. Well, this process just builds and builds, and I am not even sure there is any end to it. It is almost frightening the way it just keeps expanding with no end in sight.

Pretty soon your head or Slayer Persona is so huge it almost has its own orbit, and now you are attracting females almost everywhere you go. I mean the gas station, the liquor store, driving down the street, at school, at work – everywhere – you literally cannot escape them. It is like you are walking honey, and females are bees or like you are a giving off some magic scent that attracts them. You become actually a literal chick magnet. It almost gets scary or annoying sometimes, and sometimes you want to hide inside just to avoid females.

As you get a Slayer reputation, of course you accumulate a lot of exes saying you’re the scum of the Earth and despising you, but even they usually do not hate you 100%, and when they tear you apart, you can often see this odd  little smile on their face.

But also you get a good reputation, and now you have these new females who incredibly enough want to get in on the action with the Slayer dude, even though he’s not boyfriend material, it’s obvious that it won’t lead anywhere, and he’s totally unreliable. They don’t even really care if they get pump and dumped! They could care less! It never got to the point where they were lining up and literally taking numbers to have sex with me, but it was like that for some of my friends.

Let us take one guy named SP. I mean they were practically lining up and taking numbers just to get pump and dumped by SP. And after getting pump and dumped, they would walk out with this huge smile on their face like, “Wow I just had sex with the Biggest Slayer in Town, SP!” Like they got a medal or something. You had to see it to believe it, it was incredible.

So I guess all this boils down to Game. The Game idiots are complete tards because they think they have invented some new thing.

Game has been around forever. There is a famous book in Latin called On Love, and really it should be called How to Pick up Girls n Rome AD 100. Men have been perfecting this stuff forever.

We were all running Game in the 1970’s and 1980’s even though we did not call it that or realize it. I idolized some Ultra-Slayers and became best friends with them. These dudes like SP would literally date like 3-4 females every day. A morning date, an afternoon date, an evening date and then a midnight date. And SP would have sex with every single one of them! He was simply incredible.

So I made these guys like SP my gurus, and I actually become very good friends with SP, and when you hang out with SP, the pussy literally drops in your lap. I studied these guys very carefully.

All of these guys had systems. For instance, SP had the craziest, most elaborate Game systems I have ever seen in my entire life. He probably had like 100 different Game systems, they were all quite complex, and frequently he seemed to be running multiple systems at once almost like it was a big game to him, which I suppose it was.

This SP guy was literally the most calculating fucker I have ever known. He calculated every single thing he said and did. He was not spontaneous at all. I think spontaneity is idiocy, personally. If you are spontaneous, and you are just going to say and do the wrong thing too many times. It’s not worth it to be “free.”

All these guys have systems. Casanova and Don Juan had systems. You can’t even slay unless you have a system. So really all slayers are running Game because you have to run Game to slay.

Well, with SP, I studied him so carefully that I would try to literally become SP. I would go into “SP mode,” and I would seem to turn into him and channel his personality. I had his voice down pat, and I would use it on females. I would call up some chick I just met using my SP voice, and she would say, “Hey, my roommate says you have a sexy voice…”

The voice I used was usually pretty soft. A lot of people could hardly hear me, and I had to repeat stuff a lot. You do not need a strong, masculine, powerful voice at all.

Also you do not have to be built. I was never built. I was always pretty skinny. Women say they hate skinny guys, but if you are Skinny Chad, they could care less. Women would complain or ever ridicule me for being skinny, but those same ones would usually have sex with me anyway. So this whole “you can’t be skinny” or “you have to have a great built body” thing is nonsense.

So I ran Game. We had different systems of Game.

I ran Surfer Game, Skiier Game, Doper Game, Drug Dealer Game (this one is really good), Delinquent Game (Thug Game?), Criminal Game, Cool Guy Game, Rocker Game, Writer (Artist) Game, Punker Game, Hippie Game, on and on. There is even Slayer Game itself where you simply sit back and let your slayer reputation drive more and more females to you.

I still run Game to this very day. I probably run maybe 5-10 different kinds of Game and often different types at once. It gets to be entertainment after a while, and you can create these new Game types and invent these new personas just for shits and giggles, and then you really have to become almost a method actor and literally turn into that persona, and now you are running the Game of that persona. If you don’t melt completely into the new role like an actor, lose yourself and turn into a new person, you are not really running that particular Game optimally. A skilled guy who has 15 different types of Game he runs is literally becoming 15 completely new human beings with each new Game type he runs.

