Amazon Is Evil

I have been hating for a very long time now, and for some very good reasons. Be assured that they deserve every microgram of my hatred. They earned it well.

Anyway, I always knew that Amazon sucked. It’s a prime example of just how shitty your typical capitalist enterprise is. There’s nothing hip or groovy about tech or net capitalists. Actually the sad truth is that most of them are much worse capitalists than typical brick and mortar businesses which at least tend to have very well done and arranged stores, excellent customer service, a fair returns policy and products that are not blatant ripoffs or scams. Further, most brick and mortar joints are not actual criminal enterprises.

The sad truth is that tech and net businesses tend to have shit products, zero return policy, either zero or horrific customer service, and catastrophically arranged stores that look like they were put together by little children. As if that were not enough, a lot of them (dating sites for example) are simply out and out organized crime.

The number of businesses that are actually criminal enterprises is simply stunning. The fault of this lies 100% with the Tech Scum themselves, as almost all of them are “Libertarians.” Being Libertards, their motto is “Don’t regulate the Internet!” So the Net is utterly unregulated. What happens when an industry goes totally unregulated? Wa-la! The criminals swarm in like termites! Duh!

So next time you get fleeced by some crook, thank the nearest Tech Scum Libertard hipster! Aren’t techy hipsters cool? They’re helping criminals loot your bank account! Is that groovy and hip and tats and piercings or what?!

Anyway, Amazon has always sucked, mostly because their store is complete and utter shit, and they can’t be bothered to even fix the damn thing so it functions at all because, you know, if they had a functioning and working store, then they wouldn’t be able to sell to you so cheap! Nothing illustrates the depravity and sleaze of that mindset better than Amazon.

Welcome to Future Shit, where store owners won’t even bother to arrange their stores for you and you won’t be able to find anything! But hey, having a non-functioning store will be so hipster and groovy and techy and future because you will get your products really cheap dude! That is if you can find them!

So anyway, I have always known that Amazon blows, to put it mildly. But it’s actually much worse than that.

It turns out that Amazon is much worse than shitty.

They are actually stone evil.

Welcome to the Workplace of the Future, brought to you by your nearest groovy hipster, where cubicle farms resemble the factories of the 1890’s! Back to the Future!

Really, Amazon is to business as Roosh is to PUA. Roosh is Amazon. Amazon is Roosh. They’re both sociopathic. They both suck. They’re both evil. They are both widely loved by fools who worship psychopaths as the rock stars of the new millennium.

They’re the Future.

Roosh is the Future of Dating.


Amazon is the Future of Business.

I don’t have much more to say except maybe pray you don’t live long enough to see much of this World O’Shit. I’ll be checking out in 30 years if I’m lucky, and I’ll see you all later then. I won’t be missing this damn planet for one second, thank you very much!

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Is Evil”

  1. It’s easy to lessen your risk of getting ripped off. Either you pay by money order or you use a cut-out account.

    Never use a credit card. If you have to borrow to buy something, think long and hard whether you really will be happier for having it. Actually, you should think about potential happiness generated whenever you buy anything out of the ordinary.

    Roosh is just part of the PUA evil that offsets the feminist evil. He, or someone like him, is a necessary evil.

    How’s the car coming?

    1. I am not fixing anything on it yet. I don’t have any money!

      You will still get ripped off by a dating site, right? Dating sites only take credit cards. Don’t most joints take credit cards only?

  2. I know the feeling. If I didn’t own the trailer house and the lot it’s on, I’d be hard put to make rent. I know rents there are higher.

    I’ll have to take your word ( or whose ever word you’re passing on) about dating sites. Tell your friend to look into People use it to put together groups that they can share interests with. The organizers pay for it.

    For something like Ebay, I use a cut-out account. It’s essentially a debit-card account with only so much in it. Thieves can clean it out but won’t get much. I got mine from unemployment.

  3. Hmm, I do feel somewhat guilty about having Amazon stock. I actually have stock in several companies I would consider “evil.” Having stock is different than being a customer though, at least to me.

  4. Supporting evil is supporting evil. Period.

    That it enables you to buy more doesn’t make it right. This is the first I’ve heard of how Amazon treats its employees, and I’m shocked. My Grandmother worked in a labour camp in Germany during WWII (not a concentration camp, drafted labour), and not even they were this sociopathic.

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