The Reality of Being on Disability in the US

Jason Y says:

Disability checks are very low anyways. If they’re giving away money they should at least give away a lot. I’m assuming the low amount is incentive for people to work.

Actually, though I heard it’s hard to get on disability. Since it’s hard to get on it, then why all the hate on those who get it?

I have some friends and family on disability and also I have had a number of counseling clients on it, so I know how it works.

I know people on disability who do not work, but I also know some who work every chance they get. I know a few people on disability who are trying to get work every single day. Every time I see them, they ask me if I know how they could make some money.

The problem is that most people on disability want to work under the table, but many jobs don’t pay under the table. They don’t want to work over the table because when you do, they take too much of the money away, and it’s hardly even worth it. Also if you make any sort of decent money at all, pretty soon they will probably call you in for an evaluation to see if you should be kicked off disability or not.

I don’t really think people should be kicked off. For instance, I know people on SSDI who told me that they are on for life due to a genetic lifetime condition. They said if they ever make a lot of money in a month, then they might just get a check for zero dollars. But the main thing is that even with a $0 check, they still get medical care (Medicaid). This is really the way it ought to be. Most people on disability ought to stay on as long as they are disabled at all. If they do happen to luck into some work, then just reduce the check as low as need be all the way down to $0, but keep them on medical care for as long as they are significantly disabled.

I know people who are on disability, but they do not want to go off because if they go off and take a job, they will lose their medical care, yet most jobs probably won’t give you medical.

A lot of people on disability can work somewhat at certain jobs. But most of them are basically unemployable. That’s just the reality of it. They would be last on any employer’s hiring list.

A lot of them could work, but not full-time and especially not for a stranger. They could probably work part-time, but not for a stranger. They could work part-time for a friend or family and probably only on a very flexible schedule. For instance, maybe 2 hours today, 4 hours tomorrow, one hour the next day, 5 hours after that, but then two days when they couldn’t come in at all. No employer is going to hire a stranger to work a crazy schedule like that.

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  1. They don’t have to give a lot away, just enough to survive. However, in reality, the money isn’t really enough. They do give you free college tuition (no books paid), but most people don’t take advantage of the program. That alone is worth it, but as I said, few take advantage of it.

    People fight to get on disability, but the only fun is getting about 5000 dollars backpay when you start. After that, it’s only a struggle.

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