Unfortunately my Game is worthless now as I am -Looks or Minus Looks. My looks are pretty much gone, and young women in general want nothing to do with me, and probably a lot of older ones do too. But I run Game anyway because now it is just the natural and normal way to be. Even when I am alone, I am off into some other Game persona playing a role like an actor. So I run Game even when I am all alone. In fact, Alone Time is a good time to really work on perfecting whatever Game system you have like an actor practicing a new role.

My basic opinion on this sort of thing?

Looks is worthless without Game, and Game is worthless without Looks. Anyone who says PUA (Game) doesn’t work is a complete tool and moron.

All Slayers run Game! The best Slayers run the finest Game of them all!

I don’t see how you can slay at all without Game. How are you going to slay -Game? I have known guys who had MM looks but zero Game, and they would go years with sex. MM looks -Game is almost worthless.

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32 thoughts on “How to Get Females: My Story”

  1. I don’t see how you can slay at all without Game

    The problem is that everything under the sun is defined as “game.”

    We already know that looks is the most immediate indicator of status.

    Then, you must know that you look good (this usually just comes from looking good, or having already bedded a lot of cute women, etc. etc. confidence follows competence). But this doesn’t make anyone attracted to you; this just allows you to talk to more women than you would normally. You have to talk to them, obviously. And here is where many fail.

    If they aren’t interested within a few minutes move on. If they are difficult in the first five minutes they WILL ALWAYS BE DIFFICULT. IMO this is why guys fail to screen out BPDs, psychobitches, etc. Just MOVE ON if it doesn’t click immediately. There are billions of women out there.

    Last, and what I would say the only real thing that you could call ‘game’ that actually helps is pulling the trigger/sealing the deal/going for it/etc. When the moment arrives, make the move.

    There’s really no substitute for experience. Once you have been in enough situations and have pulled the trigger in those situations, you will be able to do it again and again and again.

    1. So according to you, SP is not doing anything at all different from any other guy, and according to you I guess, any guy in the world could do what SP did, since you say SP was not running Game as you say Game does not exist.

      Then, you must know that you look good (this usually just comes from looking good, or having already bedded a lot of cute women, etc. etc. confidence follows competence). But this doesn’t make anyone attracted to you; this just allows you to talk to more women than you would normally. You have to talk to them, obviously. And here is where many fail.

      This is completely wrong. If you have excellent Game (described above) it WILL make people, especially women, attracted to you. It is as if you are wearing cologne that has some chick attracting chemical in it. It is so weird you have to experience it to believe it.

      Game is a calculating, concerted system specifically designed to get women. You can modify it all sorts of ways but ultimately it is very complex system that is designed for no other reason than to get women. If you are out in the world deliberately trying to attract women in a calculating manner and not just being yourself, you are running some sort of Game. That’s all it is. Furthermore, Game is quite dishonest. There is no such thing as Honest Game.

      Also the worst advice for any man is “be yourself.” For many men this is disastrous. Running Game is the opposite of being yourself unless you run Natural Game by now.

    2. you say Game does not exist.

      No, I listed two things that could be called ‘game’ that do help. At least read what I write.

      If you have excellent Game (described above) it WILL make people, especially women, attracted to you.

      They already liked you from the get-go. It only seems like you’re the most interesting man in the world because they already thought so. Sorry.

      And other women around you will only be interested in you to the extent that whoever is actually attracted to you is competition with them. If the ‘hot friend’ likes you, the other friends will usually like you (if you can get the best, you will get the rest). If the ‘plain friend’ likes you, then the ‘hot friend’ may try to seduce you just to assert dominance over the ‘plain friend,’ but that’s not anything real (but a lay is a lay).

      It is so weird you have to experience it to believe it.

      I’m telling you what it is: people are stupid and believe what they see. If one hot woman likes you (which boils down to what I say it boils down to), other people will start to ‘follow the crowd.’

