Sane Person Takes Apart Western Liberal Imperialist

Peter Hitchens out of the UK.
Hitchens is an excellent journalist out of the UK.
The man he is taking apart is a bit of a mystery. Ben Judah is his name. Of course he’s Jewish. He is apparently an American writer currently operating out of London. He is a professional Russia-hater, having written a frothing book or two of rapid Russophobic nonsense. For such infamous deeds, the West actually makes you famous.
He writes for Newsweek, but that means nothing much, except that he is Establishment all the way. I found him as a regular commenter on a site called Open Democracy, possibly out of the UK. It seems to be the voice of either the left wing of the Labor Party or the left wing of the US Democratic Party, take your pick. In other words, Judah is another liberal Jew. What is odd is how crazy he is. He is a ranting, raving, menacing foghorn for US and NATO imperialism. In his column, he pretty much calls for NATO to declare war on Russia.
I have no idea what motivates him. Perhaps he is a Russian Jew or related to them. The Russian Jews are some of the worst Jews of them all and they always have been. Whether their terrible behavior is a reaction to Russian anti-Semitism or whether Russian anti-Semitism is a reaction to them is not known as such things are hard to untangle.
At this point, most of the worst Russian Jews have left Russia for London, New York, Hollywood and Tel Aviv where they are busy being white collar criminals, running Organized Crime gangs, making sleazy porn and in general causing problems and being slimeballs. They tend to be rightwing. For some reason, these Jews have a hatred for Russia that is absolutely deranged. The reasons for that would take another post to describe.
The remaining Jews in Russia are pretty well-behaved. Most are siding with Russia against the Ukies, who they think are Nazis. Putin is a Judeophile, and he has excellent relations with Israel. Of course there is anti-Semitism in Russia; it has been there forever. But there is none at the state level.
Mr. Judah is an instructive case. He shows that both the left wing of Labor and the left wing of the Democratic Party are completely down with US, British and NATO imperialism, and both of these Left Western movements are full of rabid Russia-haters itching for World War 3. Politically speaking, the Anglosphere is truly pitiful.

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0 thoughts on “Sane Person Takes Apart Western Liberal Imperialist”

  1. I’m afraid the association of Jewish politics with progressive politics is rapidly fading. It doesn’t go any deeper than a few liberal showboat issues.

  2. I am quite confused Mister Lindsay. What are your political beliefs? You are clearly left leaning and yet you like people such as Peter Hitchens and Putin.
    Now I am not saying it is impossible to like people whom you disagree with but I am wondering where your political beliefs diverge from the left, and how you view left and right as political labels (what they entail etc).
    And yea, Russian Jews are pretty bad as they are the Russian Mafia’s leaders. Not all, but all of the leaders are russian jews. The big honcho is being sequestered here by some Jewish lobby, and we wonder why Putin doesnt care to give us Holden.

    1. Much of the Left is lining up behind Putin. Especially in that part of the world. The Communist Parties in that part of the world are all with Putin. And much of the Western Left is with him too. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to call Putin a rightwinger. Recall he is former KGB. I know nothing about Peter Hitchens’ politics. All I know is I read one article by him and he makes sense. Is he rightwing or leftwing?
      Most people on the Left despise me. Many Left sites have active bans on linking to my site. I don’t think a whole lot of them either. I am a man of the Left, but I do not agree with the whole package, and on some social issues, I line up more with the Right I suppose. I am not at home at all with almost all rightwingers and generally I want nothing to do with them. Leftwingers are my people, but a lot of them have gone insane. I am politically homeless. There are more and more people like me.

      1. P. Hitchens is socially conservative. Very Christian. Wants traditional values brought back (which I personally can’t find much fault with when taken broadly). Non-interventionist in the Middle East.
        Economically I assume he is somewhere on the right wing/libertarian spectrum.
        And he is sort of a quasi-nationalist as he thinks young Brits should emigrate and preserve British culture elsewhere.
        I suppose my confusion comes from your more worldly conception of left and right whereas I was thinking of American leftwingers (in both aprties since neither party is really right wing) so that may explain it.
        For clarification, I referenced Putin as he is authoritarian (or perceived to be) and left wingers generally dont like that when explicitly commanded by one man,

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