The Arab-Muslim

Someone sent this text to me and asked me to publish it. Judging by his name, I believe he is a Slav. This is pretty inflammatory stuff, but if you have been around a lot of these people as I have, there does seem to be a lot of sad truth in this piece. Read it and weep. Read it and think.

The Arab-Muslim

The Arab-Muslim is wanting and desperate in his want. Not just his most basic needs but his dreams as well.
The Arab-Muslim never produces anything of his own, whether concrete or intellectual property. And he rarely earns his property, concrete or intellectual. He steals concrete property by direct robbery or by fraudulent use of the law or by taking spoils in war. He steals intellectual property by using it, and if asked about its origins, claims it as his own.
Has the Arab-Muslim given up on this world, when he says, “My true life is in Paradise,” and “I will be backward for the sake of my deen”? No, he has
admitted defeat in challenging his poverty. But this defeat is without dignity. He would rather not lose face and deign to feign victory: “I am poor but I am religious! You can have all the fortunes of this world; God is giving me my fortunes in Paradise, which you won’t be entering haha. But still, the kuffar must not have those fortunes unless I have them too! And I can take their property, including their women, as booty too!”
When the Arab-Muslim says his life is in paradise and not this world, this shows his sense of entitlement. Give me, give me, because I deserve it, because I believe in the right thing though I haven’t earned anything by doing anything. Because the Arab-Muslim is Muslim, he’s going to heaven for sure. He need not worry about improving his condition in this life because it’s not worth it.
How easy is it to get to heaven? As easy as a few simple instructions. Doing the hard things, like telling the truth, acknowledging the painful reality, being honest when it is harmful, disciplining oneself, is no requirement to enter heaven. Doing easy things like praying five times a day, reciting the Qur’an without ever having to understand what it says, and appearing pious only superficially are simple requirements to enter heaven.
Does the Arab-Muslim ever reject the numerous benefits allowed to them: free housing, free education, free healthcare, and monthly allowance without ever having to work for any? No, because they are not ascetics or monks. They crave the good stuff but are too lazy to work for it.
The Arab-Muslim’s condition in this life is poor, so everyone else’s condition must be poor. What the Arab-Muslim doesn’t acknowledge is that he failed. Because he failed, nobody else must succeed. Those who succeed must be brought down to below his level. To see kuffar and ajam on top of the Arab-Muslim is painful to the Arab-Muslim.
What does this say? That the Arab-Muslim craves the good things of this world despite having given up on trying improve his life. And he wants to be on top of everybody and to have more than what everyone enjoys. If he can’t be on top of everybody, then nobody can be below him. Otherwise, he is humiliated.
The Arab-Muslim wants to be chosen, wants to be special, wants to belong to something great whose greatness exceeds the lives of its adherents. The Arab-Muslim becomes Muslim. He enjoys something that is only for the privileged, for the believers. Those who are outside the circle are unchosen, and by not following the teachings of Islam, they are lowly and contemptuous. Their behavior is contemptuous, their way of life is contemptuous, what they believe and they hold onto is contemptuous.
The smirk on an Arab-Muslim’s face is the look of arrogance. The look of hatred on an Arab-Muslim’s face is the look of one who was challenged or rightfully confronted. The look of pained anxiety on an Arab-Muslim’s face is of one who worries about his good name being tarnished in the eyes of his fellow Arab-Muslim’s (not the kuffar’s though.)
Smug, hateful and anxious: these are the three basic expressions on a Arab-Muslim’s face. The eyes are sunk lower, the eyebrows either frowned or not, the corners of the mouth raised, the smile slight and cunning: this is the smug face. The eyes are sunk lower, the lips narrowed and puckered, the eyebrows either slightly or intensely frowned: this is the hateful face. The eyes are wide, the eyebrows frowned intensely, the lips slightly puckered: this is the anxious face.
The Arab-Muslim is smug when confronting his prey, hateful when confronting a challenging contender, and anxious when helpless before his enemy. Arab-Muslim women and girls differ little in this regard. The Arab-Muslim is also smug in praise, hateful when envying another, and anxious when a scandal is about to break out.
What the kuffar have earned, what the kuffar have produced that is good and wealthy, the Arab-Muslim is entitled to. Entitlement once again. The Arab-Muslim takes from the kaffir what he has never earned but deserves by virtue of being Muslim. The kaffir makes, the Arab-Muslim takes. The ajam makes, the Arab-Muslim takes. This is ingrained deeply into the Arab-Muslim’s mindset, and questioning his right to it is questioning the core of his identity.
The Arab-Muslim is perpetually angry with unresolved problems and ever ready to break out into violence. What angers him is those who have wronged him and those who have taken the side of the wrongdoer. This is a common phenomenon in Arab-Muslim countries. Injustice is common thanks to the pent-up hatred of Arab-Muslims and their penchant to destroy what they never made and they can never have (envy). The worst judge is an Arab-Muslim judge.
The Arab-Muslim hates human rights and thinks it heretical to Islam. He hates the concept of people happy and enjoying rights as he is miserable and deprived of his rights.
And the Arab-Muslim hates justice. But he wishes human rights for himself and wishes justice to be done for his sake. For this reason, as a prisoner of war, he crows for rights he will never give to others, and demands justice that he would hate to see given to his belligerent.
For this reason, an jihadi prisoner of war should be stripped of his last right and his day in court made a show-trial akin to Stalin’s trials. The only kind
of court a jihadi deserves is the only one that he can make: a kangaroo court.
The Arab-Muslim is extremely cruel, knowing nothing of mercy. Hurting others to him is victory. Mercy to him is weakness. Pleas for mercy mean that his victim is finally weak and ready to be killed.
He will kill and overkill. The Arab-Muslim doesn’t just kill, he mutilates. Killing is not enough, mutilation is not enough, no, burning is not even enough. The Arab-Muslim is never satisfied in his revenge. Even afterwards, he still wants more revenge.
Imagine the anger, the pent-up rage, on having been done wrong, perceived wrong, either real or imagined. And finally comes the moment of redemption. “Destroy!” says his mind. There is never enough destruction. Finally, the wrongdoer gets the justice that was never handed to him by his judge or the police.
Fighting back against Arab-Muslim aggression is necessary, and no mercy should be shown to him despite calls for mercy because mercy is only a weapon in his hands. The Arab-Muslim: a thief, a wrongdoer and a destroyer.


