One Thing This Blog Will Never Be

The voice of the CIA. You know, like the rest of the Western media. I hope you all appreciate that.

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0 thoughts on “One Thing This Blog Will Never Be”

  1. Hard to say. Sites like Daily Kos, Alternet, Counterpunch and Think Progress are pretty good. The Vineyard of the Saker is good for Ukraine. Colonel Lang’s is good for the Terror War. You just have to look around.
    Mostly I read the Western media and am skeptical, dubiously wondering if any of it is even true. On the Ukraine, I go to the pro-rebel sites and see what they have to say about the latest Western media stories. In almost all cases, they say that they are lies, explain why they are lies and tell what really happened.
    A lot of times I am confused. Sometimes I call up my Mom and ask her, “Hey what’s all this about [MSM lie du jour]. I mean, I assume it’s bullshit, but what’s the real story on this?” She has often figured out what the truth is, and she explains how it’s a lie, why it’s a lie and what the true story is.
    It is really hard to figure out the truth anymore. I figure it out because I have a lot of time on my hands. Most people who work all the time do not have the time and apparently just get brainwashed. Most folks do not have the time and the resources to track down the endless MSM lies and figure out the real story.

  2. Keep up the good work in this area. I would post more replies to your posts about this topic, but I don’t know enough about it to say anything other than that I think US officials are lying their asses off about the situation in Ukraine.

  3. On the international BBC news tonight, Steven Sackur ( a respected tough interviewer) questioned a representative about his reaction to President Obama,s speech in that Crimea was illegally annexed by military force and should be returned to the Ukraine. The response was that a democratic referendum had shown overwhelming majority opinion to re- join Russia. Ah yes, came the response, but only after an invasion of Russian Troups into Crimea. The Russian representative replied that there was no military invasion. The thousands of Russian troups there had been stationed there for twenty three years under a security arrangement between Russia and the Ukraine. At the end of the interview, you could just make out the Russian representative shaking his head in disgust, before the camera shot ended. President Obama,s speech in Estonia was a fine example of his professionalism that so over shines his predecessors, but one of he main goofs, was that he said that he would not tolerate ” spheres of influence” I wonder if the implications of this upon old Uncle Sam were appreciated before the speech was written. Hmmm. Also, no direct answer from a Ukranian Goverment representative as to why so many are feeling it necessary to flee to Russia as refugees. Perhaps, as I pondered previously, they have an urge to do some sight seeing in St Petresburg.

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