“We Don’t Fight Enough”

I was just over at Reddit and I read how a husband said his wife was complaining that her marriage was lousy because “we don’t fight enough.” Yeah. “We don’t fight enough.” How crazy is that? The Redpillers then jumped in to say that yep, if you agree with everything she says, pretty soon your woman will start hating you or at least find you unattractive.

So this is what women want out relationships. Lots of fights. Make sure there are lots of fights. Can’t have too many fights you know. Gotta keep things stirred up. We can’t be getting all peaceful and shit.

What the Hell? “We don’t fight enough” In what possible world does that even make sense?

What’s really got me terrified is I am wondering how many women think this way – “We don’t fight enough.”

I am reminded of one particularly unpleasant memory of a girlfriend. She told me she hated fighting and if it was up to her, she would never fight ever if she could help it. If could have a relationship with minimal to no fighting, that would be her dream.

Now comes the inevitable female self-contradiction. I mean how can you have females without having self-contradiction, right? Self-contradiction is one of the primary essences of the female nature.

You guessed it.

This idiotic woman actually went out and picked fights with me on a regular basis. She insulted my masculinity. She told me I wasn’t much of a man. She threatened to deliberately cuckold in front of my face with a Black man of all people. When I tripped in the living room, she laughed at me, cackling like a witch.

And this idiot female never wanted to fight, ever.

Except when she was picking fights for no reason.

“We don’t fight enough.” Wtf. You see why men think women are insane?

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  1. I just don’t believe her, in a similar way to girls being attracted to jerks. There are other qualities go along with being a jerk, which tend to be attractive. This woman is probably feeling a lack of passion. With one girlfriend I had, I swear I don’t think we had a single fight. It was definitely the best quality relationship to me, but she gained weight.

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