Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Etc.

From the Internet, regarding money owed by sovereign nations to the banksters:

The banking corporations expect full payment for this debt. This money will be funneled into the International Bank of Settlements to the delight of the ultra rich families. If a country chooses to not pay its debt then war is imminent. Also, if a country is unable to pay their debts, then that nation is then asked to hand over its physical wealth including seaports, oil reserves, gold and copper and gas and fisheries and clean water and tracts of lands. This situation is occurring in Greece where banker heads received islands of Greece as partial payment of Greek debts.
However in countries like Iceland the bankers were rounded up and jailed. In response, international bankers promised to divest from Iceland and they did so in hopes Iceland would begin to feel the financial pressure. Luckily Iceland pulled through and is now experiencing steady economic growth despite the economic blockade promised by the grumpy bankers.
I foresee a war against Iceland in decades to come, or perhaps some sort of other action by the bankers/industrialists who are still very displeased with Iceland’s course of action. History shows that nations who don’t conform with central banking and paying of those debts end up being targets of war and destabilization by the ruling families who don’t take being dismissed as acceptable. Otherwise all nations will begin to not pay their debts. I hope Iceland remains vigilant as the bankers are vengeful indeed.

I think it is quite clear that the banksters are the enemies of all mankind. Why we villagers with torches have not put their heads on pikes yet is beyond me. There are quite a few books that have been written on the lines of “banksters control the world.” A great one is Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. His theme is that the whole world is controlled by a group of banksters, mostly Anglos, and mostly operating out of New York and London. I am not wild about conspiracy theory, but this one has legs. A similar thesis is: All wars are bankers’ wars. A bit simplistic, but there is something to that one too.
The very idea that nations pay off their debts to banksters by selling off sovereign national territory to the banks is insane. This is war of aggression and imperial conquest by Finance Capital, all done without firing a shot. Incredible.

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0 thoughts on “Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Etc.”

  1. Hope all is well for Iceland. In addition, Argentina defaulted 2 times over the pass 15 years but the banksters are not able to do anything against Argentina.
    Argentina does has a bunch of traitors Brahmins lording over them, but fortunately, there are still patriots. Argentina shows that the international banksters are a bunch of paper tiger.
    The pillage of international financier would be impossible without the help of domestic traitors.

  2. The entire world seems to work upon the stupidity principle that everyone has to get into dept, whether it is individuals, businesses, or countries, and it is one in the head in the sand approach that everything will work out OK some how. The banking crisis became a crisis because it was realised that a large proportion of their debt was bad dept and the tax payers had to ail them out ( disgraceful!) then, following this, a succession of politicians and economists stated that the banks needed to be encouraged to start lending again. What madness is this! Countries get into ever increasing debt, and borrow like it is the unquestionable correct thing to do and whether the interest, or the amount itself is paid back, or whether the debt is written off either way, the respective tax payers pay the price. Ordinary people also seem to be victims of the borrow, borrow, borrow illness. When is all this madness going to end. So I hear ouask, what is the later native to financing? Simple, you finance with the capital you have. If you cannot afford to do that, then think twice, because that is cheaper than paying off a debt to finance the as thing.

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