This Is a Homicide


Firefighters in Thousand Oaks discovered a body on fire outside of a house Friday afternoon, a spokesman said. Capt. Mike Lindbery said firefighters responded to a call of a small fire outside of a house in the 3100 Foothill Road at 1:25 p.m. When they arrived, they discovered that it was a body on fire. The gender and any other details are not yet known. It is considered to be a suspicious death.

This person was murdered, and then their body was set on fire. There is no other explanation, in my opinion. What else could have happened? The person set himself on fire accidentally or on purpose? No way. Bodies of homicide victims are often set on fire after the person is killed.

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6 thoughts on “This Is a Homicide”

  1. Good way to get rid of evidence. No fingerprints, saliva, or semen to be traced from charcoal. If suicide, horribly painful way to end it. I don’t think folks choose to go out that way.

    1. I cannot remember the last time I heard of anyone in the US standing outside of a home in the US, pouring kerosene over themselves and setting themselves on fire. People in the US simply do not walk out into open spaces and set themselves on fire in order to kill themselves. Americans prefer other methods, generally pills, at least for women. Men often use pills too, or guns and ropes.
      Anyway, when that is the case, you often find a half-empty kerosene container nearby.

      1. Martyrs in India and wherever the fuck else happily torch themselves for their religious ideals. Folks in the valley get torched cuz they snitch.

        1. Drug snitch ? Who knows. It likely wasn’t done to protest the opening of an abortion clinic or to draw attention to religious freedoms.
          Horribly painful if he wasn’t pre-kilt.

      2. Well such Incidents are pretty common as far as India is concerned in the cases of Murder/suicide. Some reasons will be bewildering for the outsiders, for example people immolate themselves when their favourite Movie Stars, Politicians pass away.
        In case of riots, people offer themselves to be killed for monetary benefits for their family. Sick and painful way of go, if you ask me..

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