MH17 – The Silence of the Liars

The Dutch report on MH17 is out today. As I suspected, it is a complete whitewash. Worse than that, it is an attempt to frame Russia and the rebels. Looking at the conclusions, I do not think there is a single true sentence in this entire report. The lies probably start with the first sentence and end with the last one. Truly pitiful.

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0 thoughts on “MH17 – The Silence of the Liars”

  1. Pitiful commentary here – shallow in analysis, insensitive to victims and paranoid in tenor. What’s with the defacement of Obama? That’s very juvenile and petty.

    1. Look I am banning you. We are some of the few people on Earth trying to get to the bottom of this mess to figure out who did it.
      Obama is part of a massive lie campaign to frame the rebels and the Russians for this trajedy. The truth is that the plane was shot down on purpose by the Ukrainian government, possibly with US help, in order to frame the Russians and rebels. False flag attack.
      Now piss off.

      1. Pathetic response! You are as thin skinned as a wet tissue and yet purport to be an intellectual engaging in robust investigation and debate. What a fraud. Don’t bother responding. I rather take a call from a telephone marketer from Mumbai.

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