0 thoughts on “The Values of America Are Freedom and Democracy!”

    1. ROFL!
      Coming from a British agent knowing full-well England has been training and arming Arab terrorists since the fifties. Here is a joke;
      Guy cuts off two journalists heads…
      He is,
      A. An Arab jihadist
      B. An Arab nationalist who believes in an Theocratic Islamic State
      C. A British-born Arab rapper who works for MI6, MI5 and Israeli Mossad
      D. A total unknown factor
      Ask yourself, “How can England’s intelligence services already know his name, know his politics, allowed him to travel to Syria AND know the general location where he is beheading Americans BUT cannot do a thing to stop this dastardly diabolical mastermind of evil?”
      Then ask yourself, “How did the United States get detailed dossiers on every single member of Al Qaeda so that immediately after 9/11 they had a playing-card deck complete with pictures AND …the DNA.”
      How’d they get DNA?
      Oh wait, snap, the Yemeni U.S. Consulate admitted they were issuing visas to the, “terrorists” to travel to America before 9/11 and they must have asked for skin and semen samples.

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