Men Don't Make Passes at Women Who Wear Glasses

From a recent study:

Four British universities measured the IQ of 900 11-year-olds and revisited them 40 years later to see how their lives had moved on. They found that the brighter girls were less likely to find a man who wants to marry them, with their chances diminishing dramatically in direct proportion to their level of intelligence. For each 16-point rise in their IQ, their marriage prospects fell by 40 per cent. In contrast, boys’ chances increased by 35 per cent with each 16-point rise.

Interesting. Guys don’t want smart chicks. But this also gives the lie to the stereotype about the brainy, geeky, nerdy guy who is still a 40 year old virgin.

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7 thoughts on “Men Don't Make Passes at Women Who Wear Glasses”

  1. This is really stupid, because the girls with glasses have the highest sex drives. I don’t understand the correlation between hornyness and poor eyesight in females, but guys don’t know what they’re passing up.

  2. This information is not very precise. It would have been more helpful if they had told us that x% of women with an IQ over 130 are married or have been married at the age of 51, that x% of women with an IQ between 120 and 130 are married or have been married at the age of 51, etc.

  3. Personally I don’t think that there is a correlation with the wearing of glasses. Some girls wear glasses to be more attractive, surely we have all seen examples of it before, where some girls just suit glasses so much that they actually wear them to be more alluring. There are a few factors that possibly need to be considered. One is that some very intelligent women may not want to get married and have the entire family thing that goes along with it. Yes women are instinctively drawn to the concept of having children, and typically through marriage, but it can be a bit illogical for a woman to work incredibly hard to get a high flying career, just to abandon it when they have children through marriage, so perhaps true are some out there who have made a conscious decision about it. This is speculation on my part and should really be qualified or contested by the reply of ladies. Perhaps when an intelligent woman gets ahead in her career, there could be an element of loosing something in femininity that goes along with her station in life. Intelligent girls as found at say, a University can be fun and sexy. However phsycologically, a man may not instinctively find a female office manager alluring in the same way. I,m not saying that this is logically or morally correct, it’s just the way people are made by nature.

    1. All I know is pretty much every girl that I’ve known of, well enough to know, who needed glasses, they get really worked up. Girls with temper issues also are usually high in sexual energy … but the girls with glasses take the cake.

  4. ‘Interesting. Guys don’t want smart chicks.’
    I thought about that one for a second. I thought that comment was like a … ‘duh’ … moment.
    Too smart means they ask too many questions. Then I thought about it a little more and realized guys mostly want a woman that just says ‘yes’ . Irregardless of their IQ.

    1. A thing to also consider is that the evaluation is written upon an assumption that all want to get married. Try re- reading it. The language used is such that it could be inferred you’re successful if you managed to get married and unsuccessful if you did not manage to get married. I have not ” managed” to get married. Other things that I have failed at in life to an equal degree include, but are not limited to the following;
      1) Getting knocked down by a bus.
      2) Contracting Ebola.
      3 ) Devoting my life to managing a chicken farm located at the top of the Himalayas ( presumably because I am frightened of the commitment)
      The title of the text is in relation to men not making passes at girls with
      glasses. People looking for a Shag and people wanting to marry are not allways exactly the same thing. I think that the manner in which the text is written could be improved, and that the likelihood of a girl getting her ass groped should not be directly equated to the likelihood as to whether she Is married at age of fifty.

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