The EU Is Pathetic

I cannot believe the EU is led by such a bunch of pathetic idiots who act like they are in kindergarten. Once upon a time, Europe had some real leaders. I didn’t like a lot of them, but they were still real statesmen, not fools. Let us compare. Margaret Thatcher (statesman) vs. David Cameron (pathetic) Francoise Mitterrand (statesman) and Charles De Gaulle (statesman) vs. Francoise Hollande (pathetic) Helmut Schmidt (statesman) vs. Angela Merkel (pathetic) Francisco Franco (statesman) vs. José Manuel Barroso (pathetic) I can almost sympathize with Nuland when she said, “Fuck the EU.”

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0 thoughts on “The EU Is Pathetic”

  1. A lot of Europeans can almost sympathize with Victoria Nuland when she said “fuck the EU.” This Ukraine thing could become a political earthquake that breaks up the EU.

  2. The attacks on Thatcher, during her funeral, were quite brutal. I don’t think I would want to be that mean, to people I didn’t like.

  3. Hope that some find the following slightly amusing ( don’t take it too seriously)
    Across The Pond, by Ronnie
    We hear that with the States, we are best mates.
    Osama? Obama? With Islam, he wants no drama.
    Forgive him the Goof, with the Dali Lama.
    Clinton, with a glint in his eye, he never had to try.
    For a cheeky smile, ladies would pause for a while.
    ” Oh my what style, let me be the next you defile”
    Was he but a bluffer, with an eager plump fluffer?
    After Carter, had they only picked one smarter,
    Disapointing reviews, even his film critics got he blues.
    Blair with his flair, joined a campaign to despair.
    Ponders the latest to be elected, who should be protected?
    Alas, do not despair, don,t tare out your hair,
    There,s many out there, with an abundance of flair.
    It,s all quite amusing, as the daily news we,re perusing.
    So try a pinch of salt, when next deciding who,s at fault.

  4. Problem with EU its become very left wing. Its rather amusing because most leaders in Europe are right wingers, its hard top pick why It deviated from ts original rightwing ideology and fell into the trap of left. Left will always be poodles, they do not have any fixed agenda themselves, and they continously ponder around changing their goals, agenda and they just fiddle around pompously that they no know everything. Lets make it clear, they do not have solutions to any visible problems plaguing a society, nor do the have the ability in them to be a lead a nation. So following leftwing ideology is just goiing to lead to abyss. After Socialism, Marxism and Communism have proved to be utter failures on so many levels, it is amazing that any of the electorate actually vote for these people. Just look at countries like North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Bolivia what a shithole these countries have because of the communist poison… Its time for EU to go back to right..

    1. Didn’t I already ban you, you rightwing lunatic?
      Most leaders in Europe are certainly not rightwingers you moron. The EU never really had a rightwing ideology either you idiot.

    2. Your analogies are inappropriate. To equate all societies that place an importance upon social moral justice ( socialism ) with extreme communist dictatorships that follow dubious economic models for growth is completely rediculous. What is quite frightening to me is that this type of thought seems quite prevalent in the US. It is like saying just look at right wing ism, Adolf Hitler, the Argentinian Military Junta, Pinochet,s regime in Chily, they have all failed and so it is time that the US realised that they should return to left wing idealisms. What about Norway, a country that is so rich, and it’s population so affluent, that it’s goverment has a massive monetary set aside fund for the future. Norway is a very, very affluent country. I live in Scotland, which has allways been socialist. We seem to do OK, except for the destruction of industry by the right wing Margaret Thatcher.

  5. Don’t get so upset with these individuals Robert. It seems to me that there exists a great many people who have been brainwashed into thinking that anything that is not right wing is evil. Perhaps this gentleman admires what he may see as his visionary hero Mr Hitler who seems to fit with his concepts. The reich leader was indeed someone who was right wing in certain aspects, who believed in a unified Europe, who had goals that did not alter, and who had a set agenda. At least Mr Hitler however did have an understanding of the importance of non communist socialism ( the trick is in the name, national socialism ) so perhaps upon reflection, he was also too far to the left for many of your brainwashed ” shoot the evil commy” type enlightened readers who comment on your website. Unfortunately for our beloved colleague however, Mr Hitler is no longer in politics and so any opportunity to convince him to return to statesmanship, but with a more right wing stance, has now been lost.

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