One Thing I Will Never Do on This Site

Lie to you. Look, that automatically makes me better than 99 I have no reason to lie to you. Further, as a journalist, I am committed to the truth at least as best as I can figure it out. I know the media, our leaders, our political parties, our intelligence services, or corporations and our governments are lying to us all the time. But it’s often hard to figure out:

  • Whether they are lying (because sometimes they tell the truth)
  • If so, how exactly they are lying
  • Why they are lying
  • How extensive the lying is
  • Who exactly is doing the lying
  • Where the lies originated, and most importantly of all
  • What the actual truth is as opposed to the Media Lie

Believe it or not, it is often quite hard to run all of this stuff down. It takes up a lot of my time. The only reason I am halfway educated on this stuff is because I spend so much of my time chasing down the lies of the government and media. Most people probably don’t have that sort of time. So they either opt for ignorance and never partake of media news and hence become preposterously ignorant of everyday affairs Partake of the media to one degree or another and invariably get utterly brainwashed and start believing that a lot of lies and crap are actually truths I honestly don’t blame people for doing choosing either of these routes. It’s understandable. Furthermore, the notion that you are being lied to all the time is profoundly disturbing. The following cognitions follow from such a reality:

  • They are lying to us all the time, or at least a lot of the time.
  • Now what am I supposed to believe!?
  • What’s true and what’s a lie!?
  • How can I even tell the difference!?
  • (Pulls hair out.)

Most people just don’t want to deal with a world where every other thing they hear, they have to somehow figure out if they are being lied to or not. As you can see above, it is a profoundly disturbing mental place to be. I will even tell the truth when it makes the side I favor look bad. I will tell the truth when it makes the people I am against look good. I have no reason to lie to promote my side or to slam the other side. I have no dog in any of these fights, and I am not in the propaganda business. Journalism is supposed to be a search for the truth. The best journalists do just that, and quite a few of them have been murdered for doing just that. The journalists of the West have supposedly been committed to this goal as part of the Western liberal project. In recent years at least, we have seen what shameless, disgusting and despicable liars the overwhelming majority of Western journalists actually are. Shame on our profession. I really do not care about the consequences of anything that I write as long as it is truthful. If the truth has ill consequences then so be it. Anyway, I am committed to the truth, come Hell or high water. I suppose if telling the truth instead of the noble lie would mean that our country gets nukes shot at it then I might lie to you, but that’s about the only time I would. And that’s not likely to happen anyway.

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0 thoughts on “One Thing I Will Never Do on This Site”

  1. I don’t think it’s lying, but it’s exploitation of the truth.
    But then again, I will raise the politically incorrect argument of “Well, who the hell else is going to protect us?” Can ordinary citizens protect themselves from a nuclear jihad?
    Perhaps, with the US it’s a case of “reaping what we’ve sown” and now the only protection from the reaping is slavery.

    1. Slaves are pretty safe. In fact, in some ways the quality of life is better, cause conflict between slaves is stopped. Also outside threats (does terrorism ring a bell?) are non-existent as the masters want to protect their property.
      Of course, American slavery in the 21st century is highly comfortable, because there are no bullwhips or anything. In fact, it’s more like being a pampered pet.

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