“My Wife Was Addicted to Ashley Madison”


This man had good looks, very high status (owned his own tech company), a high income ($1 million/year), a great deal of wealth (millionaire, lived in $1 million home), much in common with his wife, and his marriage still turned to shit.

This guy needs Redpill or some sort of male self-help group’s advise. Actually, he did show up on Reddit Redpill soon after this story broke. A lot of the guys completely ripped him a new one, which I thought was pretty lousy. The man blames the whole thing on the (Jewish?) scumbag who ran Ashley Madison, who he calls a sociopath. Well, he is a sociopath. Of course he is. He also blames his wife’s mental illness for her behavior. She is either a Borderline or what Beatrix calls a “high-conflict woman” Cluster B type who displays Borderline traits but functions too well to be a Borderline.

The guys on Redpill thought it was stupid to blame the sociopathic website owner and his Borderline wife for the behavior. I do not know what to say to that.

For 18 years of marriage, his wife was a cold fish in bed and refused to do anything even slightly kinky, either oral sex (giving or receiving). She posted a dirty profile on Ashley Madison as a wild bitch down for all sorts of kinky fun (that she was denying her husband). He found her conversations on her cellphone with her group of married female friends who were all either cheating on their husbands or encouraging and egging on the others to cheat. One woman was passing around a photo of a huge cock of the guy she was cheating on her husband with, saying, “You girls could be having this right now instead of your lame husbands. Come join the fun!”

He caught her cheating previously last year and then when the scandal broke, he found her profile in the leaked data and caught her again. He has two boys who don’t know what their mother did. Apparently they are divorcing. When husbands catch wives cheating without permission, 95

There were 30 million male profiles on Ashley Madison and 5 million female profiles. A very close examination revealed only 1,500 real active females among that 5 million. 30 million men competing for 1,500 men. World’s biggest sausage fest?

The site was very sleazy. The very large number of the female profiles on the site were fakes created by Ashley Madison.When you join the site for free, you soon get profile visits, chat requests and mails from hot, horny looking babes. Usually of these women are either fakes being run by employees or computer programs, that is, not even real female humans at all. The purpose of this is to get you to pay to join the site. After you pay, all of the visits, mails and chat requests vanish. Attempts to respond to the female visitors, mailers and chat requesters all fail because the women are not even real. This is typical and most dating sites do this. There were a very few real women on the site, and apparently a few guys did well.

I do not have much at all to say about this matter. Feel free to comment.

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8 thoughts on ““My Wife Was Addicted to Ashley Madison””

  1. Ashley Madison is a SCAM. I had an account there which I later deleted because the whole thing felt like a racket, some kind of elaborate Ponzi scheme, it really was idiotic at so many levels. Over 50% of female profiles happen to be fakes. Married women who register on Ashley Madison just do it for cheap thrills or to troll desperate men.

    Having been around married women in real life, my take is that if she wants to have an affair, she won’t just start clicking with some random dude on a cheating website. The very concept of a cheating website makes the interaction so lousy and predictable. Total waste of time.

    If you want to meet real women online, make zero effort and just remain with the FLOW (Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut {now dissolved} & WhatsApp).

    1. Orkut is a Brazilian shitfest.

      Ashley Madison is just another jewish scam, Jews are con artists by nature, if you read Genesis with attention you will see the “Patriarchs” Abraham, Jacob, Joseph pulling scam after scam on the gullible goyim.

  2. A 48 year old woman cheated on him.

    Oh no.

    Who cares?

    Why would he possibly care?

    For 18 years of marriage, his wife was a cold fish in bed and refused to do anything even slightly kinky, either oral sex (giving or receiving).


    And he didn’t always have status. The article states that he struggled financially for years.

    But sure, the exception disproves the general rule I guess.

      1. Sure guy. That’s why so many rich good looking men are so depressed about women. Spoiler alert: most aren’t.

        You think the social world is complicated. It isn’t. It’s as superficial and shitty as imagined.

  3. it blows my mind that he accepted no oral sex in his relationship for however many years, and I mean cunnilingus just as much as blow jobs, if not more. How could you express your desire for her female body or make love to her without cunnilingus. And of course blow jobs are a massive bonus.

    Each to his own but that seems weird to me.

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