The Arab-Muslim is naturally a slave and tyrant. Tyranny and slave-mindedness exist in the same person. One needs the other; one cannot do without the other. A slave-minded person who accepts his slavery as necessary and good for him is a tyrant to his subordinates and a sycophant to his superiors.
The Arab-Muslim metes out disgusting and obnoxious sycophantic behavior to his superior, whether his superior is his parent, his boss, his teacher or
professor, his president or God.
Notice how the Arab-Muslim relates himself to God? In his supplication, he makes God a tyrant who demands that He be showered with endless praise before one simple thing can be asked of Him. This is not to say insolence and thanklessness is how a worshiper should ask of something from God.
He unconsciously does the same for his other superiors: his boss, his professor, his parents. He showers them with all kinds of praise, whether imagined or real but exaggerated (but not the kind of praise he gives to God), before asking for one simple thing.
And he demands the same from his subordinates. God has his own Will, he gives to whomever he wants and takes from whomever he wants. And so it is the same with the Arab-Muslim. He accepts to fulfill demands or rejects fulfilling them according to his own wishes. His subordinates either bite the bullet and shrug their shoulders or jump for joy that their superior accepted their demand. Is that not tyranny?
This is deep in the Arab-Muslim subconscious: to enjoy over subordinates what God naturally enjoys over mankind. They strive to have a bit of God’s powers and privileges. That is their will-to-power. They desire to be worshiped not by prostration but by words of praise and hand-kissing.
The paganism of the Arabs has never departed as Arab-Muslim’s seem to venerate the black stone, a copy of a Qur’an, the remaining hair of Muhammad(s), the imam and “scholar” (who have a certain sanctity not shared by others) and much more.
The lowest subordinate is the jobless black woman or one who is disabled or is a bastard child, one who broke one of Arab-Muslim society’s most delicate rules. The highest superior is God, chauvinistically called by His Arabic name, Allah. The most disgusting and obnoxious sycophancy is meted out to God, the most horrible and depraved cruelty is meted out to the lowest subordinate for her bad fortune.
A tyrant on the throne does not necessarily mean tyrants in common society. But a tyrant elected to office means a tyrant picked out from a common society of tyrants, especially if that tyrant comes from modest beginnings and speaks in the common language. This is the source for the Arab Spring’s failure.
The Arab-Muslim is strong before the weak and cowardly before the brave. He is either your slave or your superior but never your equal. If you hate having him be your superior, make him your inferior. Do not wrap your arm around his shoulder and call him your equal. By that, he’s seen an opportunity to overcome you and you will pay the price.


