PUA/Game: Some Powerful Violations of Red Pill

According to Red Pill philosophy, everything is down to masculinity. It took me a while to figure this out, but this is how I see it:

Alphas: The most masculine of all.

Betas, etc.: Much less masculine.

Omegas: The least masculine of all by far.

If you study Red Pill philosophy it is all about masculinity, masculinity, masculinity! “Don’t be Beta” just means don’t be a pussy, a faggot, a bitch, a wimp. Everything is down to how masculine you are.

Now it took me a long time to figure out the sad truth that so many place such an extreme value on masculinity, though virtually none of them will admit it, even those who elevate it to the most extreme level. This is because the nature of women is to blind themselves to what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The problem is that there are multiple violations of Red Pill philosophy that elevates hypermasculinity above all other values.

First of all, exhibit A: David Bowie.

Let’s get real now, certain at the height of his fame in the 1970’s, David Bowie wasn’t exactly the height of masculinity. In fact, if you see pictures of him from that era, he is an out and out androgyne, and an extreme one at that. He is a complete violation of the Red Pill command to be ubermasculine.

The problem is that Bowie was sexy as Hell back in the day and maybe even afterwards. You can chalk it up to being famous, but I think it goes way beyond that. Iggy Pop lived with him for a while in Berlin, and Iggy said he never saw a man who got as much pussy as Bowie. “From heiresses to waitresses, he got them all,” Iggy said.

If you go look at Bowie’s videos on Youtube, you see many women and girls of all ages swooning over him and say how bad they want to fuck him. There is no way on Earth that you can chalk all that up to fame. There are also many men on there swooning over him too and saying how badly they want him. So he’s heavily desired by both sexes. But if what women really want is hypermasculinity, David Bowie completely violates this theorem. And Bowie is Alpha as fuck; let’s get real here. Some women have said, “Well, Bowie is sexy.”

Total red pill violation: But this makes no sense either, as Red Pill says sexy = Alpha = ultramasculine. Bowie is an outrageous violation of Red Pill.

I can give you some other examples too.

DN, one of my best friends, who was a complete sissyboy, somehow got masculinized on the way to manhood. This is actually what happens to almost all heterosexual sissyboys. Research has been done on sissyboys. It turns out that 75% of sissyboys turn out gay, but another 25% of them turn out heterosexual. But on followup, researchers found that the 25% of who were straight had “masculinized” somewhere along the road and could no longer be said to be sissies.

Anyway, even though he masculinized, people continued to call him gay everywhere he went. I have no idea why dipshits did this because he wasn’t even 1% effeminate, and the only gay behavior is effeminacy. He simply wasn’t a macho guy. He also had a very soft voice and he was very pretty. He was also pretty sensitive. Most straight people are so retarded that they think that every man who isn’t macho is automatically gay. Actually, most men who are simply not macho (but not effeminate in any way) are completely heterosexual.

Most straight people are also so retarded that they think all soft men, or men with soft voices, are gay. Actually the overwhelming majority of soft men and soft voiced men are completely heterosexual. Many straight people are also so retarded that they think that any men who is pretty or has a feminine face is gay. Now I have no idea why some men have pretty faces. But how on Earth does having a pretty face make you gay? Is it some sort of mysterious process?

Anyway, I was friends with him and I never for one second thought he was gay because faggots don’t hang out with me, period. Or if they do make friends with me, they start flirting with me and trying to fuck me the instant they meet me and they never stop until you end the friendship. So if a guy is my friend and he didn’t try to fuck me on first meeting, of course I assume he’s not gay. Why in Hell would a gay man hang out with me anyway? What on Earth for?

Well, during this entire phase that he was a young adult and the whole world was insisting that he was gay, he was fucking a small army of women. I have no idea who many women and girls this guy fucked, but I’ve hardly seen one man screw so many females in so short a time. He was simply incredible. A guy who the whole world insists is a faggot is fucking half the females in town. Makes no sense.

Total red pill violation: Red pill says Alpha = ultramasculine and DN  was basically an androgyne or at least a very soft guy. He wasn’t effeminate at all, but he wasn’t all that masculine either. DN is an utter refutation of Red Pill.

Another friend of mine was named DJ. DJ was almost worse than DN in that DN was not a wimp, but DJ was pretty damn wimpy. Once again, many people insisted he was gay, and they would never believe you if you said he wasn’t. He had a very soft voice, was extremely pretty and was quite sensitive. He was also a great big wimp. Nevertheless, I was amazed at how damn well he did with women and girls. And they were often quite good-looking too.

Total red pill violation: Red pill says all wimps are Betas if not Omegas, and it also says that success with women = masculine. The less masculine you, the less well you do with women. DJ is a total violation of Red Pill.

I could give you some more examples but you get the picture. When I was in Hollywood, I met a couple of men who were frankly just total faggots. They were both extremely good looking, and of course they both came onto me very hard the instant they met me (that’s the “gay test”).

