Sheep Are Fags

Via the execrable Steve Sailer.

Let’s clone a gay sheep! Greg Cochran’s come up with a way to test the popular but almost untested Gay Gene theory: clone a homosexual ram. Although you hear a lot about homosexuality in animals, most of that is actually bisexuality. There is very little in the way of exclusive homosexual orientation among male animals — but sheep are a clear exception, much to the frustration of sheep ranchers who find that a noticeable percentage of their rams won’t pay attention to a ewe in heat even if you tie her to a fence for his convenience.
Since we’ve known how to clone sheep since the 1990s, it would be straightforward to clone a number of exclusively gay rams and see how many of their clones turn out to be gay as well.

Wow, that is so fascinating. Some sheep are simply homos, alone among all mammals other than bipedal apes. All my whole, I never had any idea that sheep were queer.

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0 thoughts on “Sheep Are Fags”

  1. I once lived with someone who had two baby llamas. They were weaned from their mother too early, so they’d suck each other off. They’d return their necks upright from being under the other’s belly, and it was just white splattered across their faces. I bet you wish I was making this up, but I’m not.

  2. This had to be the silliest one yet
    Rights for gay sheep?
    How can it be genetic. If being a homosexual was genetic, they would become extinct, because none would ever shag a female and the gene and the homosexuals, would die off in. In one single generation.
    Is it really such a big issue? Let’s face it, sterio type jokes aside about the tendencies of certain nationalities, ou ever seen a pretty sheep, or a pretty rhino, or. Pretty camel. I, m rather glad that I am of the human species variety, cos if I was something in the animal kingdom, it would be a case of he old addage ” don’t fancy ours much” If I was say, a rhino, I recon I,d have a difficult time finding a female rhino much more attractive than a ale one. They are all rather fat, filthy and grotesque, let’s be honest.

  3. Perhaps that is why Rhinos are becoming extinct. They are that ugly that they can’t face shaggin each other. There is a big problem with hunters, but at least they are one up on the Rhinos, cos I can’t imaging the Rhinos being too enthusiastic about ” going on the hunt” . By the way, this is being said purely for comedy value, before I get cursed for being evil, as the entire article seems like it is for comedy value.

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