      But that’s not “your game.” That’s the domino effect of an attractive woman being attracted to you. Her initial attraction just boils down to your status which is most immediately determined by how you look. Any woman on her level or below, especially after her social cue, will also take an interest in you (but they likely would have anyway…).

      That’s why the best way to ensure a steady supply is to snag the prettiest girl in a social circle. Her friends are yours.

      If you are out in the world deliberately trying to attract women in a calculating manner and not just being yourself, you are running some sort of Game.

      So ‘everything under the sun is game.’ I disagree, but we already knew that.

  2. I just wonder how you avoided becoming a dad all these decades. Are you sure you don’t have little bastards running around California, Mexico and other places in North America? Maybe you’re not aware. Some women are adept at concealing pregnancies. And since they knew you wouldn’t make a proper baby daddy, they never told you. Hah hah.

    1. Well I didn’t have sex with 200 females. I DATED 200 females. A lot were washouts. I had sex with maybe half. I think at last count it was 111. I dated this woman on New Years Eve and she said look there’s no way you had sex with all those women all those years without getting at least some of them pregnant. And she said the same thing, did I ever go around looking up my exes.

      But why should I find out anyway? I can’t support myself, much less some woman and a kid. Screw that.

      A girlfriend of mine did have an abortion once, but I don’t think it was mine due the the time element. She had two other boyfriends at the same time and those guys were nailing her way more than I was. I think it was CC’s baby. She told me she thought it was CC’s.

      1. But why should I find out anyway? I can’t support myself, much less some woman and a kid. Screw that.

        Amen to that, bro. Screw the sluts that got pregnant. It was THEIR fault anyway, lol.

  3. If you want to be a player, then being hyper-masculine is the way to go. Otherwise, it really isn’t necessary. Some masculinity is needed though.

  4. Robert Lindsay, you are a skilled seducer and have been successful with women. Why don’t you give game advice on your blog?

    1. If that is going to happen, at least focus on the practical tips that will IN FACT “help” people.

      For example, have a plan. Every ‘date’ or meetup with a new girl should come with a plan for how to get back to your place (unless they just agree to meet at your place). A location near wherever it is you live is a must, as is alcohol. The alcohol actually isn’t for making them attracted to you (they are already attracted to you). It’s for making them comfortable and making for less guarded conversation.

      As I stated above, you generally want to have a plan for various social situations. The ‘date/meetup’ is just SOP. But you should generally know what to do if something happens at a cocktail party, or if something happens at a classy social gathering, etc. Logistics handled = easier to make the move.

      You should also understand how to use your social circle to your advantage and how that works and how it doesn’t work.

  5. Have you ever had your Astrological chart done? Is the Sun or Mars in your 5th house of pleasure? Saturn is in mine. I’ve got weird angles between my “female” planets: The Moon, Venus, or at odds with Saturn. I also have Chiorn – the wounded warrior, in the 7th house of marriage.

    Life is simply unfair and there’s nothing to be done about it. Do you really think that “Suicide Is Painless,” as the song of the same title suggests?

  6. Some guys are confident, outgoing, forward with women and good looking and they can get a lot of women by being themselves. They could be said to have natural game, but not game in the sense of acting a role.

    On the other hand, if they do it all the time, there is a good chance there is some artifice involved. There is a good chance they have methods that they know are effective that they use time and again…a certain approach, certain lines etc.

    There are guys who have a modus operandi, a method that they develop and refine and they approach it systematically. Maybe these guys get the highest numbers- I don’t know.

    But there are also guys who are successful with women who are pretty much just being themselves, meeting lots of women in nightclubs and talking to them spontaneously, kissing them and taking it from there. There are womanisers with minimal game, unless you mean natural game.

    Even the PUA lot recognize naturals and that naturals exist.

    Personally, I want to be authentic and I don’t want to be manipulative so I might use certain lines or a certain approach but I wouldn’t pretend to be someone I’m not or use manipulative tricks.

    In my opinion, manipulation and deceit are for sociopaths or people who want to copy sociopaths…if you can be true to yourself and do pretty well, then that’s what you should do.

    There is more to life than being a scumbag (I don’t mean you Robert).

  7. ive had girls jump on me, sit on my lap etc countless times. ive pulled in the past what i never believed possible.
    still habe girls jump on me, and sit on my lap etc.. theres a minor system error now in closing the deal. seems almost like a demotion to slayer+15 to slayer+1..
    any tips?

