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  1. Some of the things that make me laugh.
    1) The self proclaimed unbiased western media that talk about western sanctions against Russia, but their ” reaction” of banning food imports. Odd how this is not a Russian Sanction. The west instigates punitive sanctions and Russia reacts. Oh well, that,s a very balanced, unbiased choice of language and phrases eh?
    2) Russia, and the rest of the world for that matter, are supposed to be comfortable with the fact that international trade, including oil and gas, is done in US Dollars. Really?
    3) I recall working in Scotland in Shell, where a US gent visited and gave a lecture upon ” embargoed countries” including for example Iran, as the US had decided that certain states should not be dealt with. He then asked those in the audience if they could list ” embargoed countries” What made it oh so comical, is that in Aberdeen at the time, an engineering job was being done for Iran. I wonder what this gent,s reaction would have been if I had raised my hand and said, ” Please sir, the US is an embargoed country, any engineering company here who is doing a job for Iran must not also undertake engineering design for American associated companies” I havea slight inkling that he would not have been amused. Your never going to believe this, but the list of ” embargoed countries” as on the view screen during his lecture did not include the US. I did not bother to correct him, it would have been a waste of effort, to no avail.

    1. Perhaps not necessarily. If you were obliged for the sake of the Motherland to appease a hefty square jawed hairy Ploit Bearue lady, resembling Breshnieve on a bad hair day, riding the bear, bare backed, could be taken either way. The Putin style, or the more scary style. It’s a bit lie the old joke whereas guy is challenged afyer drinking ten pints of beer, to remove a sore tooth from a Rotweiller, and en to shag a smelly old woman. After ten minutes of snapping and growling, the man appears clothes torn and blood stained and asks ” right, where is at old womn with the sore tooth”

  2. from Xymphora.
    World’s Largest Gas Pipeline
    “What It’s All About: Russia, China Begin Construction Of World’s Largest Gas Pipeline” “While the Americans sabre-rattle, and the Euro-trash cowers, Putin systematically gets on with the big important shit.”
    Darden points out Obama claims Russia is more isolated than at any time since the Cold War, as Russia and China deal

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