World Leader in False Flag Operations

That would be the United States.

In every single case, 100% of the US media goes along with the false flag. Do they know it’s a false flag? Who knows? Maybe they actually believe the government. But when the false flag nature of the attack is later revealed, not one single media source ever covers the story. Makes you wonder what kind of maniacs control our media after all.

In terms of US foreign policy, the US media is 100% state-controlled. Even Russia has a much freer media than anywhere in the West. Russia is full of dissident newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and stink tanks. Every single day, they are quoted saying the most treasonous things against the state. Probably 97% of these people never see a day in jail and probably 95% of these outlets stay in business.

In contrast, in the US, there is not one single large dissident media outlet. They’re all on board with the CIA view of world affairs.

The American people fall for these endless US/NATO false flags again and again and again. They never seem to catch on. Why are we so gullible? Is there any population on Earth more gullible than Americans.

P.S. Check out in the video where John Kerry repeatedly urges Turkey to engage in a false flag attack in order to enter the war against Syria. My opinion of Kerry has sunk to an extremely low level. He is truly one of the most vile men in this depraved Barack Obama Administration. I now believe the accusations that he committed war crimes against Vietnamese civilians. It sounds like something he would do. And as we can see, here it is, 45 years later, and this maniac hasn’t changed one bit.

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  1. It’s all about sponsorship. It’s not the interests of the media, to insult the sponsorship. You don’t “bite the hand that feeds you”. An even better slogan would be “The customer is always right.”.
    For instance, a banana company isn’t going to sponsor, an expose of fascist third world dictatorships in Honduras. That’s cause it benefits highly, from fascist third world dictatorships.

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