There Are One Million Terrorists in America

Good, hard, solid, scientific evidence:

The No Fly List is different from the Terrorist Watch List, a much longer list of people said to be suspected of some involvement with terrorism. The Terrorist Watch List contained around 1,000,000 names by March 2009.

Yeah right. There are a million terrorists in the United States. LOL! Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?!

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33 thoughts on “There Are One Million Terrorists in America”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fuck the United States! There isn’t a week that goes by where my wife doesn’t talk about leaving it. If we could afford it we would.

    1. Krugman recently mentioned the housing bubble might be set to burst in the Great White North. Might be REAL affordable soon.

      1. Canada does not allow foreigners to move to their country, unbelievable as that may sound. There is a special hoop you have to jump through, if you get to at all – that you have some successful business you can convince the Canadian gov. would contribute economically to their country.

    1. Polititians, lawyers, used car salesman. All the same. Its economical terrorism. A lawyer contributes nothing GNP but averages a wage that is ten times average. Seems alot in a field where common sense should reign.

        1. Global climate change is a fact. The rebulicans here have buried thier heads in the sand and don’t believe the that triple digit temps for hundreds of days in a row, freak snow storms, or glacier melt back don’t mean a thing. When china adds 100,000,000 drivers to their roads every year the co2 emissions have quadrupalled yearly. For every 1 million scientist collecting data there is 1 sponsored by petrolium industry to lie and say we just don’t know. Well the seas have risen 14 inches in the last 100 years and there are several places globally that no longer exist above water. I’m going to go with the 1 million that say we are fucking up the environment. By dumping 100s of million of tons of co2 Dailey into it.

        2. Nominay- We certainly aren`t doing the world any favours with emmissions etc which is why the big goverments refuse to sign the Kyoto treaty however the whole climate change B.S. is all about controlling us all and making us pay more taxes etc ie yet another scam to force us under more laws. If climate change was true how come there has been no global warming in 19 years ? it has remained stagnant. How come there Polar sea ice has EXPANDED by 1 million square miles ? The whole thing including Al Gore`s views are false and sensationalist to control us, exactly the same as 9/11 etc etc
          By the way this information is not from me, it is from a man called Patrick Moore co founder of a little organisation called Greenpeace.

        3. That stagnant for 19 years is probably not true. I would have to look it up. The Polar Sea expanding is probably also not true, but if ice is melting, of course the water will be expanding.
          Most of those fancy little lines from the deniers can be checked out. We have to track them all down and it is a pain and takes up a lot of time, but it has to be done because these types just churn out the lies all the time.

      1. The very people I wouldn`t listen to is everyone else as if that was the case I would believe that a certain Mr Oswald shot a certain Mr Kennedy. Herd following has never been my thing, I have too much experience in the military to do that, I suggest you have a look at David Icke`s website, if you can get over the lizard thing there is a lot of information which is far more believable than what the ` sheeple ` believe.

        1. It’s not sheep mentality, it’s common sense based on observations, basic understanding of how the environment works, knowledge of science and facts, and findings that 98 to 99 percent of thes cientific community agree on. I don’t even think it’s 98 percent, last I checked it seemed to be 99.

        2. There`s a lot of grant money etc by following the herd, Cambridge University was busted a few years ago lying about its results on climate change as was one of the Suffolk Universitys, any scientist who disagrees meets the same scathing attitude that people who have studied the JFK assassination and 9/11 receive ie they`re all bonkers! blah blah blah, My two degrees and my military experience taught me to analyse facts and figures and not automatically follow the herd. A few years ago a French scientist ( I think it was ) studied and proclaimed about meteorites and people told him it was impossible as there are no stones in the sky! Flat Earth society anyone ? ; )

        3. P.S. I suggest we leave this subject for another day as we are clearly not going to agree and it`s also off from the original subject, cheers.

        4. I wish you were right, but unfortunately we can’t be too concerned about the environment. We can’t be concerned enough about it.
          So at what point of massive change do you think mankind has to make before it effects the Earth?

        5. the ice has not expanded except for a winter change. winter ice has depleted every year for the past twenty. ski resorts loose more money every years because of less and less snow. most are resorting to making thier own snow.

        6. The thing about Cambridge University being busted for lying is simply not true. Scientist types simply do not cook books. You cannot do that in science. It is called scientific fraud, and your career is over when you do that. I forget what the controversy was about, I think it was about which models to use, and some were coming up for different things than others were. The whole hoax got busted a while back. The deniers just cooked it up. You gotta realize that almost everything rightwingers say is a lie. They almost never say anything true. Never seen a bigger bunch of liars and distorters in my life.
          I do not know about Suffolk, but that is probably a lie too, as that guy’s career would be through if he were engaging in scientific fraud.
          My qualifications for saying this: I publish in academic journals and academic books, my stuff goes through peer review and I peer review articles myself. Scientific fraud even works in my field, but there is almost none of it.

      2. Latest just in A neuroscientist ( Dr Cory Toth ) from University of Calgary resigns after an investigation found his team was manipulating data on research into diabetes, ALS, and dementia. As a result nine studies authored by Toth have had to be retracted. They were published in prestigious medical journals such as Neurosciences, Neurobiology of Disease, Brain, Diabetes, and Molecular pain, and retraction notices have been posted stating ” Portions of the data were not performed properly and represent manipulation. Hmmmmmm………………….

        1. lots of money in the medical industry. so scientists sponsored by republicans lied about research. those in the environmental field sponsored by republicans are also lying. from global warming to rock fracturing the paid for lies are many. still 99 percent of the worlds scientists have excepted global warming as fact. period.

  2. I don’t think people have real control over their future, so they should turn to religion, but not the violent type.

  3. Well what I certainly know is that even if they do let you on the planes, the TSA will treat you almost like a potential suspect (though with nice middle-class white tourists like me they’ll be polite about it). This may be because I wasn’t a US citizen, but when I went to Florida a couple of weeks back, I even had my fingerprints taken on entering the US. Hint: at least where I come from, traditionally fingerprints were only taken from suspeced criminals. Apparently British airport security do it too, but I managed to ge let of with just a photograph, and at least the airport had the good grace to inform you that it would be destroyed within 24 hours in accordance with the Data Protection Act and only pass your details to law enforcement if they have probable cause. Don’t recall that in the US even if they have similar. There’s also the body scanner where you’re supposed to adopt what one American guy I know refers to as a “surrender” pose- probably means nothing but the allusion is uncanny.

  4. So what makes a terrorist according to Uncle Sam? If it has a broader meaning of just being someone outside of the normal Demopublican/ conservative-liberal ideological divide, I take it a neo-Nazi or a commie can be considered terrorist as well. I mind’s as well be a terrorist too,seeing I happen to be a third position neo-socialist/distributionist kind of person.

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