The Arab-Muslim is a cannibal. Not a literal cannibal. But one who kills his own, his own daughter, his own wife, his fellow Arab-Muslim, over a petty (non-)crime. He hates his daughter and hates his femininity. He is driven to a wild out-of-control rage when he finds out that his daughter has committed an act of indiscretion. Like a newly-made zombie, he acts to kill without thinking twice and feels no remorse afterwards.
Instead, he feels satisfaction because his dignity has been restored. When his daughter has sex outside of marriage, his manhood is gone. “His own daughter,” he thinks, “committed this unspeakable sin?! What will the neighbors think?” Such questions drive an Arab-Muslim to the edge of oblivion.
Why does the murdering Arab-Muslim kill so easily, you ask? Because his conscience is always clear. He is self-righteous, meaning he can only do good and he can never do any evil. If he did evil….it was necessary or it was a good and how dare anyone question otherwise!
When one’s conscience is always clear, one can do any evil and not be affected by it. One can kill and that killing was necessary or was done in the name of good. Killing in God’s name is holy because God is holy, and God prescribes for man only good and never evil. Therefore, how can killing in God’s name be evil? So goes the thought.


Why is the Arab-Muslim a cannibal?

  1. He doesn’t mind his own business
  2. He cares about other people’s business, and what they are up to
  3. He cares deeply about other’s opinions of himself.

When was the last time an Arab-Muslim lost himself in the demands of a mind-taxing affair, forgetting all around him?
The Arab-Muslim has two watchful eyes and a divided concentration. A part of his attention is busy watching the environment surrounding him lest
something unusual happen, and he spies with his little eye and later tells his idle friends a funny story of what just happened. Or watching for an unusual person or an enemy so that he spring into action and attack. The other part of his attention is inadequate for the task at hand.
The little eye also spies on women, especially young unmarried girls, watching closely what they’re up to. Should they commit a horrible deed, their deed will be documented, spread to the last corner of the neighborhood and the indiscretionary woman judged. Big Brother has always been watching everyone in the Muslim society, because Big Brother is everyone in the Muslim society.
There is a Youtuber, not famous enough to be mentioned here, who is an active sport in more ways than one (sans dirty language). One of his favorite things to do is to go to different cities around the world and ask random locals in the street, “What do you think of Arabs?” In other words, “What is your opinion of me?”
“Why does he care for another person’s opinion?” you might ask.
The Arab-Muslim will agree with the nature of the question, and adds with an air of declaration, “You shouldn’t care about what others think.”
Ask him, “Why do you care for the people’s opinions?”
“Because,” he answers, “Because…”
The people’s opinions matter, because they hold his honor. What is the Arab-Muslim concept of honor?
Honor is how other people regard the Arab-Muslim. The Arab-Muslim does not derive his worth from discipline or achievement but from the opinion of others. For this reason, he is constantly conscious of himself and constantly trying to please the people by acceding to their demands. They demand at the spur of the moment, and their demands are unrealistic and taxing.
The orthodoxy of Muslim society is strict and exact, thus being harsh and confining. It covers all aspects of human life, and thus it is totalitarian. The life of Muslim society is one of despair, deception, lies and hypocrisy.
An Arab-Muslim’s honor, if dragged through the dirt, must restore its lustre. The people demand the right thing, and demand that honor be redeemed.
Honor can be redeemed by anything from ostracism to killing.


