Alt Left: The Biggest Whorehouse on Earth

The Western media.

I got a BA in this field called Journalism, and I must say that I am utterly disgusted. This whole field is pretty much gone in the West. I don’t think there is anything left of it. All there is is propaganda anymore. Investigative journalism? What the Hell is that? The search for the truth? Don’t make me laugh. Freedom of the press? Are you kidding? An unbiased and objective media, as expected under the system of liberalism known preposterously as “freedom and democracy?” Huh?

For every real journalist, there are probably 99 presstitutes.

There are still some real journalists out there, but there aren’t any in the major US press, large newspapers and newsmagazines, and large TV and radio news stations. The only real journalists are found in little presses, small radio stations like Pacifica, and on relatively obscure websites. In other words, for 9

I am not quite sure what the reason for this massive totalitarian sleaze-out is, but I can’t help thinking that corporate control over the media has something big to do with it.

For instance, the Washington Post just got bought up by ultra-sleazy billionaire Jeff Bezos. Obviously, Jeffy is only going to allow those stories to appear in his paper that reflect the views of him and his

What is starting to really terrify me is that I am seeing how most of the European media is about as dishonest, propagandistic and corrupted as American media. All this time I thought the European press was some kind of breath of fresh air. Turns out they are all corrupted beyond hope too.

There are a few exceptions. Every now and again the Telegraph or the Daily Mail runs a piece that goes against state propaganda.

I am starting to think that maybe under capitalism, the media will always be controlled by the leaders of the state, the rich, and the pillars of the corporate class, so the media under capitalism will always have a totalitarian, pure propaganda feel to it.

What system would yield true freedom of the press? Not sure, but capitalism it ain’t.

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13 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Biggest Whorehouse on Earth”

  1. QUOTE”For instance, the Washington Post just got bought up by ultra-sleazy rightwing extremist billionaire Jeff Bezos. ”
    Richard Nixon hated the NY Times, and Washington Post, considering them left wing biased papers. I guess now, one of them is going right.

  2. People don’t like radical ideas in the US. For instance, on Facebook, posting radical ideas makes you look like an idiot before friends and family.
    The closest thing you get to radicalism might be “The Tea Party” or “Occupy Wall Street”. You could shout out those sentiments without being viewed as “weird” or “too radical”.

    1. Yeah I get that all the time. I am a wild-eyed leftwing lunatic of some sort. But really, I think I am just right. All I do is tell the truth. In America, the truth is seen as nutty, wild-eyed radicalism.

  3. Yes, the broad sheet UK newspapers you mention tend to give a reasonably unbiased perspective, as well as may be reasonably expected, reflection upon world events, but the western, European media, in terms of telivisions news broadcasting does not live up to its proclamation of unbiased views. Most UK newspapers that are not broad sheet publications are blatantly politically biased and are recognised as being so, my most people. Some of the US news and political programmes that are televised world wide are quite shocking on their juvenile “the lefties are the baddies perspectives” . I wonder of it is fully realised by US people how stupid they appear to non US people. “What are the real motives behind the Kremlin, and how do we counter it, given that we are the wholesome goodies with shining bright teeth” . Makes you fukin puke!

  4. Bourgeois democracy is failing everywhere. The bourgeois are no longer a positive force in society anymore they must be defeated via proletarian revoultion. Marxists couldn’t understand why revoultion never came in the advance countries but that was because the bourgeois were still a progressive entity albeit spurred to reform because of the USSR. Nowadays they are a cancer with the mass media being just one manifestation of their malignancy.

      1. I don’t know if eradican is going to reply, but I’ll go ahead and break the suspense: No, it’s actually an image of “Boxxy,” a YouTuber known for her somewhat affected enthusiasm. By the way, you might want to be careful about asking people with attractive women for their userpics whether the picture is actually of them; I’m sure it’s meant as an innocent question, but it probably comes across in a way that they wouldn’t appreciate, even if it was really them in the picture.

  5. G K Chesterton, a journalist and newspaper man himself, had some great quotes about newspapers. Both the ones that come to mind were from his book “Orthodoxy”….
    “So up to the last minute newspapers have been considered as organs of public opinion. Recently some of us have seen, not slowly but with a start, that they are nothing of the kind. In the nature of the case they are the hobbies of a few rich men.”
    “The newspapers that once existed to tell the truth, now exist to keep keep the truth from being told.”

  6. That’s an insult to whores.
    In the not-too-distant past, before “reporting” became a euphemism for selling narratives of official sources, newspapers were the bailiwick of of self-made intellectuals who had a fire in the belly to get to the bottom of things. Now that milieu is in blogs and social media.

      1. Hi Robert, have you heard of Miles Mathis? I’d be shocked if you say you haven’t but if I were to guess, you haven’t because your writing doesn’t suggest that you have. Anyway, you should check his work out.

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