The Legacy of Trotsky: The Ruination of the Western Left

Jason Y writes:

Also he egged on Germany and urged them to attack the USSR, which they soon did. He said a Nazi conquest of the USSR would be a good idea. Why? That’s crazy. That’s like an Israeli joining Al Qaeda. Do you have quick sources, backing this claim up?

Trotsky thought the Nazis could be controlled. Use them to go in and take out Stalin, then get them to back off while a Trotskyite Administration was put in instead. Also, all through the 1930’s, Trotskyites worked closely with the Nazis and the West to undermine the Soviet state. There was sabotage all over the USSR during this decade, and it was all caused by these groups. This is what caused Stalin to go nuts and institute the Great Terror, when hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent people were killed. I do not have a source for it, but I did read it just recently. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. Trotskyites hate one thing and one thing only – Stalin and “Stalinists.” Stalinists happen to be every Commie who isn’t a Trotskyite! They will collaborate with anyone and everyone, no matter how evil, slimy or reactionary, to defeat their hated “Stalinist” foes. Trotsky just wanted Stalin gone one way or another. Latter day Trots continue in this insane tendency. They have supported the CIA, the Pentagon, US imperialism, neo-Nazis, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Islamic fundamentalists, you name it, all to bring down real existing socialist (“Stalinist”) states. Currently Trot nutcases are supporting the liver-eating, head-chopping radical Islamist Syrian rebels. They are also firmly behind the Nazi regime in Kiev. Trots have been supporting Nazis forever. Their marriage with Nazism goes all the way back to the 1930’s. I cannot put into words how much I hate Trotskyites. The real problem is that Trots have taken over much of the Hard Left in the West. This is one of the reasons why the Hard Left in the West is so useless, ridiculous and insane – because it’s been controlled by Trot nutcases for decades.

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8 thoughts on “The Legacy of Trotsky: The Ruination of the Western Left”

  1. Stalin and Trotsky have equally stupid supporters. None of them come close to their idols despite all the useless posturing. Trotsky and Stalin also had far more in common than their followers believe. They differed only in a few areas although pretty big ones admittedly. Five year plans, collective farms, and rapid industrialization were ideas originally associated with Trotsky his opponents deriding him as a “super industrialist” including Stalin. Stalin later adopted these ideas it’s unknown whether Trotsky would have remained committed to them however given the coercion required since at worst he was a softer Stalin.
    I don’t accept your premise that sabotage was occurring nor do I agree that Trotsky was some power hungry traitor. If he wanted he could have easily staged a coup as the leader of the Red Army. Instead he placed his belief in the party ahead of personal ambition. Trying to justify the murder of nearly everyone who played a significant role on the Russian Revolution is what discredits Stalin supporters into Stalin worshipers. It’s more important to acknowledge the good and the bad rather than spin away everything.

    1. Trotsky was exiled starting in 1929. He and his supporters got involved in all the sabotage and whatnot during the 1930’s. They were working with the West and the Nazis when they did this.
      Stalin was a very bad guy, but I have more respect for so-called “Stalinists” (apparently everyone who is not a Trot) than I do for Trotskyites. The Trots just ruined everything. They are a cancer, a poison. I am starting to understand why Stalin hated them.

      1. Trotsky had very few actual supporters which is why he lost the power struggle to Stalin. As a highly successful military leader the Bolsheviks feared Trotsky Stalin by contrast was popular in party circles. Stalin the politically moderate, consensus building, committee man, was very different than Stalin the dictator.
        Trotsky’s supporters dominated the security services and armed forces but they were apolitical. I just don’t see any opportunity or motive for sabotage. I refuse to believe the men who sacrificed life and limb to win the October Revolution were traitors.
        As for the whole Trotsky vs Stalin debate there is nothing wrong with having differences but it’s important not to get bogged down in petty sectarianism. Like Mao said Stalin was 70% correct and 30% incorrect.

  2. How does this relate to the neo-cons, as some have said they had Trotskyite roots? I always had a hard time understanding this. I mean, how could W. Bush, the furthest thing from a leftist or communist you can think of, could be in with communists?

  3. More bullshit. The whole bit about Trotskyists working with Nazis to overthrow the Soviet State is an absolute whopping lie used to justify the Great Terror. The “sabotage” stories are a cover for the disasters caused by inept bureaucratic mismanagement of industrialization efforts. There were a lot of victims of spurious allegations of sabotage including some of the Soviet Union’s top aircraft designers, who contributed war-winning design work while in prison.
    The single greatest contributing factor to the decline of the old Marxist left was the discredit to Marxism due to the excesses of Stalin. It’s been over 40 years since any branch of Marxists could be considered influential on the left.

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