Hilary Clinton, Republican

There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how low she will stoop. She has also proved herself to be a 100% dyed in the wool neocon. She’s more hawkish than Barak Obomber. As a young woman, she protested against the Vietnam War. Then she sat on Congressional subcommittee that drew up articles of impeachment for mass murderer Richard Nixon.
One of the charges against him was his secret bombing campaign in Cambodia that killed 500,000 people and directly led to the radicalization of the Khmer Rouge and their genocidal takeover of the country. The man who ran that bombing campaign? Hilary’s hero, Henry Kissinger, the man she lauds as promoting “values-driven foreign policy.” Sure he promotes a values driven foreign policy. The values of a psychopath. Apparently sociopath Hilary Clinton thinks a psychopathic foreign policy is the way to go. She would.

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  1. Hillary claims she voted for the Iraq War, not believing Bush would botch it.
    Anybody is a fool who believes this longstanding sold-out wench would have cared WMDs weren’t found…or lied about in the first place as they were….had there been no insurgency and a quick victory resulted, with pro-Israel stooge puppet installed. She woulda loved it, woulda traveled to Tel Aviv to celebrate.
    That was the neocon plan and that was her plan.

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