French Woman Searching for Slayer Who Impregnated Her

Help! Someone please help Natalie Amyot!

Natalie Amyot, from Paris, has returned to the Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where she said she spent ‘a beautiful night’ with a man she fell instantly in love with. He was 183cm tall, with blue eyes, blond hair and a tan.

The following morning she flew back to Paris, lost her phone and then discovered she was pregnant

“Fell instantly in love.” Chad strikes again.

I met a guy and not only had a one-night-stand with him, I let him go in me RAW. Now I’m about to be a single mother. And by the way – don’t judge me.

“Don’t judge me.” What a dumb bitch.

LOL at women. They are so stupid.

She is roaming around the Gold Coast right now, going to all the bars, looking for Chad.

I hope she never finds him.

If I was this guy, I would so hide. No way would I be part of this idiotic circus. Run, Chad, run!

P.S. She doesn’t even remember his name. What a silly woman.

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0 thoughts on “French Woman Searching for Slayer Who Impregnated Her”

    1. According to Camus it was that any man who doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral runs the risk of being put to death.
      The general consensus that it reflects Camus basic philosophy that life is absurd and meaningless, but people will none the less try to affix meaning to it.

  1. Robert, is Beast Ganon, the commenter coward, ie Cablinasian Coward?. I find the posting pattern very similar. BTW, he is pretty entertaining sometimes, just like coward. Please don’t ban him.

  2. Yes I learned that soon after I posted it, but I didn’t update it.

    A female friend turned me on to that story, so a lot of women fell for it too. She was also going on and on about what an idiot this ditzy broad was for her predicament, so it’s not just men who felt that way.

    So gotta admit though, young women are so lame nowadays that I could fully see a woman her age concocting a circus like this based on a true event. I honestly think that the women in our generation, Beatrix, were just not this stupid. This would have been unheard of among my female cohort.

  3. Beast even if you follow Commenting Rules, other commenters can vote you off if you act bad enough, piss enough people off or fail to win friends and influence people. Don’t underestimate social groups.

  4. Beast you need to take a real IQ test, not some online bullshit. If you are a student, you can get one done at the counseling center or Psychology Department at your school. In the US, they are required by law to give you a test if requested and UK might not be different. The only good IQ test is administered by a professional in a proper setting, otherwise forget it.

    1. French women are HOT. When I was 21, I had a 37 year old bisexual girlfriend from France. She was sort of a bitch like a lot of women, but she had the sexiest accent. Then later I was a bartender in a French restaurant. Owner was from France and all the waitresses were from France. All of them, 20 to 45, flirted with me like crazy. They all loved me. They were so hot! I loved their accents.

      Only thing I do not like about French women is when I try to speak French, they ridicule me. French people are just nasty that way.

      1. When I bohoed around Europe many moons ago there were a lot of hotties in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, but France was a whole other level. The women were all Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani and the men were toads ala Gerard Depardieu.
        The French accent super hot, Welsh is my favorite accent it adds 2 full points on a 10 point scale for me.

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