“How Jews Create Their Own Enemies On Purpose”


This is an older post of mine that is getting posted around. It describes my experiences on some Jewish and Israeli issues newsgroups.

What would happen was some decent, well-meaning guy would show up and say something like, “Hey, what’s with Israel? Why do they steal people’s land and shoot kids? What’s with these thugs? Why are we supporting them anyway? They seem like bad people.”

That’s not a particularly anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it is a pretty fair reading of the situation over there. Thing was, a lot of folks came in there with some legitimate complaints, sometimes about Israel, sometimes about Jews, and immediately the Super-Jews on the site would just launch into them in the most vicious way like the worst schoolyard bullies you have ever seen.

If you can imagine a swarm of evil teenagers surrounding one guy and jeering at him while periodically rushing up to his, throwing a smack at him and then running away, well that was the game. They were some of the most infuriating people I have ever met in my life. Just stone-evil bullies with zero redeeming qualities.

To make it worse, a lot of them were greedy too. Well, hey, they were Jews right? Jews? Greedy? No way!

Well these well-meaning, decent fellows would tolerate the abuse and try to have a discussion, but it was just not possible with these Jews. The Jews would call anyone who disagreed with them one millimeter anti-Semite, hater, bigot, Nazi, KKK, White Supremacist, prejudiced, Jew-hater, on and on.

The people would try to protest and say, “No, I don’t hate Jews at all. Met a lot of cool Jews in my life. I’m just not too keen on maniacs who kill kids, you know?”

The Jews turned every single discussion into this:

Nice sane person: “Hey, what’s with Israel? Why do they steal people’s land and shoot kids? That’s not very nice, you know?

Asshole Jews: (Derail) No! Let’s not talk about that! Let’s talk about you! You hate Jews! Admit it! You are a Jew-hater! A bigot!

Nice sane person: Well, um, no, I don’t hate them at all. Just wondering why you think it’s groovy to steal people’s land and tear down their homes giving them 10 minutes to split. Don’t you think that’s kinda mean?

Asshole Jews: (Derail) You hate Jews! Admit it! You are a Jew-hater! A bigot!

Nice sane person: Well, um, no, uh, uh…

It went on and on like this. They also liked to derail all conversations into:

Nice sane person: Hey, let’s talk about Israel. Let’s talk about people who love to kill kids? You Jews think that’s cool? Damn.

Asshole Jews: (derail) No! Let’s talk about you instead! Let’s talk about why you hate Jews! Bla bla bla bla.

Nice sane person: Um, uh, no, but…I don’t hate Jews?

Asshole Jews: Yes you do! You hate us! You hate hate hate hate hate hate hate us! Bla bla bla bla.

The Jews simply derailed every single discussion about Jews, Judaism or Israel into this clever nonsense. It was utterly unproductive.

What was interesting though was to watch these nice, well meaning men.

They started out real nice: “Um, hey Jews. Let’s talk, ok? Got some concerns here…You guys aren’t being very nice over in Israel. I mean, stealing land? Come on!”

Then the tsunami of endless Jewish abuse (really fight-picking) would ensue which included keeping copies of all their enemies conversations in database-like files (creepy), trying to find out where people lived, constant threats including death threats (I personally received many death threats from Jewish psychos), threats to find out their names and where they work and get them fired from their jobs, threats to report them to police or social services on fake charges, on and on.

The nice guys tolerated this after a while, but after a certain length of time, a very interesting thing started to happen:

The nice, nonracist guys started not being so nice anymore. In fact, they weren’t even so nonracist anymore. As you might guess, many of them started hating Jews!

At first I laughed because it was so stupid, but I saw this so many times, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

Every time, I would shake my head and say, “Yeah! Good job, Jews! You just created another anti-Semite, you morons! Way to go! You know one of these days all these enemies are going to come after you again, and guess what? Many will be created by you yourselves, you fools!”

These newsgroups were like mini-factories for the manufacturing of Nazis!

Then I started thinking more and more, and it finally started to dawn on me. This lunatic Jews were actually creating enemies on purpose! They enjoyed having enemies (as long as they weren’t too numerous or lethal). They actually got off on creating and maintaining as many enemies as possible. I thought, “Why would anyone do that unless they’re masochists?” Then I figured out that having a world full of enemies allows Jews to play the victim card their whole lives. Jews love being victims! They get off on it! It’s almost their reason for living!

Then I thought, What a bunch of freaks, and I started turning anti-Semitic myself. I eventually started going crazy, and that’s when I figured out that anti-Semitism is almost a mental illness. I would literally get out of bed thinking, “Jews…” and go to bed at night thinking, “Jews! Jews!” And it was all Jews all the time in between.

Slowly it dawned on me that I was going insane, and I needed to climb out of this Jew-hating trap, and I worked my way out of it. Then I decided that most obsessive anti-Semites are suffering from a form of insanity like I was.


The Jews. Yes, a lot of Jews are complete dicks. And greedy fucks. And a bunch of other stuff.

But on the other side, behind Door #1, we have:

The anti-Semites! Who are honestly a bunch of Nazi psychos, and no matter how awful Jews act, anti-Semites are about 20 times worse.

So…Jews sort of suck.


The enemies of the Jews, the anti-Semites, really really suck.

They both suck.

Hell with both of them. Just bail, and try to not think much of either of them.

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6 thoughts on ““How Jews Create Their Own Enemies On Purpose””

  1. You don’t need any further proof than a trip to Stormfront, and Asia Finest (a forum with a lot of Korean and Chinese nationalists) isn’t much different.

  2. Jewish ideas of love, equality, and human rights are awesome, except many times they originated from a selfish origin, and in practice they’ve lead only disaster. It’s not that the ideas aren’t good, but they aren’t planned out and implemented correctly. They often conflict with human nature.

  3. Jews see themselves as the chosen people but this worldview needs “two to tango”, there was “antisemitism” before Christianity or Islam, many Ancient Greek and Roman authors that wrote about jews recognised their misanthropia (hate for humanity).

    But this wouldn’t have been a problem if all the ancients and protected their Civillization, the Abrahmic religions have been created by jews to make the non-jews a servant class or at least someone that still accepts the “jewish narrative” in some form.

    We all live inside the jewish narrative: Christianity, Hollywood, TV, super-hero comics, newspapers, are all creatures from the jewish mind, its like the The Matrix movie.

    1. We all live inside the jewish narrative: Christianity, Hollywood, TV, super-hero comics, newspapers, are all creatures from the jewish mind, its like the The Matrix movie.

      I figure we are all actually Jews ourselves at this point. We are “Jewified,” We are “Judaized Gentiles.” I actually think that the USA is a Jewish country with 310 million Jews in it. There’s not much difference between a Judaized Gentiles and a Jew other than a foreskin. We should just convert already and get it over with.

      We are all Jews now!

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