Self-Delusion: The World of the Female

Most women don’t have the faintest idea what they are even doing half the time, and they certainly don’t know why they are doing it. If you ask them to explain themselves, you just get this wild hamstering and a whole bunch of outrageously contradictory statements, self-delusion and out and out lies. Which proves that they don’t have the faintest idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.

With most women, there is a vast disconnect between:

What they think they are doing (idealized worldview of special snowflake).

What they are actually doing (rather ugly truth and a lot of things not accepted by society, like being completely disreputable).

Why they think they are doing things (for the most elevated and pure motives).

Why they are actually doing things (often for base, animalistic, low, uncivilized, gutter or even evil motives).

This sort of craziness is lurking in many women, and it is why you often see such wildly contradictory statements and behaviors emanating from them.

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13 thoughts on “Self-Delusion: The World of the Female”

  1. Meh, I think it’s more like near constant ’emotional overwhelm’ which they then feel necessary to justify with ’emotional reasoning’ which only adds to the dumbfuckery.
    But hey, what would I know? I’m just a woman who has dealt with women in life & death situations most of her career.

    I suppose that is called “hamstering.”

    OTOH, if your mode in life is to follow your emotions as opposed to following reason and logic, I suppose you are going to be contradicting yourself all the time. Emotions are pretty senseless and they change all the time, and if your POV is based on your emotion du jour, your worldview is going to seem pretty all over the place.

    I don’t think women are evil for not following reason and logic. That’s just the way they are. They probably can’t even help it. You can’t blame someone for something they can’t even help.

    I don’t think either sex is evil or more evil than the other one. Actually if anything we men are probably way more evil than women.

    1. “Emotions are pretty senseless and they change all the time, and if your POV is based on your emotion du jour, your worldview is going to seem pretty all over the place.”
      That’s why there’s no sense of ‘self’ to these women. It would seem beneficial for women to not develop a ‘firm’ sense of self if you want them to bond with a male & his offspring- she will then identify & bond herself more readily with them.

      All right Evo Psych 101? You are saying that this may be evolutionary in that it is advantageous for females to lack a sense of identity so as to acquire one via the male she bonds with? And women do do this of course. They often adopt an identity and worldview based on the man they are with. I don’t particularly mind it as women who fall nuts in love with me pretty much do this WRT to me.

      Ok, it’s evolutionarily based, and therefore it makes sense and they are more or less off the hook. I am actually with you on this one.

      I thought hamstering was more like dissociative rationalization?

      Hamstering says that the female mind is like a hamster on a wheel. She will just justify whatever she is wants to do somehow or another. If she can’t justify it at the moment, she will run on the wheel until she comes up with some sort of a rationalization whereby it all makes sense and is ok.

      For instance, a woman wants to have an affair. Ok? So she gets really bitchy with him (this is normative behavior for a woman seeking an affair). Two ways for him to react.

      He become distant and cold = hamstering then justifies affair on the basis of “cold and distant husband.”


      He becomes clingy, pleading for her love and affection and baffled at why she is so mean = hamstering then justifies affair on the basis of pathetic, clingy, weak, pleading, wussy husband.


      He can’t win.

    2. Thank you for following with me on this stuff. I doubt if women are doing this deliberately because they’re evil, in fact, I doubt if they do much of anything deliberately at all! Women are blind. People who have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it can hardly be blamed for where they are going. It’s like blaming a blind person for walking into a wall.

      I assume this is just the way they are. I doubt if they are being evil on purpose. That’s something a man is more likely to do. 😉

  2. Maybe nothing really changed, others are just exploiting it more now?

    The people in their overwhelming majority are so feminine by nature and attitude that sober reasoning determines their thoughts and actions far less than emotion and feeling. Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 6: ‘War Propaganda.’
    This was written almost 80 years ago, but it sounds like what Beatrix just wrote, doesn’t it?

  3. I have been noticing this for some time now. I have actually had some gf’s like this, and I have had some clients who had wives like this. And yes, they do sort of act like Borderlines, but they function much too well to be actual Borderlines. They aren’t really classic Borderlines, but they are “Borderlinish.”

    I was wondering what exactly it is, other than Cluster B types.

    I haven’t the faintest idea what is causing this, but it’s definitely everywhere. If you haven’t run into one of these nuts yet, you will at some point.

    I think maybe this modern world is just driving women insane.

  4. As I’ve said elsewhere, I think that men and women are different mentally and emotionally for biological reasons. I think women are more emotional, sensitive, empathetic, interested in feelings and people and subjective while men are more logical and objective, more mechanical, more interested in the external, the sports, the hunt.

    These are complimentary differences, in that the strengths of one offsets or balances the weaknesses of the other.

    Empathy is extremely important and men really benefit from having the softness, the sensitivity and care of a woman in their life.

    Of course, women can be rational and men can be empathetic. But its which side is dominant or in which each is stronger.

    In my experience, women tend to be more emotional than men and their moods less even/ consistent than mens (which can be annoying) but they can be rational too and often are. Just as men can be emotional too. Your statements about women seem extreme to me, even though I think you are onto something.