One I met in a nightclub. DJ and I had free tickets to record company promo show where all the drinks were free. There were two couples at a table, and DJ and I sat down. The queer immediately leaned across the table and asked, “Can I buy you a drink?” to me in a very effeminate voice. His gorgeous blond girlfriend giggled.

Apparently she found his homosexuality hilarious. You will find this is the case with a lot of gorgeous women hooked up with faggoty guys. They think it is cute and very funny whenever their boyfriends try to screw guys and they can’t stop giggling at it. Anyway, this very good-looking young blond-haired man had a total knockout blond with him. Go figure.

Another one was at my work. He wasn’t effeminate as much as he was an extreme wimp. Of course, the vast majority of wimpy men are completely heterosexual. I meet a wimpy guy and I think “straight” immediately. However, some gay men are not so much effeminate as they are wimpy.

But the difference is that the wimpy gay men often take wimpiness to the most wild extreme. The first time you meet them, you almost fall out of your chair thinking, “Jesus Christ! This is the wimpiest man I have ever met!” They are extremely passive, display extreme aversion to aggression and violence, are incredibly picky and finicky, and often have such tiny wimpy voices that you almost can’t even hear them.

This guy’s name was Arthur. When he first met me, he acted like he had seen a Greek God and he stopped frozen in his tracks and said, “Hi there,” in this stunned and ultra-wimpy voice. I immediately got extremely suspicious of him. After a while, I started to really hate him because he wouldn’t leave me the Hell alone. He was sort terrified of me because I was a quite menacing (during this era, people often told me how frightening I looked) looking punk rocker who wore leather, spikes and a snarl all the time, but that didn’t stop him. Maybe he liked it rough?

He was also my married bosses’ best friend (!?), so I couldn’t exactly tell him to go to Hell. I went to a New Years Party at my bosses’ house though, and there was Arthur, with the most beautiful blonde you have ever seen. Once again, this knockout was giggling away, apparently because she found his fagginess to be amusing.

Total red pill violation: Both of these men violate Red Pill in the most extreme way. They were not only not masculine, but they were out and out gay in a very faggoty, effeminate way. Red pill says only Alphas get the girls, and Alphas are masculine as Hell. These guys were so unmasculine they were out and out effeminate and girlish. And each of them had one of the most beautiful blonds I have ever seen. If they were effeminate and straight it would be one thing. But these guys are seriously queer and apparently they were both actively fucking men, possibly with their girlfriends’ knowledge.

I could give you some more examples, but I think you get the picture. The main point here is that the Red Pill formulation of Alpha = extreme masculinity seems to be wrong. Sure there is a lot to it, but some Alphas are not very masculine at all, others are wimps and there are out and out girly faggots with the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

I think that Alpha = masculine, Beta = less masculine, and Omega = least masculine simply doesn’t explain the whole picture.

Clearly there is more to being sexy than masculinity, and some unmasculine, androgynous and even out and out faggoty men can do outrageously well with women.

I would point out that all of these men were extremely good-looking. They all had very pretty faces, and I believe all of them were also blond. According to one theory, what women most value is looks. They simply want a good-looking man. Masculinity takes a back seat to looks. The best looking 20% of men are called “Chad.”

So maybe if you are not ultramasculine, you still might do all right as long as you are Chad. This also shows that some women could care less about masculinity or are even perfectly happy with quite unmasculine men so the Red Pill formulation that female sexuality is all about masculinity has to be rewritten. It’s clearly not true in many cases.

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9 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Some Powerful Violations of Red Pill”

  1. Bowie is very tall and skinny and looks weird. Of course, I look the same. Iv’e never seen how that would attract chicks, but in Bowie’s case. yes.

  2. Softness doesn’t seem to me to be an indication of gayness. However, a guy who is overly into dressing well, and hygine might make me think he is gay. What do they call those men? Metrosexual. I met a guy in Korea like that one time. Really nice guy, but I had my doubts about his sexuality.

    But then again everyone isn’t the same. Whatever floats your boat is fine, but I don’t think gays should shove a gay agenda (with all it’s sick gross details) on children. The stuff they like sick and as EPGAH noted, they want to push it more on people, than say, some straight perv at a adult novelty shop etc..

  3. I get the strong impression that the Red Piller’s, the PUA types and Chateau Heartiste dwellers are compensating due to fear they are not alphas.

    It’s EASY to be an arrogant twit. If you can define being ‘alpha’ as just being an ass, then being ‘alpha’ is within reach of any man (or should that be boy) who can feign being rude.

    It’s much harder to be a real man. To exert a confidence based on self knowledge. To have respect and esteem because you’ve earned it, and are worthy of it, and can project power. To have women want you, because of your talents. This is too hard, so they seek PUA scammers who can convince then that just disrespecting women and not listening to them is all it takes to be ‘alpha’.

    Margaret Thatcher said that being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

    There are no men in the manosphere, which is a shame because I hate to have to agree with the SPLC.

    1. It’s EASY to be an arrogant twit. If you can define being ‘alpha’ as just being an ass, then being ‘alpha’ is within reach of any man (or should that be boy) who can feign being rude.