    1. even had girls hit on me, jump on me, and made their “boyfriend” sit aside, buy us drinks etc like.. stupendous natural game.. gotten a lotta shit from friends like wtf r she was all up on ur dick u didnt close..
      looks – check
      confidence – check
      comfort around me – check
      sexual advances/ being hit on – check
      me closing the deal -…

  8. Honestly I do not hurt that many women. Most of them have always figured out what I was about, and they didn’t have a lot of expectations. I don’t really pump and dump all that much. Most women have some fun, they figure me out, and they just dump me.

    After a while, I think they start thinking I am no good, and they just dump me. Also they think I am a lousy longterm prospect, and I am not very serious. Women are not as stupid as you think. Most are not naive, and they figure out what I am up to pretty quickly and just don’t have much in the way of expectations. I used to feel guilty, but really most women just have some fun and say bye bye.

    Anyway women are players now too. Lately I meet young women who have never been in love. They keep saying, “Look I am not your boyfriend! I am not in love with you! Don’t fall in love with me! I just want your cock! I just want you to screw me!”

    They start freaking and thinking I am falling in love with them, and they flip and dump me because they are playing the Girl PUA role.

    However I am not just a PUA. I also have quite a lot of long term relationships. Those are wild crazy head over heels love affairs. They fall nuts in love with me and vice versa, and these are really deep and profound love relationships with a lot of sex too.

    They carry on for a while and they are usually open relationships, so they know what they are getting into. Some even know I already have a girl and they just sign on as The New Woman and then start fighting the Old Girl and trying to take me away from her. Some do not like being The Other Woman though.

    Usually I have don’t ask, don’t tell, I do whatever I want and they do whatever they want, and we just never talk about it, so no one knows anything about anything. Maybe people are cheating, maybe they are not. Even if I cheat or have other women, I just don’t talk about it, so no one knows anything or gets hurt.

    My longterm relationships do end after a while, but some go on wild for 1 or 2 years, and lately they come stay with me for a while, and I go live with them for a while so things get deep. And they talk about marrying me and spending the rest of their lives with me, so it’s not just PUA bullshit.

    Usually they catch me cheating though, and end it cuz I often have 2 girlfriends at once. And the breakups are pretty evil, and mean with a lot of hate and threats and abuse of me by them. So if anyone gets abused it is usually mean because they break up vicious and hard and just shower me with hate.

    I mean I will have a Woman 2 over, and she knows I have another Woman 1 say. The phone rings, she looks at it, recognizes Woman 1 and laughs and says, “It’s your girlfriend” and she gives it to me.

    Or like I will be in bed with Woman 2 at 11 PM and phone rings she says who is it I say Woman 3 haha but you are better. So I take the call outside and the Woman 3 says are you alone? I say no I have a woman over.

    Women 3 doesn’t care and calls me a womanizer, but then she starts getting horny and talking really dirty. Women are insane. They get really horny if they find out you already have a woman, and they like to fight with other women over you and try to steal you away.

    I go back to bed and Woman 2 in my bed says what did you tell Woman 3. I say I told her I was in bed with you getting ready to screw you, and she starts laughing her ass off. A lot of women just think this stuff is hilarious for some reason.

    Really women have a rather low opinion of me and do not expect me to be Mr. Monogamy, so if they figure out there are other women, they are like oh well, that figures I assumed he was like that, and a lot of times, it just makes them even more horny when they find out I have 1 or 2 others. They ask what the other women are like and they say how they are so much better, get rid of those other girls and be with me, I treat you better. They start competing to treat me better. If they act bad, I say hey Woman 2 never does that, she is so nice, why are you mean? And then she acts better because Woman 2 is the competitor.

    There is some hurt when passionate LTR love affairs end but those are more intense than most marriages, and both sides get hurt bad, me included. Also there is so much good times in the LTR’s that balances out the ugly.

    A woman might know I am with some other woman and she would start fighting the other woman over me. Women like to fight over me. They are crazy. Women don’t hate guys like me as much as you think. A lot of them think we are hilarious. They hear about me and they can’t stop laughing.

