Fake Investigative Citizen Journalist Site

Belling Cat.
Poses as these cool, hipster, young guys, investigative reporters, anti-society, anti-establishment, renegades, muckrackers, derring-do reporters risking it all to get to the bottom of things and find out the real truth.
That site was very confusing. They actually fooled me for a little bit until I said wait a minute.
Turns out that every one of their deep, undercover, cutting edge investigations is mostly just a sausage factory of disinformation supporting the US government/CIA Lie Du Jour.
I am not sure if there is even a true sentence on that whole website, never mind a true article. Every piece on there just reads like “the voice of the CIA.” It’s full of all of these gung-ho young reporters, apparently well-paid, and the fancy site has no visible means of support whatsoever. Nor do they ask for donations. Who pays to keep the site running? Who pays the reporters?
As far as I can tell, that whole site is nothing but CIA. I assume everyone there works for The Agency in some way or other. There’s no other explanation for it.

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