Jack the Ripper Finally Identified

Amazing if it holds up to scrutiny, and I think it will. Anti-Semites on the blog may wish to note that Jack the Ripper was definitely a Jew. Now knock yourselves out, guys. Polish-born Jew Aaron Kominski, hairdresser, has been revealed by DNA evidence found on the shawl of one of his victims to be the Ripper. The 126 year old DNA was a match for a current descendant of Kominski’s. Kominski was always considered to be one of the three most viable suspects. He is thought to have been mentally ill, possibly a paranoid schizophrenic with auditory hallucinations. He had a strong misogynistic streak. He lived in the Whitechapel neighborhood. Kominski was later committed to a mental hospital. The case is not 10

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19 thoughts on “Jack the Ripper Finally Identified”

  1. Nowhere near Robert, it was a group of people who used coaches to kill the women in hence the lack of blood. My great great grandfather lived in Whitechapel and knew Mary Kelly, he saw the coaches outside her place. The nearest film to the truth is From Hell with Johnny Depp starring, I have studied this subject very intensely and the film is about 80% of the truth.

    1. Cheers Sonjia! I too support the Gull hypothesis, but not, alas, because of any supposed magnetism of Johnny Depp, rather, I think we must fall back upon the quite tired but nonetheless true Holmesian quip that — once everything else has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, is the real deal. Cheers!

      1. The best book which explains all the anomalies ie the lack of blood at the scenes, Mary Kelly being seen the morning after her supposed murder, the connection between most of the victims ( four of the five knew each other ) etc etc etc is The Ripper and the Royals by Melvyn Fairclough.

        1. Fairclough’s book was, and I’m certain this won’t surprise you Sonjia, routinely, erm, ripped by the critics. Be that as it may, Gull is still the best fit for Jack’s malevolent coat. Cheers!

        2. Maurice – It was also banned once which sort of proves it! Pressure was put on Fairclough to deny his own book which should tell you something. Gull it is most definitely was ( with others as part of a wider conspiracy ) as they weren`t ` ripped ` but cut with the skill of a surgeon, a kidney and a uterus was expertly taken out of two of the victims, all whilst supposedly being in the street ! Also interestingly the official papers were put on 100 rule! ie not allowed to be seen until that amount of years later, which shows that it was indeed someone very important and not some muppet like Kosminsky.

  2. A misogynistic hairdresser. That is funny.
    I am thinking that DNA evidence on a shawl owned by a victim is a stretch. He WAS a hairdresser. Maybe he drooled on her while practicing his profession. There could be a number of ways that his DNA got on a shawl.
    If the DNA was lifted from a layer of semen, saliva and blood on the corpse (not shawl, corpse) of the victim, I would then agree we had found the Ripper. Now, not so much.

    1. Shawl was apparently his, not hers. There were blood stains all over the shawl.
      Two DNA matches were found on stains on the shawl. One was found 5 times, and they all matched a descendant of the victim. The other was a semen stain, and it matched Kominski. He was long listed as one of the three most likely suspects.
      I say slam dunk.

      1. The piece of shawl left behind was from the victim Catherine Eddowes next to a chalk written message ” The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing ” the piece fitted her shawl exactly and has long since been destroyed as have most of the things connected to the case. To state it was Kosminski or indeed anybody else you have to explain how only a tiny bit of blood was left on the ground and surrounding despite them mostly ( except one victim who only had her throat cut ) being disembowelled whilst still alive ? hmmmm……….

  3. No chance, the shawl isn`t even the real one! The provenance is only that the previous owner allegedly said it was taken by a police officer who worked on the case! which is twaddle, there is also no d.n.a. sample left from the victim and no d.n.a. sample from Kosminski, it`s as likely to be the solution as the numerous men who wore ` Patterson`s Bigfoot suit` I have studied all the original files in the Records library and again ” there was not enough blood on the ground of victims to fill up a small wine glass ” That quote comes from the Police Inspector Aberline who was in charge of the case and also from the Police Surgeon.
    Slam dunk ? me thinks indeed knows not.

  4. I always thought it will be a jew, only jews can be deranged human killers,Non Jews have some consciousness,which a jew lacks
    I think its biological, a jew is biologically different to rest of human race…

  5. Figures. Jews always proclaim themselves to have no hangups about sex but have you noticed they’re widely involved in some really perverted shit. Kinsey the supposedly “Great Magnificent” Jew who was going to solve all our uptight anal Goyish problems. Here’s another view of him, “…Alfred Kinsey, Jewish father of the sexual revolution. Kinsey was a homosexual, a pedophile, and a madman…”
    I’m laughing my ass off as I read this. The Jews are joke. They have no business telling anyone how to live. Kinsey used to let kids be molested by convicts. OH the light of nations!!!
    What about that other great redeemer of ALL! Wilhelm Reich. Little Wil used to love to sneak around and listen to his mother being fucked. He obsessed about fucking her himself. He masturbated so much he damaged his sex organs but never you mind. We only need listen to these bundles of Joy and Light and WE WILL BE SAVED. Hallelujah! Here’s a picture of the triumphant Wil. Wil be PRAISED! We must all follow him.
    A large majority of the choke women on cock til they puck then slap them as hard as you can are put out by the Jews. Maybe that’s the key. Forget game…just choke them til they puke, then slap them. Listen to your Jewish masters and you will never go wrong. WATCH TV!
    That was fun!

    1. From biography.com:
      “He (Kinsey) was the oldest of three children in a devout Methodist family. Alfred Kinsey’s mother described her firstborn son as, “shy and soft spoken.””

      1. “He was a good boy”…Where have I heard that?
        A thought that just came to my mind; have any of you ever read “The Bad Seed”?
        Every one should read this. I read it when I was very young and really didn’t understand it. The girls motivation wasn’t clear to me, in my own understanding of what was proper behavior. Now I understand.

  6. Sam and Matt what does Jewish have to do with Jack the ripper ? as they weren`t Jewish which you would know if you had bothered studying it you idiots!!!

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