Islamist Militia Takes Over US Embassy in Tripoli

Here. All US Embassy personnel were evacuated under armed guard to Tunisia on July 26 due to the chaos in the country, so there was no one at the embassy. All sensitive materials were either removed or destroyed before evacuating the embassy. A video posted on Youtube showed armed Islamists relaxing in the embassy and romping in the pool. Libya is a totally failed state. I must say even Ghaddafi was better than this. What is US foreign policy anymore? To overrun functioning countries and create chaos, mass casualties, destruction and the ensuing failed states? How is it US imperialism  benefits from the creation of failed states all over the place? I am not really getting this.

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0 thoughts on “Islamist Militia Takes Over US Embassy in Tripoli”

  1. The next US president will be a monster. He will be 100 times more brutal than Obama. He might even lay waste to the whole middle east. Nukes might not even be out of the question.

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