    Maybe you’ve just lived longer or maybe you’ve dated the wrong women.

    Perhaps each could temper the excesses of their nature by cultivating some of the quality of the other. So men could make an effort to be more considerate of the feelings of their girlfriend; women could make an effort not to take their latest mood out on their man. For men, being more sensitive is called getting in touch with your feminine side….that makes a more well rounded individual.

    what else have I got to say? I remember Leonard Cohen saying about men and women something like that we are the content of each other’s lives. Men and women love as well as desire each other.

    1. I have dated maybe 200 women and girls in my life. I feel like I know women like the back of my hand. OTOH, that doesn’t make me right. Perhaps despite all that experience, I simply didn’t read them correctly. I would say it’s possible. I don’t believe it myself, but you never know.

    2. For men, being more sensitive is called getting in touch with your feminine side….that makes a more well rounded individual.

      Personally I do believe in that, and in fact I do it more because I’ve been doing it my whole life than because I actually want to. At age 57, it’s not so easy changing something you’ve been doing your whole life. I would go so far as to say that it might even be impossible.

      Problem is, you get in touch with your feminine side, and now guys are calling you faggot everywhere you go and even some idiot women, including your very own girlfriends are going to start insisting on your homosexuality. Not to mention all the wonderful horny new gay men pests you are going to be attracting like flies to honey. I don’t know. Maybe I am cynical. I guess I don’t see any upside to male androgyny anymore. If any man asked me, I would advise him not to go there. It’s just not worth it. Humans are too retarded and they just can’t cope with any sort of androgyny in males. Basically, they don’t get it. Women will be more ok with it than men (straight men are the most hopeless retards on Earth) but even there, you are going to have some problems.

      1. I’m not necessarily suggesting a guy should start acting outwardly more effeminate. People should just act natural and be true to themselves, I’d say. Whatever comes naturally to you, you know. I just suggested this because it made sense conceptually as I was thinking it through…

        Not one single person has called me a faggot in my entire adult life and in my day to day life strangers never insult me. There is a lot of bullying in school here but once you’re an adult, its not really like that. Sure there are problem individuals you might come across but most people are okay. Maybe its different where you are from or with the people you associate with but a lot of the time you make statements like that (“guys are calling you faggot everywhere you go”) which I don’t relate to and sound rather extreme. Honestly, that’s just not adult life in the UK.

        A lot of the above article seems hyperbolic or extreme to me….’women don’t know what they are doing half the time or why they are doing it’….don’t really get that, would need examples. Surely most of the time they are doing quite normal things for quite obvious reasons….??

        1. ’women don’t know what they are doing half the time or why they are doing it’

          Well most of the time they are doing rather ordinary things and of course they know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

          I suppose mostly what I am talking about here is the female sex drive and what turns them on and off about men. When you get down to that level, you get this incredible amount of self-delusion. Furthermore, women just lie to themselves a lot. The primary female defense is simply denial. Denial is number one, then fantasy. If you spend a lot of time around women, you will figure this out right quick. Their capacity for lying to themselves about unpleasant things is simply extraordinary.

          When I say self-contradiction, I gave some examples in recent articles. Redpillers say don’t pay any attention to what a woman says because she is full of shit a lot of the time. Often what a woman says:

          The way she wishes she was or the way she sees herself in her idealized version of the world.

          But just because she says that, it doesn’t mean that’s really what she wants because when it comes to men, she’s lying about what she wants half the time.

          Idealized view: I love nice guys. I want a nice, sensitive guy who can cry in front of me and be ok with that.

          Reality: I love bad boys and I have no idea whatsoever why I do. I despise nice, sensitive guys because they’re faggots and wimps and they disgust me. And if a man cried in front of me, I would feel nothing but contempt for him.

          For instance, a woman will say, “Men need to cry more! They don’t cry enough! Why don’t you cry! You’re like a rock!”

          Man thinks, wow I can cry in front my girlfriend, great, I can finally be myself.

          -> He cries in front of his gf next time he feels upset hoping she will feel sympathy for him.

          -> She feels nothing but disgust and contempt for him for crying in front of her, so much so that she soon leaves him.

          The more time you spend around women, the more you see this sort of cognitive dissonance ALL THE TIME.

          Don’t watch what a woman says, watch what she does. That’s the only thing that matters because what they say and what they do differ so much so frequently.

    3. That feminine side thing is deadly. People have said that I am gay maybe 100,000 times in my life. I mean I exaggerate but it seems like that. But in the last 20 years, maybe 5 times. OTOH, I don’t really hang out anymore. I pretty much dropped out of society. I assume if I jumped back into society, it might just start up all over again. I used to be really in favor of androgyny and having a feminine side and all of that, but my experience with that is that causes tremendous problems for not a heck of a lot of benefits.

      Here in the US, if you don’t act macho, you’re a faggot, period. All non-macho guys are fags. That’s just the way it is here if you ask me.

      I had some male friends whose only crimes were being soft, very good-looking (pretty) and sensitive and the reality of their lives was people were saying they were gay constantly. I honestly do not see the upside of this.

      In the US, people think all soft men are gay, full stop.

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