Russia Catches a Spy!

Here. He’s probably a Nazi. Most Estonians are Nazis, have been for a very long time now. Of course he was on Russian soil when he was caught with a pocketful of cash and an eavesdropping device.

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  1. Davis wolfgang, Bill white, Daniel burrows or burro, are estonians?
    Aré the founders of KKK estonians? Is the Aipac estonian?
    Is jordi Pujol estonian? What about the nazi past of the ultracatholic red neck Jordi Pujol?

    1. Want to give me one reason why I shouldn’t ban you for that comment?
      I am a Leftist. We don’t like Nazis. We know who they are. I will make alliance with anyone, but I will not make alliance with Nazis. You don’t make alliances with Nazis. You kill Nazis.
      Estonian nationalists are for the most part Nazis. I suppose you can be an Estonian and not be a Nazi, but I would think it would be hard to be an Estonian nationalist and not be a Nazi. After Estonia got its independence in 1991, they tore down all the statues of Soviet figures and erected a bunch of statues of Estonian nationalist Nazis instead. All of the major Estonian nationalists worked with the Nazis during WW2. Estonian had a fascist government in between wars. After WW2, armed Estonian nationalists worked closely with former Nazis.
      Nazism is extremely popular in Eastern Europe in case you didn’t know.

    2. In another blog about Korean pop culture called Dramabeans, in an open Thread post, a Estonian commenter (he-she is from Estonia if I remenber correctly) complains about Russia and call them the bad guys, so I did put a link to this blog and he-she refuted it saying this blog “are on the intelligence blacklist and have published hostile information before, so no thanks. we know propaganda when we see it” :p this is the blog

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