Novorussian Army Destroys Ukrainian Navy Ship!

Absolutely amazing video. That is a Ukrainian Navy ship off in the distance there. The booms you hear are Novorussian (or Russian Army?) artillery shelling the ship from the shore. As you can see, one of the rounds hits the ship and destroys it. What are the Novorussians shooting? Don’t you need to shoot anti-ship missiles at a ship to kill it? The attack took place off of a city called Shirinoko. I am still figuring out where that is.
Some people are saying that Russian aircraft hit the ship. It does appear that way, but if you look closely, those are seabirds, not a plane.

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0 thoughts on “Novorussian Army Destroys Ukrainian Navy Ship!”

  1. That is certainly one possibility, Robert. Another could be that the Ukrainian patrol craft were shelling land positions, and then in in turn sunk by Russian aircraft and/or anti-ship missiles.
    In other words, the Ukies overplayed their hand against the Russkies, with predictable results.

      1. Perhaps an ASM, which could be land based, aircraft based, ship based or submarine based…Then again, all those former Warsaw Pact countries utilized and maybe still utilize armored shore batteries.
        To me, physically bombing a modern warship, even a gunboat, is sheer madness, due to the prevalence of AAM’s, CIWS systems, and MANPADS. Even on the smallest of missile boats.
        This supposed image shows the Russian aircraft in flight that did the deed…

        1. I’m not sure about this one. During the Falklands war, the British naval ships had, even then, quite soffisticated air defence systems, including anti missile systems on board. The Argintinian approach of bombing ships was fairly unsuccessful, but British accounts after the conflict were that there were many hits that simply bounced off rather than exploding because the bombs had a timer that was set incorrectly. Yes sure, the excorset missiles were far more successful, because they skimmed the surface of the sea so low that it was difficult for the missile defence systems to be effective, but they were rather expensive, exclusive things.

  2. There was a naval engagement during the second world war where a naval ship was sunk by a shell fired from around a forty mile distance. Can’t remember which engagement it was, but I thought that heavy long range guns were a thing now resigned to the history books and museums. Is it sensible, when considering the relative cost of a Tomahawk cruise missile against that of a shell? From what I recall, one of the second world war US Battleships was used to pound onshore infrastructure during the first gulf war, which was very effective.

  3. Apparently a self-propelled 155mm howitzer. Looks like a tank with a funny turret. Those guys are good! Seeing that kind of marksmanship with heavy guns has gotta be scary for the Ukies. Their forces in Mariupol had front row seats.
    The fighter jet story is absurd. An ASM would have caused a fireball in front of the plane not behind it.

  4. Could have been Shyrokyne, the Ukie checkpoint on the coastal road from the east. Apparently some action going on there. Maybe a probe or maybe to take the town. Kind of makes me wonder if they did something to lure the boat in for an ambush then stepped things up once it was destroyed.

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