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  1. Well, they should as China’s cities are unbretheable. As far as South Korea goes, I don’t think it’s as widespread, but certain parts of Seoul are as gaseous as Mars.

    However, I think the most polluted city on Earth is still Mexico City.

  2. To Rob:

    Regarding clean coal in China — nice idea considering how plentiful coal is around globe and how many countries rely on it almost exclusively for power, China and India come to mind. However I know all of the US clean coal projects have been shut down as they were considered uneconomical or not able to scale.

  3. “Clean” coal uses a mercury substrate to make coal pollute the AIR less–but that just means trading air pollution for water pollution.

  4. To be fair, they skipped the annoying R&D costs by stealing tech from America, and they’re more willing to experiment with new tech than we are.

    Yes, we had our dirty industrial phase, but isn’t the whole idea of stealing our tech so they can SKIP the mistakes we made, rather than repeat them on a far larger scale?

    As to spending more money on “clean” energy, it’s easy for them because the whole Civilized World is throwing truckloads of money at them for cheap mass-produced disposable goods!

    China is where we were in the 1950s, with the added benefit of money pouring in from outside, and being able to steal tech from outside!

    I see no signs yet of a “Chinese Guilt” movement making them break themselves down like we did!

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