Los Angeles Times: CIA Asset

From a comment on the web:

It really does seem that a significant cohort of the older generation of national security reporters consider themselves not a part of the fourth estate, but of the intelligence establishment, and that they identify with Josh Marshall’s (of Talking Points Memo) quote: “the US military is the armed force of a political community I identify with and a government I support.”

Did you read that? Reporters who report on US foreign policy do not consider themselves to be journalists. Instead they consider themselves to be part of the intelligence establishment (The Deep State). In other words, they consider themselves to be CIA assets.
What Fourth Estate? There’s no such thing. All major journalists in the US are de facto part of the National Security State.
I figure the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with this statement:

“the US military is the armed force of a political community I identify with and a government I support.”

That’s the whole problem right there. Personally, I would vehemently disagree with that comment. How do the rest of you feel about that statement? Agree or disagree?

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0 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times: CIA Asset”

  1. The statement itself is quite vague and open to interpretation. Even during the last stages of the Vietnam War, when journalists were in open rebellion with the establishment, most Americans could affirm that statement. Merely identifying with the political community and supporting a government does not necessarily require the suspension of judgement or the perversion of perspective.

    1. Did you read the article? LA Times reporters worked hand in hand with the CIA while reporting on US foreign policy. This is pretty much standard policy at most large US MSM outlets. I am convinced that almost all large US MSM outlets are controlled by or in bed with the CIA. I just came to this conclusion too, and I know I am right.

      1. ‘I just came to this conclusion too,’
        The Only surprising thing about the article. I think I had heard whispers of this years ago. Anywho, good work. I tend to not comment on a lot of the political stuff, but I do read most all of it here. I always like yur take on things. I hear there is a cease fire.
        Perhaps enough time to toss a Bigfoot news update into the mix? No comments on Giorgio Tsoukalos and Professor Meldrum’s meeting? I thought that might have garnered some attention.

        1. its Giorgio from ancient aliens. ive watched it because my girlfriend likes it. they bring up many good points, like the carved stone at punu puku. we still don’t have the technology to cut stones that sharp on interior planes and corners. Anyhow he has a new show called searching for aliens and last week aired an episode on bigfoot where he and muldrem went to the Olympia peninsula to scout for bigfoots. he spent some time with muldrem and this guy doesn’t embarrass anyone except skeptics.

    1. That’s him. as the season progressed his hair got wilder. still don’t look as bad as that shit head with the Mohawk that threw away melbas dna cause it had human dna. he didn’t even check it against his crew. distoll I think.

      1. Eyup. Crazy ass hair guy went on an Olympic Project expedition with Randles and Meldrum and a few others. I was uhm, occupied, when trying to catch what even channel it was on. I caught a few minutes than had to put some German programming on.

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