Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Terrorist?

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Governments are not totally obsessed with terrorists. The voters of a country can do a lot more damage to the power structure and privileged ruling class than terrorists ever can. Take 9/11. Some 3000 people killed. Privileged ruling class still in power? Yes. Power structure still the same? Yes.
Terrorism is never gonna hurt the ruling class. It just keeps the citizens scared. Are the ruling class scared of terrorists? No. They don’t fly on commercial planes for one thing. The ruling class are scared of citizens. Citizens, if they weren’t obedient sheep, could oust the ruling class in one day. Terrorism is a diversion. Sure, it might be real, but it is an insignificant part of most people’s lives.

Bolding is mine. Actually things are even worse. The ruling class gained vastly in strength, power, venality and corruption after 9-11. It was a huge boon to them. Condi Rice and Netanyahu both remarked on what a great opportunity 9-11 was. 9-11 just fell right in the lap; a dream come true. We are obedient sheep, and of course we could oust our leaders in a New York minute, but we won’t.

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  1. Dear Robert
    There are essentially 4 types of lethal violence: war, government persecution, murder and terrorism. Of those 4, war causes by far the largest number of victims and terrorism is the least important. Take any country and look at any 10-year period, and you will discover that murderers killed more people than terrorists. In the US, there are about 150,000 murders per decade, which is 50 times more than the number of people killed on 09/11. Also, far more people die in work-related or road accidents than at the hands of terrorists.
    Terrorism is certainly not a global problem. For instance, no Latin American country has a terrorism problem to speak of, but they all, except Cuba, have high murder rates. No Brazilian needs to worry about terrorism, but Brazilians have plenty of reason to worry about murder, which claims over 50,000 victims per year.
    The main difference between a terrorist and a military man is that the terrorist does not wear a uniform. Terrorism, to paraphrase Clausewitz, is the continuation of politics by violence against civilians.
    Terrorism is not a problem that should keep a rational person awake at night. Regards. James

  2. Ordinary citizens have good cause to fear terrorists. Of course, this is still used by the ruling classes to keep people in line. Nonetheless, it’s a known fact that Muslim extremists want to hurt US citizens, as much as possible. I don’t know what to say in this situation, except that the US (and the west) is cursed, and the only way to escape is by leaving.

  3. During my trips overseas, I’ve heard way too many anti-American comments from Koreans, Filipinos, Europeans, Canadians to think terrorism isn’t real. It’s very real. Some people hate our ass, LOL Their total insensitivity to 9/11 was one major proof of it.

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