Nazism: History Repeating Itself in the Ukraine

I do believe in the Godwin Rule in that one should not call people Nazis promiscuously. That is, don’t call people that unless they deserve it. A now banned commenter (and his ban was long overdue) recently asked me if I saw Nazis under my bed. Of course I don’t. I am very careful with the use of that word, especially since I myself get called that more or less on a continuous basis – I get called anti-Semite, Jew-hater, Nazi, White supremacist, virulent racist, white power advocate and all sorts of nonsense all the time. None of those things are true. I would probably just tell you if I were any of those things. It’s not like there is anything to be ashamed of.
But in the case of these Ukrainians, the Godwin Rule no longer applies. That is because we are dealing here with not just fascists but real, true blue, dyed in the wool Nazis, as you can see from this video. That accusation is not propaganda at all. It’s the flat out truth.
It is true that some figures and organizations in Ukrainian society are more Nazi than others. Poroshenko is not so much a Nazi as he is a mafioso oligarch. There are quite a few others who be better described that way. The Ukrainian military is not a particularly Nazi organization. It is just an unpaid, underfunded ragtag military with an amateur officer corps. However, the National Guard (the Nazi Guard) is very much a Nazi organization. Most of the paramilitaries fighting alongside the government are Nazis – the Azov, Adair, Donbass, Right Sector and Svoboda groups are are hardcore Nazis.
I honestly feel that Yatsenyuk is a real Nazi. He’s also a Jew, which is quite bizarre, but weirdly enough, in the bizarro world of 2014 Ukrainian politics, Jewish Nazis are not rare. The crazed murderess Yulia Timoshenko, the Gas Queen, a female version of a mafioso, is surely a Nazi. So is Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector. Ihor Kolomoisky is another Jewish Nazi, and I mean he is a real Nazi. Kolomoisky is one of the most evil people in all of Ukraine. He runs the Azov Battalion, a hardcore Nazi paramilitary. It was Kolomoisky and his paramilitary that shot down the MH17 Malaysian jet in July.

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0 thoughts on “Nazism: History Repeating Itself in the Ukraine”

  1. Jewish Nazis. Wow. I always thought the biggest contradiction was Jews driving German cars. In bed politically is something else. The term ‘strange bedfellows’ comes to mind.
    Your article does have me wondering as to latent Nazi tendencies in myself. I am white, bald and, well…Kolomoisky…sounds real close to my surname. I might be related.

    1. There are a lot of folks out there who feel that way, and they are easily identifiable. I appreciate the ones who are honest enough to admit it. At least they really believe in something and they are not lying about it. I get tired of all this lying.

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