When you walk down a neighborhood of Arab-Muslims, it is instinctively felt that you are being watched. You become conscious of your own movements and feel anxiety. As a matter of fact, everyone around you is watching everything around them though they seem busy. Everyone is busy talking about the unusual thing that is you, because you are unusual, though they seem busy talking about something else.
Slowly, the tension builds, and the portent nears its actualization. Portent is the golden word: the fear that at any moment, sudden mindless violence will break out just around the corner. “The temperature is at boiling point,” said an Australian journalist when he was “hemmed in” by a crowd of Wahhabi predators harassing the renegade Arab-Muslim next to him.
The hostility is felt just before the blow. They try, by hook or by crook, to justify hitting you. It doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong, they want to hit you, to strike you a blow. Why? Because they hate you. Why do they hate you? Because you, not you but your government, “killed their brothers and sisters in Muslim lands” (whom they would hate had they an opportunity to live side by side with them).
Notice that they cannot mask their anger. It appears in their face and their finger-jabbing. And also: that they’re impatient and can’t wait to hit you. They keep escalating because they can’t wait any longer: they must hit you.
And perhaps the reason for hatred is deeper.
They hate the Norwegians who inhabit their Norway, they hate the Brits who inhabit their Britain, they hate the Jews who share their France. Why do they hate the British, the Norwegian, the Jew?
The Briton is dignified, and the Arab-Muslim is not. The Briton is free, proud of his freedom and doing what he is free to do, and the Arab-Muslim can only do the good and the evil that his imam shoves down his throat and threatens to punish if violated. The Briton loves and is loved back; the Arab-Muslim can only hate and hate back in revenge. The Briton is wealthy and happy, the Arab-Muslim is not.
The happiness, joy, freedom and dignity of the Briton feels like a dagger in the heart of the Arab-Muslim. The Arab-Muslim instinctively hates the European. It is a feeling as primary as hunger. Osama bin Laden once said, “Ever since my childhood, I have always hated Americans.” The Americans were the thorn in his side. He studied in America and hated Americans and their culture. Instinctively.
They gladly take benefits and human rights from their European country of adoption and give hatred, hostility, murders, assaults and rapes in return. This does not include every Arab-Muslim but only the orthodox Arab-Muslim who either carries out the crime or actively supports it or tacitly supports it. They build their mosques with the blessings of the local governments and use the mosques to preach hatred against the same people who let them build the mosque, not to mention overthrowing the government of their adopted country.
In the Quran, rebellion against the state is punished with either:

  1. Death
  2. An arm and a leg {literally}, or
  3. Expulsion

And Islamic scholars are of a consensus that Muslims should obey the laws of a land within the House of War, and should the adopted land persecute or make the lives of Muslims difficult, the Muslims should leave that land and go to the House of Islam. The run-of-the-mill imam is conveniently silent on these two little facts.


The Arab-Muslim suffers from neurosis. This is because he believes in absolute purity and achievable perfection. Purity is homogeneity, that is: a thing being consistent throughout its material contents. Purity of deed means never, ever sinning and doing only one good after another. Purity of society means

  • everyone being of the same religion or race, and
  • everyone being pure in deed

What is impure? That which is tainted with something different, not necessarily something filthy, i.e. repugnant to the human senses. Fecal matter and urine, for example, are repugnant to the human senses: they smell bad and look disgusting. Loose, flirtatious behavior is not repugnant to the senses but is actually refreshing and exciting. But the bad taste it leaves afterwards is repugnant in more than just an aesthetic way.
Purity can never be attained absolutely. You can never keep clothes completely clean from dirt. You can never keep yourself away from sin. Your clothes must have some trace amounts of dirt, you must have committed some kind of sin even yesterday. To believe that purity can be attained absolutely is a delusion.
The Arab-Muslim conflates different with filthy. Both are impure, but one stands out in the midst of sameness, and the other stands out in the midst of cleanliness. If sameness and cleanliness are the same thing, then their opposites, difference and filth, are the same thing.
Is the Christian who believes differently filthy? Is the liberal Muslim who dissents filthy? Is the girl who fornicated with her lover filthy?
What is a pure Islamic society, as proposed by a bearded ogre?

  • One where everyone believes not just in the same essentials: God and his state of being just One, the Angels and jinns, the prophethood of Muhammad and the divinity of the Qur’an but also think alike in every little way.
  • One where everyone is pure in action, always doing good and never doing evil.

