Reasons to Oppose Polygamy

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Reasons not to allow polygamy:
1. Socially disruptive. Polygamy tends to allow high-status males to monopolize females. This limits the chances for lower ranking males to marry and reproduce. I’m not keen on having a society where Donald Sterling has twenty wives while a mathematics prof has none.*
2. Dysgenic effect: Polygamous societies favor men with capital; hence, older men (who have had more time to accrue wealth and power) tend to have the most wives/children. Older men have higher mutational loads in their sperm. Hence, polygamy diminishes human capital in the long term.
* Another thing to bear to bear in mind is the fact that polygamous societies tend to be both highly dysfunctional and highly authoritarian. Cf , for example the polygamous Mormon enclaves, polygamous societies in Black Africa, etc. I’m not keen on emulating them.

Not only that, but polygamous societies are also reactionary. Ever heard of a progressive polygamous society? No such thing.

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0 thoughts on “Reasons to Oppose Polygamy”

  1. The Mormons had a sudden revelation from “God” to end polygamy when the US government threatened to kick them out of the USA. I always found that revelation by convenience strong evidence of their false prophecies. (I’d argue that most all prophecies are false)

  2. another thing too is it can produce so much jealousy among the wives as well, fighting over who’s the favorite or whether their children will get the most inheritance,as if that’s not just bad enough in monogamous families.

  3. I agree with your evaluations entirely Robert, and this is not to detract from the strength of your rationale, but an observation that I have made, having worked in different Middle East countries, is how often I have seen an Arab with four wives and all the wives are obviously the best of friends. Walking along the road together smiling and chatting, with the husband walking separately, being left out of the conversation. Seems odd to someone brought upon the West. Perhaps it works, of only or the limited few who are in such an arrangement. There are a few rules though. A new wife, to be allowed, must gain the approval of the existing wives. Also, the husband is obliged to treat ll wives equally.

  4. Examining comment number two above, particularly the comment about men’s “higher mutational loads in their sperm,” it appears that in the West women are waiting longer to have children, which means that they are having children at an age that squanders viable prior years as well as approaching the age at which women also have increased mutations in their ovaries.
    If we assume that evolution has created men and women appropriately, then the fact that men can conceive children long after women of the same age cannot, it tends to indicate that older men should have coitus with younger women, all other things being equal.

        1. Nope, no confusion, a woman conceives when her egg is fertilised in her body by a man,s sperm. The birth then follows from the woman’s body. Most men can make a woman conceive. You are suggesting that most men can concieve. You may be confusing a protruding beer gut with an embryo.

        2. Mecical Definition – The process of becoming pregnant by fertilisation or I pregnantion, or both.
          I very much hope that as a man, I never experience how pleasurable this could be for me.

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