National Cliteracy Campaign

Ad campaign for cliteracy.
Ad campaign for cliteracy.
Please support everyone. It’s a great cause. Everyone should learn how to read a love map. Let’s make this a national campaign. Here is a sample of some of the cliteracy materials we are using in our cliteracy classes.

Some fun facts about the clit.

  • The clitoris contains at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings. To put that into perspective, the penis has about 4,000.
  • Only one quarter of the clitoris is visible. The rest of it is inside the body.
  • The clitoris and penis are the same materials put together in a different way. The clitoris has a glans, a foreskin (also known as the hood), erectile tissue and a teeny-tiny shaft. It even swells when it’s aroused!
  • By the time a woman is 32 years old, the clitoris will be almost four times as big as it was at the onset of puberty.
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42 thoughts on “National Cliteracy Campaign”

  1. I believe that an awareness campaign is far more necessary upon “assteenthroat” which is a principle fundamental to the male orgasam. There appears to be an alarming degree of ignorance and lack of acceptance of the principle, especially amoungst many of the female gender.

  2. “By the time a woman is 32 years old, the clitoris will be almost four times as big as it was at the onset of puberty.”
    LOL yeah. I licked a 13yo once and her clit was so small it was like an apple pip. Having 8000 nerve endings packed into that tiny little area must’ve made it incredibly sensitive.

  3. Given that many consider the clitoris to be essentially an underdeveloped penis, I shall redouble my efforts to fully understand how to navigate away from it. Pre-Op transsexuals on hormones since puberty also have such a small underdeveloped penis. Statistics upon the number of nerve endings in it would not entice me in the very slightest to fiddle around with it. There are some basic design flaws in human beings. In men for example, the scrotum. Let’s face it, it is a repulsive wrinkly bag made of spare elbow skin. I would not expect girls to place any significant amount of attention towards it. Similarly, there is the mistake of nature in women of retaining this underdeveloped penis type thing.

    1. Its not a mistake..its the source of a great deal of pleasure and the surest way to an orgasm. Avoiding it is selfish. Just don’t think of it as an underdeveloped penis. That’s kinda gross i gotta admit.

          1. You are obviously a step ahead of me in subtlety here. I was simply adding a comical twist to the famous children’s story of little red riding hood.

  4. Nothing wrong with meat drapes I think its better to have something bigger then a pea to chew on during a marathon. I remember marathons that lasted so long my lower teeth cut my tongue. But a good soldier always marches on.

    1. In days gone by, when I used to go out chasing in bars and nightclubs, one of my opening conversation lines, in the hope of getting a laugh, was to say to a girl that I would just love to kiss her passionately on the lips, but found it really awkward, because she was wearing jeans. Only used to be effective fifty percent of the time though, cos the other times the girl would just look at me not understanding, then one of her friends would typically expain it to her, in a hand clasped whisper. Then there might be a shocked expression that followed. Things with a light degree of humour are never effective when it has to be explained.

    2. Childbirth can do some horrendous things to a woman,s body. The tendency in modern western society of not staying through difficult times with a partner where there are children from a relationship, realistically presents a bigger problem to women than to men, in terms of being able to ” move on in life” after a break up. Men tend to have a longer valid ” shelf life ” on the singles scene, which might be unfair, but something that most would admit to. Also, not many single men look for a woman with children, not just because they are an imposed family, but also because of the toll that childbirth takes. In generations gone by, people did not tend to divorce. These days, a single woman with children has a difficult task to start afresh, as she is a mother of children, rather than a sexy girl. Despite my ” lad ” type perspective upon life, I have a degree of empathy with relatively young single mothers who are looking for another stable relationship, cos I don’t think they necessarily find it easy. I find it however, a little more difficult to extend empathy when the girl in question, purposely looked for a complete asshole to start with, then complains that he treated her as such. One of the things I like about Asian girls, is that they see an asshole for being an asshole, and are usually quite verbal about trying not to end up with one. There are those however for whom this is irrelevant, because they engage in transactionl liaisons. The girl in the typical western nightclub who Is abusive to any genuinely pleasant bloke because he is not an asshole, is so obviously of such a higher distinction of character.

  5. In the UK there is a saying that ” if they are out of school, then they are old enough”
    Be wary of such advice, given that school finishes at 4.00pm.

  6. Odd things that I found about girls from different areas of the world.
    I,be been with quite a few black African women, and many of those from Eritrea have had the item in question removed. Upon meeting them, you need to ask, ” have you had the starting button for the woman removed” their usual response is to fold up laughing, and then to give an honest answer. They tell me that it is more likely for girls who come from rural areas. I have also found that girls from very remote rural villages in Nigeria sometimes get tod by their mothers never to let a man do them in the ass, because it will prevent them from ever being able to get pregnant. This Could possibly have originated from the fact that pitting the pink after the brown can cause infection leading to sterility. Girls in the Philipines ( none of whom do it in the tradesman,s entrance ) are quite open and forward when you meet them about advising that they are a ” Cherry girl” if they are a virgin.

  7. One other thing that is rarely put into print, for fear of being accused of racism, is that Black women havea natural odor that is different to non black women. It is quite vile and naeseating if very distinct. This is the main thing that I find to be offputting about black girls. I will probably get lots of abusive return comments about this, but it is a very common observation amoungst men who have been with black women.