In this society, there is no place for anyone who believes differently. There is no room for Christians, Druze, or Jews. And in this society, there is no place for dissenters who differ on small technical issues. These people violate the sameness of the pure Islamic society.
“This society is pure and innocent of your filth (read: differentness)!” so rants the angry Muslim.
In this society, everyone is doing good and never doing evil. Those who do evil taint the active purity of the Islamic society, the purity in the action of its individuals. These people violate the actual sameness of the Islamic society by behaving differently.
“This society is pure and innocent of your filth (read: differentness)!” so roars the irate ogre.
Orthodoxy, absolute and pure, all around.
Perfection is the Arab-Muslim’s aim. It is pronounced in every aspect of his life: his prayer, his clothes, his (re)production of art.
In his prayer, he seeks absolute orthodoxy, by reciting exactly what is supposed to be recited in each station of each unit of prayer, and he seeks perfection by absolute orthodoxy and painstaking choreography.
In his clothes, he wears his traditional clothes, but keeps them painstakingly clean and flawless. The Muslimah is painstaking about her manner of dress: she takes extra care to cover the corners of her face with her hijab and to make sure her dress does not suggest even the slightest angle of her feminine curvature.
In his songs, he does not produce anything new, but instead is painstaking about getting every lyric and melody of the song exactly as it is in the original production.
In his printing of the Qur’an, there is not a single mistake in the wording, lettering or even the curve of a letter throughout the entire copy. This is about 300,000 letters and 29,000 words.
Painstaking dedication to the highest authority (God), painstaking dedication by painstaking orthodoxy to established rites and traditions, and painstaking dedication to perfection.
Tyranny, purity and perfection.
One of the most important aspects of modern Islamic culture is the idea of purity. God forbade man the eating of pork, the drinking of blood and the drinking of alcohol. But did he ever say that to have it on one’s clothes is to make that cloth impure? No. It came from the “scholars”, who by ijtihad (personal effort in coming to the truth), found that alcohol, pork stains and blood on one’s clothes make that cloth impure, thus with it, one cannot pray, hold a Quran in one’s hands, or go around the Kaaba.
How does this register in the mind of an Arab-Muslim simpleton? Alcohol is filthy, pork is filthy; those Westerners eat pork and drink alcohol, therefore they are filthy, and their women are filthy. “Alhamdulilah,” he says, “I am pure!” Pure of impurities not repugnant to the senses but outside of the established orthodoxy.


The Arab-Muslim: insolent and arrogant in prosperity, angry and hate-filled in poverty; covetous, desiring of luxury; rapine, desiring of women; loving the glory and wealth of this world, and optimistic and certain about the glory and wealth of the next world; chosen by Allah and proud, looking down on those who willfully remain unchosen, looking up to those who are holy in attire and manner; believing in mortal perfection, and striving to absolute purity. He can live with the similar but must be above or far from the different.
And this is one of the main problems of the 21st century.

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9 thoughts on “The Arab-Muslim”

  1. I have known many of these people, both Arabs and Muslims and even non Arab-Muslims who live in that region, and sadly, I must say that a lot of this rings true. OTOH, I think a lot of Arab-Muslims are pretty good people. Once you put a gun in their hands though, pretty quickly it’s just Islamic jihad.
    Bottom line is I think that Arab-Muslim society is incredibly fucked up. Muslim society sucks anyway, but when you add the Arab or Arabized element in, you set the stage for a truly volcanic and entropic horrorshow like you have never experienced in your entire existence.

  2. If I were part of the Muslim community, I would invest in historical reconstruction of Muslim and non Muslim structures in their land. This way, they can resurrect their rich history. Arabs should help rebuild Petra, Persepolis, Ghandara, etc.

  3. Hmm…call me ignorant but as far as the Palestinians go it would help if every time they get a power plant going the Jews wouldn’t blow it up. Same for water treatment plants.
    Maybe the Jews are confused. When they said they were going to be “A Light Upon Nations” maybe someone should have explained that didn’t correspond to white phosphorus grenades and thermite.

    1. You degenerate liar. You dare say the West “stole” your resources when you’re paid top dollar and your entire worthless country is built on petrodollars?
      No, stealing resources is when filthy desert rats enslave, beat, and rape Filipino and South Asian migrant workers. Stealing resources is when you attack non-Arabs and take them and everything they own as “war booty.” Non-Arabs like myself and the above writer who have direct experience with Arabs know what you degenerates would do if you ever had power like the West. Fortunately, you’re too stupid to ever reach that level, but the danger is that you might pull everyone down with you.

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