Latest Statements From Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Lavrov recently issued a statement. The highlights:

Our US partners champion US renouncing our sphere of influence while preserving the right to expand the geopolitical space they control.
BRICS is essentially a leading advocate of democratizing international financial and economic relations.
The development of BRICS bank is a direct result of unilateral measures by the West without UN Security Council ok.

All of these statements are 100% true.
The first statement is just usual hypocrisy of US foreign policy. What’s weird is that the overwhelming majority of Americans support this hypocritical nonsense.
BRICS was set up as a reaction against US hegemony, unipolarism and the notion of the US World Dictatorship. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the appearance and development of BRICS in the world. You hit a man enough times, he might just start hitting back. Well, a section of the world, our punching bag, finally punched back. That’s what you get when you hit people.
I am not sure what US actions taken without UN Security Council ok he is talking about here. Anyone?
This man is one of my favorites. Like Putin, a master of geopolitical chess games.

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  1. Sanctions on Russia. That’s in addition to continued privilege for the Atlantic Club within IMF/World Bank that disenfranchises the BRiCS.

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