New MH17 Revelations

Here. The latest charges. This is very interesting, but I have nothing to add to that. To my knowledge, this is the only time a Buk missile has been seen in the hands of either the rebels or the Russians. The rebels have no Buks. They seized four of them, but they are worthless as they were disarmed by the Nazis before they were seized. You can’t fire a missile that has a hole in it. This is the only reference I have ever seen to the Russians having a Buk missile in the Ukraine. Yes, there are Russian forces there, and yes, they have a lot of equipment, but I have never heard a report of even a single Buk. Why is it that the only reference to a Buk appearing on the rebels’ side is a Buk that mysteriously shows up right before the plane shootdown and then mysteriously vanishes right afterwards? What’s the point? The Russians moved the Buk into Novorussia solely to shoot down a jet and then moved it back to Russia. What sense does that make? Why would they do that? There are many problems with this story other than that this is the first and only reported Buk ever seen in rebel territory. Let’s assume that this crazy story is true. If the Russians did not shoot down the jet on purpose, then let us say shot it down accidentally. You have to train on a Buk system for a very long time. Furthermore, it has more than a missile. It also has a number of other components, including a truck with radar on it. There is no way on Earth that a trained Buk crew of the Russian army would ever shoot down a passenger jet by accident. Not possible. Ever. The article says that the jet appears to have been hit by a missile of the Buk type. That is a complete lie. The only experts who have given interviews have said that there was no indication whatsoever that the jet had been hit by a ground missile. Zero. None. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not there. Forget it. Instead they said what they noticed was that the cockpit was shot up by what looked like a machine gun. That could only have come from the Nazi fighter that was tailing the jet. Furthermore, the Russians have photos showing five Nazi Buks near the site of the shootdown at the time. Their radar was very active for days before the shootdown, getting more active every day. On the day of the shootdown, the radar was the most active of all. The only radar operating in the area at the time of the shootdown was coming from a Nazi Buk crew. After the shootdown, the radars became much less active. One of the five Nazi Buks was placed near the edge of rebel territory. The day after the shootdown, this Buk was moved back to its original position. The Russians have a video, which I have seen, that shows a Buk on Nazi territory right before the launch. The video also shows the Buk launching a missile at the same time that the jet went down. The images come from a satellite, and the resolution is so clear that it can be seen that the Nazis manning the Buk are wearing Ukrainian uniforms. The latest thinking is that the Nazi Buk launch was supposed to take down the jet, but it missed. Then Plan B was put into effect, which was for the fighter tailing the jet to shoot down the jet. It did, first with a missile that blew up the engine – fighter missiles are heat-seeking missiles – and then with a 30mm gun that shot up the cockpit from both sides. This was the theory of the Malaysian experts who released their report blaming the Nazis for shooting down the jet. They said there were three attacks – first a Buk launch that missed, second a fighter missile that blew up the engine, and third a 30mm cannon that shot up the cockpit. I am not sure what to make of this latest revelation, but I am quite certain that an innocent explanation will be found for it sooner rather than later.

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