We Are All Gay Now


What do they mean half of all Britons say they are something other than heterosexual? If you are something other than straight, that means you are either gay or bisexual. Geez. I figured this nonsense was coming.

72% of British defined themselves as heterosexual.

28% defined themselves as gay or bisexual.

4% defined themselves as completely gay.


46% of 18-24 year old British defined themselves as heterosexual.

49% defined themselves as gay or bisexual.

6% defined themselves as completely gay.

The trend is obvious. Homosexual behavior is on the increase among young British people. More and more are identifying as gay or bisexual and fewer are identifying as heterosexual. And the rate of pure homosexuals is also rising – it went up by 50%.

This shows that the Cultural Left is lying again when they say that whatever anyone’s sexual orientation is, they were simply born that way.

It also gives the lie to the PC lines coming out of the American Psychological Association saying, “No one chooses their sexual orientation.” Oh really now? If no one chooses it, then how in the Hell is the rate of gay and bisexual orientation increasing among young British? Is it something in the water? If they didn’t chose their orientation, then who did? God? The Borg? The Fairy Godmother? The Flying Purple Lizard Monster?

If the rate’s going up, it can’t be because they were born that way. What is this, an epidemic of birth defects?

And it can’t be because some mysterious force is choosing their orientation for them because no if anyone can choose such a thing, it’s you and you only.

Obviously the rate is going up because more and more young people are choosing gay and bisexual orientations probably because of Cultural Left propaganda that says being gay and bi is the greatest thing since whitewall tires.

For more on rates of male sexual orientation by the numbers and some thoughts about that, see here.

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0 thoughts on “We Are All Gay Now”

  1. I guess the cultural left is soon going to use the Borg’s line of “resistance is futile” Oh my! the cultural left are the Borg! There just seems to be no limit with this crazy stuff anymore, where is our society going? down, way down.

  2. There’s not much difference between 4 and 6%…these are the ones I’d be primarily referring to if I said gay people didn’t have a choice…I still don’t think these true homosexuals have a choice.

    I reckon there are natural bisexuals too.

    Probably some of this is more people saying they are bi when they are 80/20 whereas in the older generation, those types would just say straight and not engage in homosexual acts. Or even 90/10’s. They’d get by just fine being straight but now if there is a little kink in their sexuality where they wouldn’t mind sucking a dick, now they suck it because why not…

    the question is do you think those mostly straight people should be suppressing their little gay fantasy…?

    what do ya reckon? It was from you I learned bisexuals aren’t just 50/50 but can be any proportion.

    Alternatively, I’m full of shit and a lot of them are just straight and doing it out of fashion…which seems to be your theory.

    1. the question is do you think those mostly straight people should be suppressing their little gay fantasy…?

      Straight men? Of course! I only sympathize with gay men who don’t really have a choice about things. Everyone from 40-60 to 0-100 has my complete and total support to go out and be as gay as they want to. I figure most of them probably got wired up that way. If I was a 40-60 to a 0-100, I sure as Hell would be screwing guys, I assure you that.

      I figure the 50-50’s have such a strong drive for both sexes that they might as well screw one or the other or both. If I was a 50-50…I hate to say it, but I am as girl crazy as any man ever. Now if guys turned me on just as much as women do?! Jesus Christ man. It would be very hard for me not to screw guys. I would probably just do it. I could not control myself.

      Sure of course 90-10’s to 80-20’s should suppress their little gay fantasies. What the Hell you want to do that for?

      I don’t agree with recreational homosexuality or people choosing to engage in homosexuality.

      I will only support if the man is truly biologically wired up that way. Otherwise he is just being a perverted ass, and I have no use for him.

      One of my best friends, the most girl crazy guy you will ever meet, moved to West Hollywood, got recruited into homosexuality and started taking dick up his ass. I more or less witnessed him doing this when I stayed over one night as I slept in the living room.

      It was not too long afterwards that I got rid of that guy. You just can’t have a close male friend who is regularly doing lots of gay bullshit. It is so not going to work.

      He didn’t have to do that. He could have just stayed with girls. He did it just to be a depraved, debauched degenerate, perverted deviant. I have no sympathy for him or anyone like him. Get the Hell away from me.

    2. Keep in mind that if you read the statistics carefully, you will note that a significant number of these male 100-0’s are now identifying as bisexual. Fully one fourth of what were formerly 100-0’s are now identifying as bisexual. I assume they are just going this to be groovy.

      1. This is simply too repulsive and disgusting. What’s so special in identifying as a Bi?? I simply dont understand the logic behind that. One more thing important is the age group which the survey was taken on. I guess it must be mostly from the guys who are from 18-25, who are a product of a depraved degenerate culture. Even if it is considered to be cool, hippy, fashionable to consider yourself as a bi, dont their education, religious indoctrination that they received from childhood ubiquitously come into play for once before issuing nonsensical statements like this. This just shows the depraved environment around. Imagine what would be the situation like after 15 or 20 years later, if kids starting to grow up in this toxic environment and the insanity it promotes.

        1. LOL in 15-20 years, I guess we’ll all be gay then, huh? Even I’ll probably turn gay. I’ll probably be writing articles like “Penis Tastes Good.” Wtf. I so need to kill myself before this happens man.

  3. I think most of the respondents are full of it. Ask them if they actually put their fluidity into practice. I am almost certain few or none of them do. Or if they have, they tried it once and have no inclination to do it again,, but can now claim to be part of a hip new identity grouping.

  4. This is kind of bizzare. Where I live gay rights is promoted, but it’s not cool, even at the diverse university. As for the community college which is mostly white, it’s extremely uncool.

  5. The thought of kissing a guy,especially one with facial hair, has got to be the most repulsing sick thought imaginable.

  6. Well to be honest, the thought of those two hot British girls kissing and making out (on the linked article photo), is very delightful indeed 😆

    1. It seems the females here in the UK are outgrowing their male counterparts in the younger generations. Many females at the university I attend have boyfriends that are only slightly taller, the same height, or slightly shorter. The female athletes here are all above 6ft. Last year I encountered a female who was 6ft 9in and she wanted to fight because I choked on my drink and blasted saliva from my mouth all over her leggings. She tried to kick me several times so I pushed her fairly hard. She was a LOT more weaker than she looked and she fell on her backside and slammed her head against a wall. She bled heavily and a small pool of blood formed on the ground around her – she was still conscious and cried… like a bitch. Fortunately there was a security camera nearby recording everything. I thought I’d be expelled but a decent female worker at student services backed me after I explained what happened and ‘included’ racism into the incident. That bitch deserved what she got. I apologized repeatedly and offered money to placate her but it wasn’t enough.

      Poor men. I’m just crying out in sympathy. 😆

      1. I thought I’d be expelled but a decent female worker at student services backed me after I explained what happened and ‘included’ racism into the incident.

        Racism? Hmm, (sarcasm) I wonder why she would say that? 😆

  7. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mangina

    Yes, I do have an inferority complex, obviously after years of bullying. However, I’m definitely not licking the boots of women, unless it’s some fantasy BDSM thing.

    However, BEAST way exxagerates the bad qualities of women, making them out to be monsters. I can tell you honestly that men are just as cruel than women, and often surpass women in evil.

    Take Hitler for example, something off the top of my head, he had several high ranking officers strangled with piano wire, and had videos made of their suffering. This came after they were busted for a plot to kill him.

    Men controlled the Roman empire and had crucifixtion and gladiator games as the main punishment. Men also controlled the middle ages with all the burning and other torture.

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