The Media in a Fascist State

As Uygur further explained: “All the large media conglomerates have some tie to getting contracts from the government. Whether Comcast needed approval for a merger, or GE needed a defense contract, every one of those giant corporations needs something from the government. So it’s become a synergistic environment—Comcast gives the government something, the government gives Comcast something else.
“The implicit message is: Don’t rock the boat, and keep the gravy train coming,” Uygur said.

The best definition of a fascist state is a state in which the state and the large corporations are merged into a single entity whereby you can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins. The media in a fascist state is always highly controlled in various ways. In a fascist state, the only media that is allowed to exist is media that parrots the state propaganda line and does not upset the corporations that serve the state.
Apparently the large US media qualifies as a fascist-type media system.
The dissident press in large US news media is essentially nonexistent. However, there is some dissident press in large circulation monthlies such as New York Magazine, the New Yorker and Harper’s. Cenk Uygur of Young Turks seems to qualify as a dissident journalist. He is on the MSNBC network. However, this network is otherwise part of the controlled media system. Seymour Hersch of the New Yorker is possibly one of the last true journalists working today. He writes for the New Yorker, where he has uncovered many of the lies and sinister plots of the US Deep State. I am amazed they haven’t killed him yet.
Rolling Stone also has a few true journalists. This is a monthly like the New Yorker, Harper’s, etc. None of the organs above are news organs. Instead they are best thought of as in depth feature publications.
Perhaps the History Channel could be seen as a dissident TV station, but they are not a news station, and they were horribly punished over their airing of the great The Men Who Killed Kennedy documentary. There were wild calls to actually stop selling the video. The channel actually caved in and stopped selling the video. Then in a major mea culpa, they chaired a 3 man panel of state controlled historians who headed a roundtable where it was concluded that the JFK assassination series was utterly insane. Later they apologized for the (nonexistent) errors in their reporting.
Gee, do you think somebody threatened the History Channel?
My sources tell me that the CIA/Deep State was enraged over that documentary. To get their revenge, last year on the 50th anniversary of the assassination, the entire US media spent most of the anniversary bashing Kennedy as a lousy president and trashing assassination theories. It was quite bizarre how the entire US media did this in concert. It was as if they were all reading off the same script. You know, like a…controlled media?

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  1. Clarification – the panel concocted for the History Channel was to determine if the claims of LBJ’s involvement in the assassination had any merit. The historians were to research/investigate this and their conclussion was LBJ’s involvement was bunk, in spite of strong evidence suggesting otherwise.
    For 49 years (following his death), the media was favorable toward Kennedy. His reputation had been as it always had been. Then suddenly, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination, he was shockingly trashed across the board by the media. They even made up lies about his legacy that contradicted what he had been known for.

  2. We don’t want to go overboard though, and say just cause it’s dissident, then it’s right. For instance, David Duke has some good ideas, but overall he’s wrong. It’s truth mixed with lies. I think people like Duke, get off on appearing as rebel journalists, and therefore fool people, who think anything not mainstream is truth.

    1. Another example is Ron Paul, who on the surface appeals to a crowd who feels the mainstream is lies. Nonetheless, a close examination of his ideas reveal them to be foolish.

    2. Robert’s point is uniformity in the media is bad, dangerous, and antithetical to the first ammendment. I think the US would be more dangerous if one did not have the right to be racist and express their racism. Racism is always better than fascism.

      1. When you have uniformity in the media where they are all taking the state propaganda line, you no longer have a democracy or a free press, and the 1st Amendment is more or less useless.

  3. Should people “think outside the box”? If people do, then are their views changes, or simply confirmed. I had a philosophy professor, who wanted us to “think outside the box”, but it didn’t change all my beliefs.

  4. If you really want to see the very best film footage about the Kennedy assassination Google “evidence of revision”. It has 6 parts all from archival footage. Mostly TV. He doesn’t say anything or have any commentary. He just shows the footage that exists. The style is a bit old fashioned but the footage is devastating to the theory that there was no conspiracy. I believe is shows very strongly that Johnson was at the root and the key player. I also, though the film doesn’t say so, believe that Johnson was a Marrano or hidden Jew. It would explain his ability to bring in the Jewish mafia to do the job.

    1. C’mon, let’s not go overboard. The friggin Jews had nothing to do with this. There was no need and no means for them to be pivotal players, and they did not have overwhelming motive. What weak motive are you thinking of?
      Johnson was distantly Jewish, and only on one side of his family. Given his psychological make up, Johnson also couldn’t care less what he was. He could be made out of foo foo dust and it wouldn’t have mattered to him, as long as he appeared human. All he cared about was becoming President, and even his besties like John Connolly said as much.
      Is the evidence of the CIA, Hoover, Johnson, TX Oil, Mafia, Cuban Exiles, Pentagon, Secret Service, Dallas police, and even Cabot Lodge at the St. Dept, being involved not enough for you? If you’re going to throw the Jews into the mix, you might as well include the Freemasons, the media, JFK’s Congressional aides and secretary, the Senate, and the staff at Parkland Hospital.
      It’s bozos like you who make serious conspiracy researchers look bad.

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