      It’s much harder to be a real man. To exert a confidence based on self knowledge. To have respect and esteem because you’ve earned it, and are worthy of it, and can project power. To have women want you, because of your talents. This is too hard, so they seek PUA scammers who can convince then that just disrespecting women and not listening to them is all it takes to be ‘alpha’.

      Absolutely, and no offense to Robert, but I politely disagree with him. The blog seems to say being an jackass makes you a man. Such a ridiculous and comical notion might find popularity and laughs in Maxim Magazine or something, but it isn’t reality.

  4. How did you manage to run across so many queers when you were young? This is a reoccurring theme in your writing. There’s really not that many gays out there as a percentage of the population, yet you kept running into them like spiders in an attic.

    1. I do not know. I’m a soft man, and a lot of people used to think I was gay. I suppose a lot of gay men thought that too?

      I never sat down and had any conversations with any of them about it. I was too busy having panic attacks. Faggots tried to screw me constantly as a young man. There is something about me that attracts faggots like bees to honey.

      I’m really sick and tired of them honestly, and I’ve had it up to here with queers and their bullshit for many years now. I could pretty much care less about what they do; I’m just pissed off at them for bothering me like that for so many years. Also a lot of them are very weird about how they go about their seduction, and it’s downright disturbing some of the shit they do. The stories I could tell you about the scams they tried to pull on me! Queers have their PUA/Game too, and they are just as devious about it as Roosh and Roissy and the rest.

      Now that I am older, they basically leave me alone thank God, but I also live in a town that is pretty much a Queer-Free Zone. Yay! Even here, I still get the odd queer bugging me now and again. I wonder what it would be like if I hung out in Frisco all the time?

      During this period of my life though, I pretty much had women and girls after me all the time too, so I wasn’t too worried. If it was only queers trying to screw me and never women, I think I would be pretty worried.

    2. In reference to the two queers discussed in this post, I was working in Beverly Hills at the time and I was spending a lot of my time in nightclubs in West Hollywood and Hollywood. My workplace was swarming with fags, semi-fags and whatevers. Disgusting. I did an informal survey and I decided that ~1/3 of the guys at my work were gay or bi. Also in that part of town, a lot of the “straight” men are not all that straight. It was basically groovy, hip and cool to be bisexual in that part of LA (Is it still?), and you would be amazed how many married men seemed to be also playing for the other team. It was downright disturbing.

      LA is gay as Hell. Especially that part around Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, Silverlake, Los Feliz and adjacent parts of LA like the Wilshire District, Olympic District, Beverlywood, etc

      I honestly think LA is gayer than Frisco. People have no idea how gay LA is. That place is allllll fagged out.

    3. The Cultural Left insist that queers have some secret bull called Gaydar that enables them to figure out who’s gay and who isn’t.

      You hear Cultural Left PC types saying this all the time: “Hey gay men have something called Gaydar you know. They are very good at figuring out who is gay and who isn’t if they regularly think you’re gay, then you probably are, because their Gaydar is seldom wrong.”

      That is the biggest steaming pile of load I’ve ever heard. I have no idea if their Gaydar works sometimes or not. Perhaps they can spot each other a fair amount of the time. I have no idea and I’m the wrong guy to ask. All I know is their stupid Gaydar has one of the highest failure and positive rates as any device known to man. It simply doesn’t work. It spots straight men as gay constantly. Not just me, I have had some other friends who went through the same stuff.

      Honestly, I think gay men really have no idea who the Hell is gay and who isn’t. Gays are only 3% of the population. I know if I were gay, I think it would be Hell. I mean one out 30 guys is gay if you are lucky, and how do you know who it is? If you just went after hot guys, you’d hit on straight guys all the time, and pretty soon you’d get a knuckle sandwich. I see why they move to gay communities where they don’t have to guess so much.

      I will say that a high percentage of gay men you see on the Net are pretty damn cool. There is a site called Datalounge, and I have been there a few times because they discuss a few topics that are interesting to me. All I have to say is there are two kinds of gay men:

      1. The PC Cultural Left Gay types, who are frankly the scum of the Earth and who lie constantly.
      2. Your average gay man, who could give a hoot about the Cultural Left screamers and their propaganda. A lot of these guys are surprisingly sane and sometimes they have the sanest views of any men out there on some subjects like masculinity, differences between straight, gay and bi men, how you can spot a gay or bi man, and all sorts of stuff. You will hear a brutal sanity from them that you don’t often hear from straight men.

      For instance, a lot of regular ordinary gays think that PC propaganda that “all homophobes are gay” and “the biggest homophobes are the biggest queers of all” is a bunch of crap. They have discussions about that on Datalounge, and they say, well, some homophobes are closet cases, yeah, but a lot of them are just assholes, often extremely masculine jerks who aren’t even 1% gay, and they really do just hate our guts.

      So even most gay men seem to think that the Cultural Left is full of it about homosexuality.

  5. Bowie was a famous rock star or pop star or whatever he was. Famous guys can usually get lots of women.

    I’d place more stock in your other examples. You should have included yourself.

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