Meet the Geeps

Say hello to the geeps.
Say hello to the geeps.

That my friends is a geep. No, not a gape you perverts. And no, not a geek, you STEM types.

So what’s a geep? A geep is what happens once in a while when a sheep fucks a goat. Every once in a while when there is some inter-species sex like this, one of these geep things gets born. A geep is simply a cross between a sheep and a goat.

On another note, it seems rams will screw anything. Ewes, other rams, she-goats, you name it. I guess rams just like to get down.

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0 thoughts on “Meet the Geeps”

  1. Looks more like a donkey with a perm to me.
    There are instances where closely related species can interbreed and produce offspring, but the offspring are usually sterile. For example, a Mule from a horse and a donkey. It happens also with some african wild cats.
    It is a pity that some of the ultra right wingers who comment on your website were not encouraged to breed with the Waffen SS. At least if the resultant offspring were to join Uncle Sam,s forces, the world might be a bit safer, cos they would be firing blanks.

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