Religion Needs Sin

“Saying that the church was discredited by sin is like saying that the ark was discredited by the flood.”
– G. K. Chesterson
Get it? The Church needs sin. Sin is what keeps the Good Ship Religion ruling the High Seas of Culture. No sin, no religion.
But then, that’s an impossible utopia anyway as sin is inborn in man. Anti-Christians like to bash the Church on that, but of course the Church is right. Not that we are born in sin, but that sin is born in us. To be human is to sin. Sin is part of the human experience. It will be with us for as long as there are people.

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2 thoughts on “Religion Needs Sin”

  1. Anything is only as good as how it works in practise, irrespective of the written theory of it. How many countless thousands of innocent people have been slaughtered over the centuries, and continue to be, by those who follow churches of different mainstream religions. The subtly that many do not see is the political angles and agendas of churches, of any religion, as opposed to the teachings of the actual religion upon which the church is based. Like I may have mentioned before. Islam, Jewdism, Christian Orthadix, Roman Catholic, Lutheran Prodestism, in all it’s forms, are all based upon an almost identical set of phroffets and scriptures based on the Tora. Churches have historically had political and power agendas and manipulate and play on the slight differences and conflict and mistrust results. One thing that I find distasteful about the entire thing is the brain washing aspect. Nearly all those who have religious convictions have the same as those held by their parents. Why? Because it is what they have been taught to believe from being an infant. Get someone young enough, and you can make them believe anything, even takes of holy ghosts.

  2. For example, on political and power agendas of churches, Christianity became a religion of the masses through its adoption by the Roan Empire. There is a lot of agreement by historians that this rather nasty group of people, who liked to enslave people, crucify people and enjoy gladiatorial games adopted Chistianity as the official religion because when the empire was becoming fragile, under the previous religion, a regional appointed ruler could declare themselves to be a god, which could have lead to further destabilisation, so Christianity was adopted. The composition of the modern bible was determined upon the approval of the Roman Senate, to reflect the ideas they wanted to encourage in their Roman world. The example that most are aware of, due to the popularity of a Hollywood film, is that of Mary Magdaline being a prostitute, because the Romans wanted to limit the influence of women in positions of political authority in their society, so she could not be portrayed as being a very important phroffet, which she was.

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