    1. Ronnie, What kind of ” Chocolate Pussy” have you been eating ? Black women have had to live with the ”Stinky-Stigma” since the days of slavery. The Great White Masters used to make them soak in big tubs of perfumed bath water,to rid them of the musk. American Black women are the cleanest, sweetest,best smelling women in the world ! They hate all women who stink ! So they religiously primp and, preen and, wash. least they be accused of being musky ! I know women of all races who stink,but not American black women.

        1. The odour is far more distinct in some than in others and it does not specifically emanate from the pussy. Perhaps it has something to do with diet, only guessing here. African food commonly consumed perhaps has something distinct about it. Perhaps it has nothing to do with that though. I have had the misfortune to have experienced a few Caucasian women with dubious personal hygiene, and whilst I do not want to dwell upon the memory, it was expected unpleasant body odour. That of black African women is very, very, distinct and different.

      1. Well the inevitable back lash starts, I knew that it would. That,s the reason no one who has ever experienced the very, very,very distinct and different odour of Black women never put it into print but limit it to verbal comments upon the observation. It is not my fault that they have a distinct odour. Also, I have absolutely no idea where you came up with the American Nlack woman thing. I was talking about African women.

  8. Another very, very odd thing is that if you go to the Philipines, you will find a small minority of people who have Negro features, but who are not black. Their skin tone does not look philipines Asian either. On fact a little whiter. When I questioned the origins of these people, no one seemed to be able to explain, other than to say, that it was a vert long time ago and no one knows where they came from originally, or at least, that,s what I got told. Mind you, philipines will also tell you to be frightened of ghosts, that an old man can change himself into a fierce dog and that on one specific island, people have tails like monkeys. Anyone who has been to the Philipines soon becomes aware that a large percentage of the population believes, very seriously, in this kind of crap. Mind you, is it any worse than a belief in the holy ghost? Perhaps not.

    1. They are called negrito people.
      This is from the wiki article about them:
      “Genetically, Negritos are the most distant human population from Africans at most loci studied thus far (except for MC1R, which codes for dark skin).
      They have also been shown to have separated early from other Asians, suggesting that they are either surviving descendants of settlers from an early migration out of Africa, commonly referred to as the Proto-Australoids or Negroids, or that they are descendants of one of the founder populations of modern humans”

      1. And according to this:
        ‘In spite of their Negroid appearance, all scholars reject the theory that their ancestors came from Africa. Rather, the accepted theory today is that Philippine Negritos are descendants of groups of Homo sapiens who migrated into the Philippines during the Upper Pleistocene from mainland Southeast Asia, and subsequently developed their phenotypic traits in situ, through processes of microevolution, some 25,000 years ago.’

          1. Yea, not sure that everyone is totally convinced about the all ancestors from Africa thing. I could believe that Neanderthal came fom Glasgow.

          2. Sorry, should have explained the Neanderthal from Glasgow connection. Primarily the language still spoken, in modern times. Also some behavioural traits, such as the instinctive continued use of crude sharp weapons under circumstances where territory is threatened by someone not of the tribe inadvertently wandering into the wrong area, or when protecting food.

        1. Before anyone sends me hate mail about my posting on Neanderthal from Glasgow, it might be worth pointing out that I originate from that area myself and the comments were made in jest. It is a character trait of the Scots that they like to make fun of themselves. Billy Connoly for example

        2. You’re wrong. EVERYBODY is TOTALLY CONVINCED. This is the final word in the matter.
          I was living in Manchester during the Rangers Invasion of 2008 for the UEFA cup final. They were like a horde of barbarians. Lets face it, there is something aggressive and intimidating about the Glaswegian accent even on a librarian, never mind a drunk football fan with his blood up. Add the tribal aspect of a football crowd and alcohol and wow. Mad fuckers.

          1. Oh boy, I am really sorry I started this, given that it was me who kicked off with the neanderthals from Glasgow jest. Having lived in that area for about twenty years, I can advise that the vast majority of Glaswegian people are amoungst the friendliest and most engaging people that you could possibly meet anywhere. Unfortunately however, there is,and has been for generations, a very small proportion of the population who are the complete opposite and who are the most frightening, violent human beings on the planet. There are many instances of people being stabbed, or having their faces slashed with a razor, just because some lunatic decided to do it, as you were quietly walking past him in the street. This however represents a very, very small minority who are the exact opposite of the vast majority of unbelievably friendly people. Whist on the subject of Glasgow, it is much underrated as a city. It was around the 1700,s the most affluent city in europe and as a result is full of wonderful arcitecture. It was also revered as a centre of education, it’s University being very old and respected as being amoungst the foremost for a very, very, long time ( thats hundreds of years, for those who reside across the pond). The affluence was due to Money from the slave trade and tobacco industries, where owners resided in the Gasgow area, as well as heavy industry.

          1. I regard my self, first and foremost as British, and come from Scotland. Most people from Scotland have traditionally, historically, thought this way. I am currenly located outside of the UK and have not registered for a postal ballot, so won’t be voting.

      2. None of the people in the photos in your link looked like the people I saw in the philipines, they were, for lack of a more appropriate expression, tending towards albino negro.

  9. Another thing that used to surprise me is that girls tend to fall into two distinct categories. Those who are extremely sharp and clever, and who typically are about ten steps ahead of the average bloke, and then there are girls who are as thick as fuk. I tend to find though that the first category far outweigh the second.

  10. Robert Carlisle,s characture. Yup, that kind of hits the nail on the head ( probably via a Glasgow kiss) and accurately depicts the type of behaviour of a small mindless minority, so unrepresentative of the rest.

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