What Do You Think of Finland?

Personally, I think they were Finnish before they even started, but maybe it’s just me.

I think James Joyce wrote a great book about them too, but it may as well have been written in Finnish for all I understood of it.

Any of the rest of you?

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0 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Finland?”

  1. The Finns seem to be very much like the Swedes, except that they drink more. The Finns and the Swedes, just like the Hungarians and the Slovaks, are an example of 2 peoples whose languages are poles apart but whose cultures are very similar. Are you aware of 2 peoples which have very similar languages but very different cultures?

  2. Hindi and Urdu, Gaguaz/Urum and Turkish, Ukrainian and Russian, Belorussians and Poles, Finns and Karelians, Serbs, Croats and Bosnians, French and Haitians, Portuguese and Brazilians, Spaniards and Guatemalans, Lebanese and Saudis, Puerto Ricans and Argentines.

    1. Are you referring to the use of the Finnish language? The Finns view themselves historically as the most ancient of northern peoples (along with Sami and other Uralic speaking peoples) that at one point stretched from Norway to Yakust. Germanic and Slavic cultural influence only fairly recently (~3000 years and less for others) impinged upon the ice age northern Eurasian populations. Y haplogroup I1 shows strongly in rural Germanic speaking populations and in Finnic/Samic ones in Fenno-Scandinavia, postulated to show an original indigenous Finnic-Samic element. Place names across Scandinavia also show these Finnic/Samic characteristics specifically in northern areas. In Russia and Baltics Y haplogroup N1c1 shows prominent, especially in Northeatstern areas. It is known the Rurik dynasty was of this Y haplogroup. This Y haplogroup has highest frequencies in Finland and even higher in Siberian Uralic populations, such as Samoyeds. This shows a significant makeup of indigineous Caucasian “Europeans” which likely was some kind of Uralic still exists in populations that have since turned to Indo-European languages. I believe it likely that the original indigineous “white” colored Europeans with non brown eyes and fair hair was composed of Finnic genetic stock or at the very least Uralic. That’s right white boys! If you really wanna get back to the basics in all reality you are a reindeer hunting and riding, mushroom eating, shaman drumming Finn or Sami! How about that all you fat American slurppy sipping cinema watchers?
      It’s interesting as Finns have this idea that we or our direct ancestors were among the original ones on the northern parts of the Eurasian continent, but we have a complex about talking about this. Maybe it’s just due to recent Slavic domination. (Almost all of of Northern Russia was Finnic within last 1000 years) Along with our creepy need to feel accepted and part of the West when we are clearly culturally not (at least in non urban areas but again this is out of fear of Russian cultural domination) Unfortunately we have just replaced that with American cultural domination and that’s an absolute disaster.

    2. Hindi and Urdu
      Hindi and Urdu are the same language. One is peppered with slightly more Farsee words, but they are the same language. And the people who speak them share similar cultural traits and traditions.

  3. It snows almost every month of the year
    Snowed in June over the entire country
    Its freaking cold
    But we love it
    We drink a lot
    We like Sauna baths and reindeer steak after it
    We just love nature, our freaking cities look like a big park
    Interestingly enough there is a fairly large split in Finland between conservative capitalist urbanites that are pro EU and pro NATO and pro whatever cultural movement is coming out of America such as gay marriage, and very anti Russia (not that surprising considering our history) the party that represents this is called in English the National Coalition. They are currently the head of the government right now and its a total fiasco. Russian sanctions are killing us, even though these guys deny it in the media. The other side of society is the left wing working class and rural people. Its is extremely traditional (Old Europe) and oriented left wing economically. The majority of these people are against gay marriage, against EU, and against NATO, even though the capitalist elite is trying to shove it down our throat in the media nonstop. The rural people especially are pro – Putin and extremely anti America/EU. Major parties among this group are Social Democrats, Centre Party (formerly Rural Party) and True Finns party.
    The redviking talked about the Finnish language and race a bit, its true we are a very old people and have been around for time immemorial. The rural farmers, reindeer herders and woodsmen are likely some of the most traditional people in Europe. Especially when it comes to cultural values. Its a stark opposite in the urban areas. There is a stark urban – rural split in Finland.
    FYI Robert, I believe the Russian Revolution started in Vyborg or in Finnish Viipuri, which was part of Finland at the time. We have always had a hardcore left wing segment of society, but its different because everybody is so traditional culturally, unlike what you would see among leftists in France, UK or America.
    Hope that helps

    1. Thanks for the interesting post. The central Asian connection in Finland – linguistic, genetic, and cultural (memes such as the original runic swastika or whatever it was called before the Nazis rotated it 45 degrees) – is fascinating. American “leftists” would blow fuses if they knew how widespread the perception of their touchstone issues, gay marriage, has become as a sign of cultural imperialism.

      1. ” American “leftists” would blow fuses if they knew how widespread the perception of their touchstone issues, gay marriage, has become as a sign of cultural imperialism.”
        Those are “rightist” issues in Finland.

    2. I generally don’t find many northern Europeans attractive, but I have met some very beautiful looking Finnish women and men.

  4. My friend told me that two Finnish women offered him a threesome and that in Finnish culture, the women are more forward and pro-active in hooking up with men. I don’t know if its true.

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