A Geneology of Amorality

From here.
I will quote from a few snippets below:

Research on hypocrisy shows that people are mostly motivated to appear moral rather than to actually abide by their moral judgments.

Once you understand this hard truth about humans, so many other deliciously cynical hard as nails truths shine through the light, and you can finally find your somewhat disgusted way in life.

Research on ‘motivated reasoning’ shows that people deviously craft moral justifications to push their own agendas.

Yep. Sad but true once again. Plug this truth into your brain and watch the whole world light up before your very eyes. In other words, when people are good, they are good. When people are bad, they are also good. People are always good, no matter how good or bad their behavior is. No one wants to be bad. Except me. The bad boy.

In fact, humans are more eager to judge other people than to follow their own moral advice.

You know, you really can’t understand life at all until you plug into ugly little truths like this. Plug this in and watch everything converge together, an endless epiphany.
We proclaim our moral values, and then we don’t even follow our own rules. But that’s ok, because we all just lie and say we do anyway. Evidence to the contrary? Not an issue. Deny it. Things hitting a little too close to home? Not a problem. Project away the blame onto someone else so you go scot free. Defenses are a handy little bag of tricks.

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8 thoughts on “A Geneology of Amorality”

  1. Everybody gets off on appearing morally superior. But you gotta admit, it feels fun sometimes. For instance, I made some comments mocking white nationalists, by making references to Asian coolies. But, honestly, I have my faults, and am not free from racism or elitism. I can’t even say I totally disagree with all imperialism. Nonetheless, the white nationalist agenda is way out there to the right, and deserves ridicule.

    1. I guess Chinese, African, Japanese, etc. nationalism is okay but God forbid those White people want place to chill with other Whites. If Whites move to any of the other countries it’s COLONIALISM. Horrors. Whites want a place for themselves. Racist, Right wing, way out there, evil.
      More Hasbara talk.

      1. It depends on the nation. The USA is a multicultural nation. European nations, traditionally aren’t. Some multiculturalism in the US is the norm, we’ve always been a nation of whites, blacks, and a few other smaller groups. The problem now, is that too many Latinos are moving in. Mostly cause the US reaping the imperialist policies it’s sown in Latin America.

  2. I think racists, of all races, get off on superiority. They don’t want to change the IQ of other people (improve the environment), because that would lower their superior status. I mean, they even have “brain games” that can improve people’s abstract thought. But you won’t see racist advocate their use in public schools, for sure.

    1. We should always exhaust all environmental efforts (brain games), before we conclude people are monkeys, incapable of improvement, LOL

      1. If other groups played “brain games”, and made other efforts, there might be a good chance Chinese wouldn’t have the current advantage. I mean come on. Look at Northeast Asian culture. Why should we be surprised their smarter. They try harder. It’s like a culture of body builders, vs one that does nothing.

  3. People constantly post on Facebook pushing morality, but not looking at their own morality. For instance, they might defend the “Duck Dynasty’s” right to hate queers, but they themselves (the Facebook posters) are of the most vile variety, doing every sin under the sun (divorce, drug use, foul language, making fun of people, farting (no just kidding about that one etc..))

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