The Marriage of Profit, Imperial Power and Fascism

From here. I was always a bit mystified at the alliances between Western capitalists and politicians, all the way to the most liberal Western politicians, with out and out fascists. Apparently they share similar ideologies. I also suspect that fascists are good for business. And as all Western politicians and capitalists have a “Kill the Left” mindset, it’s useful to note that there have been no better killers of the Left than the fascists. So, repugnant as these folks are, it seems that they come in handy.

But the ‘European identity’ to which Odnorozhenko aspires is one estranged from mainstream European and American liberalism That statement is completely absurd, a fine example of how even fairly intelligent western journalism can lapse into direct rejection of reality in favor of official mythology, despite self-evident contrary facts. In reality, “mainstream European and American liberalism” has never had any problems cozying up to fascist elements when that has seemed expedient, from Franco and the Greek colonels to Pinochet, Videla, the Guatemalan genocidal dictatorship or the Ustasha. The liberalism of the white empires has never been allowed to overshadow their real core values: profit and imperial power. That’s the real “European identity” of capitalist imperialism, which is shared by fascists and liberals despite their differences. More particularly, it’s a simple fact that the neo-fascists in Ukraine are not “estranged” from their US and EU patrons. They are in a strong alliance, the very opposite of “estrangement.” US imperial official Victoria Fuck-the-EU Nuland, a main author of the coup, had no problem with the fascists when assigning posts in the new regime. Nor are the EU “liberals,” who a few years ago were tut-tutting about any fascists being elected to the Ukraine parliament, now expressing any concern whatever about the fascist paramilitary gangs they are backing in Ukraine. The truth is that the US empire and its European satellites openly support the far-right/fascist Ukrainian coup regime, and their state officials and servile media are actively promoting it and working to conceal its fascist character (and that includes the liberal UK paper The Guardian, Mr Luhn’s employer). Talk of liberalism is just childish in this context. Serious matters are at stake here, and there’s no time for journalists to indulge in cheap talk or play with ideological baubles like liberalism instead of aggressively fighting as the empire’s media wing against Russia. For the US empire, what is at stake in this conflict is nothing less than its unchallenged world domination; for the EU, what is at stake is its monopoly as the center of international integration in Europe. For both, Russia must be crushed for its unforgivable crime of setting up the Eurasian Union, and, to that end, pushing Ukraine under the juggernaut of war and fascism is a price they are entirely willing to pay.

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  1. Yes, it’s a long standing rather hideous facet of western powers. What about the double standards of pressurising China upon human rights issues ( which is a moral stance ) but never mentioning anything about the circumstances in Saudi, because of the allegiance with the US. People who have their hands and feet severed by sword because they have been accused of stealing a chicken. Women being buried up to their necks in sand and their heads being public ally stoned. People being public ally beheaded, and judgement often being passed without a defence being allowed, but rather a religious judge consults the Quoran to see if he thinks the accused may be guilty. In Dubai, a woman can be put into jail after being raped, because she has had sex outside of marriage. Where are the western sanctions or at least political pressures upon these states that align themselves with western powers. The silence is deafening. In the Korean war, US soldiers have made testament that they slaughtered thousands of civilian refugees with machine gun fire, because there was an order from the very top to prevent mass population migration, who were trying to flee the troubles. The US when questioned upon it, state that they don’t want to issue any comment upon it. Yes, those with the power are the ritcheous, irrespective of anything. Why was Bomber Harris, of the second world war not prosecuted for war crimes for the mass slaughter of countless thousands from the bombing of German cities to complete destruction. Dresden was hit so hard that it created the first ever witnessed example of a fire storm. People huddled in the cellars of houses MELTED with the heat. Don’t seem to recall many of the allied flighter squadron commanders in the dock at Nuremberg.

  2. By the way, be cautious about what is written in British newspapers. Most people in the UK understand that many different newspapers are politically biased, most very much towards he right, and much that you read in them, is written with a political agenda. To be honest though. The ” Broadsheet” publications tend to be not quite as bad as those easier to read, shall we say, variety. All most no one in the UK these days buys a daily newspaper these days, except possibly those in large cities. Not too sure how they survive financially.

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