    Anyway, I do not make a lot of promises, and most women figure me out and don’t expect much anyway. And I generally have open relationships, so I do not pretend to be monogamous.

  9. I will not ban you for this comment, but really you need to stop chastising me like in the comments. I will let you say your piece, but you should not keep on doing that. I am what I am, and most women just take me as I am, and don’t expect much of me anyway. They just assume I am a dog, and they get together with me, have some fun, dump me and go on their merry way.

  10. Yeah I have heard this a million times and it doesn’t even effect me anymore. I used to feel bad but not anymore. Anymore it is fairly common women hear about me and they give me a raging lecture just like you did and say what a predator scum I am and I hurt women and take advantage bla bla and then they say give me your phone number.

    I tell you women are insane when it comes to guys like me. They love us and hate us both at the same time.

      1. looks – check
        confidence – check
        comfort around me – check
        sexual advances/ being hit on – check
        me closing the deal -…

        What does comfort around you mean?

        What’s the problem around closing the deal? Give me some examples.

  11. Also I am getting a lot older now and I am not very attractive to many to most women so they just treat me like an Omega. So I am not really Mr. Slayer anymore. I have slowed down. This lifestyle above, I do not really live this lifestyle anymore. More common I have deep passionate love affairs that go on for a while and then end. It’s not really PUA pump and dump these days at my age.

    What you are reading above is more like how I used to be.

  12. comfort around me – just walking into a friends place/bar/social gathering and be like hey omg! sit on my lap get touchy huggy etc, totally digging my vibe(i do natural, however that is my role in a sense)

    example: i guess ive been so used to hit on and not making moves; and shit happening.. ive gotten lazy?? i mean there will be a girl on many occassions soo DTf its nuts.. once they get my vibe they cant help it.. it was awseome …now i wouldnt be bothered if i didnt have this effect.. but i do! and i still can capitalize on it before i get into monogamy(shuddering thought)

    i think its self inflicted but, yea everything upto .. the part where she drags me home(which im used to) and not me saying “xyz” to get her back to my crib.. ridic but true

      1. Currently, in India, i know i know :/.. showever thats not a valid reason my friend whos loved here for many years hit triple digits when he was around 30.. and The average chump here is pretty much lucky to get 1 digit if at all.
        Its not about conservate women just looking at his example; its a formula.

  13. I know almost all young guys lied at least once in their life to a girl to sleep with her, but it’s a criminal act, just like take advantage on a drunken woman. The trivialization of this behavior in our society must stop. Lying is not an act of seduction, it’s predatory behavior.

    A man can’t lie to a woman, make them believe they are someone they are not, to obtain a consent for a sexual relationship. We have a law about it here in Canada.

    Oh no, I lied. I lied all the time to girls and women, of course. You must understand that all womanizers lie. They do not lie all the time, but they lie a lot. I would say most of them lie a good part of the day.

    Can you please tell me some of the lies these guys told you in other to seduce you? How did they make you believe they were someone they were not? What specific lies did they use in order to seduce you? Please tell me. I would be very interested to hear this.

    1. From what Rob said on his posts, he’s a natural PUA (this does not mean malicious womanizer, it’s a term for those with Game), and that worked for him.

      The fact that I called him a PUA and his honesty on this thread and topic makes you think he isn’t; as women “hate” all PUA’s as you say…

      Since this thread was not or is not available to his prior girlfriends, you wouldn’t have known…and treated him as a non “PUA”. And for those ladies that did find out; they were still all up on his dick. And he’s not the only one; I’ve seen this phenomenon with many “normal great guys” (myself included) as you call them. But there’s no bad intent really; everyone likes to fuck.

      Most MPUA’s (master) keep all on the DL and go natural whilst being a keen observer. Real playas keep it simple and on the DL.

    2. In my experience, just a few words can get a lady seduced, and that’s cause she wants to be seduced!

      A long time ago, after a dry spell…well I hooked up with a girl in my group of friends back then. We were in a Club making out heavily n everyone saw us go back to my place…the whole group saw it, and we were FFFFUUCKED up…loll we didn’t care. Wont go into details.

      Then a week or so afterwards, all her girlfriends in our friends group…who didn’t bat an eye at me before were just hitting on me and asking me out very blantanly. I became the man…what’s that about? In your opinion? Who’s playing who?

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